University of Alabama at Birmingham Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think that the curriculum would best fit someone who is goal oriented and very dedicated. Some course can be difficult so if a person is not dedicated to their studies they may not be successful. It would be in the best interest of a student if they were centered in their goals. Being goal oriented would enable a student to establish their path and stay committed. If they envisioned their goals and continued to pursue them, nothing would stop them from becoming successful.


The kind of person who should attend UAB should be a person who is motivated and would like to succeed in life.


A student that loves diversity is a great candidate for this school. This school offers so many enriching cultural events and just the various people you see walking around campus. If a student loves being challenged and enjoys the process of learning, this school is great. In particular, this school is widely known for its medical programs and research accreditations. If a student is looking to get into things such as: nursing, respiratory therapy, or physical therapy, this I a great school to consider. If you enjoy any of these things, I am sure the student will love this school.


UAB is the ideal school for anyone trying to pursue a career in the medical field. They have an amaizng program with instructors who actually know what they are talking about and will do whatever possible to help you succeed in the class. Take advantage of the knowledge held by your professors and create educational relationships with them; they could be great resources for the future.


Anyone who is looking to find a challenge in their education and looking for plenty of opportunities in research. No matter what the field, UAB has professors who are experts in their fields and open their doors for students who are willing to go beyond the classroom to seek knowledge. Anyone who appreciates diversity and is looking to meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds would find their home here at UAB.


Anybody can attend this school, there isn't any specific type of person who cannot go this school. It is a wonderful school with an excellent learning system and there is always something to do there. I think a person who wants to receive a great edcuation and get a degree in something that they always love to do, should definitely attend.


The kind of person that should attend this school will education and people oriented. They will be open to new experiences, meeting and making new friends and surrounding themselves with positive people. The person who should attend this school should expect to be successful and be ready and willing to utilize all of the resources available that will help them do so. The kind of person that should attend this school should also be people friendly. Although the school is not the smallest of colleges, faculty and students do encourage and facilitate a family oriented experience.


Anyone who wants a quality education and the perfect balance between school and social life.


The type of person that should attend University of Alabma at Birmingham is a person who is ready to learn and open minded. This person should not come to this school just to party but to get a great education and be prepared for life.


People who are love new experiences and culture are best for UAB. Especially if want to exceed and are willing to work hard. UAB works with you to enrich your expierience here on campus. I know being here has taught me to accept the many differences in people. You'll love learning something new everyday.


UAB is a great school! However, it does have a medical school and a lot of students are career minded. Sports is not top priority to the students that attend here. There are always places for your to study and tutors are common. People want to do their best here, and help everyone do the same. Small classes are common and there is a sense of family on the very diverse campus.


Someone that has a strong drive for pursuing an education. It is a very tough school, but it is well respected.


Anyone willing to experience different ethnicities and cultures of people, and anyone who wants a amazing education.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a school that is geared toward the medical field. There are several hospitals that surround the campus, one of the hospitals being the UAB hosptial which was recently voted one of the top three hospitals in the nation. The student who attends this school should also love warm weather because it gets HOT in birmingham. So if a student loves the medical field and enjoys warm weather then UAB is the place to be for them .


Someone who isn't afraid of working, who likes an untraditional university centered in an urban landscape.


An open-minded, well-diversed, person who can accept the multi-cultures of students and faculty and enjoy learning in the process.


Someone who loves city life, who is open minded, and doesn't mind walking four blocks to park your car.


I feel this school has programs that are efficient for all types of studnets. It is a well recognized school in Reasearch and Health Care. I feel that dedicated students ready to make an impact on society should attend this school. It is ranked within the top tne most diversified schools in the United States.


Anyone who is driven and knows what he wants out of life.


Be prepared to work. You are responsible for making it not your teachers or friends. You determine if you pass or fail so don't take it lightly/


UAB students are career focused and go above and beyond what is necessary for their success. They are driven and typically see great success after completing their degree.


A person focused on their schoolwork and one that feels comfortable in a busy town full of fun things to do should be the kind of person to come to UAB.


All people should attend this school its great for all people.


Any person who is career-oriented and goal focused should attend. That person should also have stability between their social and professional life. Most importantly any person going into any health related field should attend as UAB places most of its emphasis on health care and new development therein.


One that is dedicated to getting their degree and finishing school. There isnt much of a party, or sports life, it is mainly a study based school.


It does not matter what kind of person you are or what your intersts are. You will always be able to find people with similar intersts and ways of thinking. However you must be devoted to studying and putting in the time it takes to succeed otherewise you will be left by the wayside. This is a university that takes academics seriously.


A person who is excited about learning new things and making new friends.


Someone who likes to not be much of a campus person.


Someone that enjoys learning in an environment surrounded by friendly people who want to want to get to know you.


The kind who wants to fuck up their life, that's for sure; oh and also those who want to have their hopes and dreams crushed by the institution to which they sold their soul.


An open-minded person and person with either a health or law or enigeering field in mind, and a person not afraid of large groups


Overall UAB is a medical-based college; therefore, many students are in a health-based program. The biology and science department is great for these careers. This school also has great engineering programs that many students are enrolled in. The kind of person to come here is more related to health careers because of the affiliation with UAB hospital, but this is a college that encourages any type of program. All of the teachers here are highly recommended because all are extremely knowledgeable in their field of study. Any type of person would fit well here because of the diversity.


A student who is driven to improve their education. They must be willing to study an dwork on their own outside of class. The school focuses on education and preparing its students for successful careers in their fields. There is hardly any parties to distract students form their education.