University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


UAB is commonly known for its challenging Medical School, which is ranked among the best in America. Therefore, it's common to see a lot of determined students wearing scrubs to their classes. Another stereotype at UAB is the greek life. The school has nearly 20 greek organizations on campus and annually hosts the Camille Armstrong Step Show, which is a widely-known event where greeks from "all over" participate.


The typical stereotype at UAB is that most students are nursing majors and all we do is talk medical jargon. However, I have found that there is a larger majority of geeks, nerds, hip/hop listeners, and all sorts of other types of students along those lines. Most students I run across are majors in some sort of technology field like Computer Science, MIS, or Engineering. There is more to UAB than just nurses and doctors. We are what make UAB so fun.


I don't think there is a stereotype about students at my school. I haven't heard any since I've been here.


UAB is known for its outstanding medical programs, and medical schools. A lot of so called "nerdy" people attend school here. However UAB also has a very high percentage of international students, which makes for a very diverse student population. So there isn't really a stereotype.


UAB students are generally thought of as medical-school bound. Nothing more, nothing less. That couldn't be more wrong! Students at UAB are well-rounded. If they do want to attend a professional school, they're aren't always your cookie-cutter biology majors. A girl in my honors program designed her own major--medical illustration. She loves art and she wants to be a doctor, so she combined the two. Medicine and medically-related fields aren't all UAB has to offer--I'm an English major, and I think I've received a wonderful English education at UAB. The faculty have worked with me since freshman year, and I really think I've grown as a reader and a writer. UAB isn't just a path to medical school--it's a path to whatever career you desire!


There have been several instances that I hav experienced where high school students think that only "smart" kids come to UAB. However, that is not the case. UAB offers numerous opportunities for all types of students. We have majors that range from chemistry to anthropology to marketing. Each different department offers free services like tutoring and review sessions for all students. UAB understands that transitioning to college is a difficult time for most students. There is a place for everyone at UAB, even if school isn't your "thing".


I think the stereotype at UAB is that you have to be going into the medical field to be able to get a good education from here. This is not the case at all! You can be majoring in anything offered at UAB and come out with a degree from such a prominent university. I will be so proud of my degree in Education from this university, and I will definitely want to show it off.