University of Alabama in Huntsville Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The technical clubs are the most popular among my friends. The Engineering clubs on campus have a lot to offer. The Space Hardware Club is the group I am involved in, and it primarily deals with the main aspects dealing with satellites and rockets as well has high altitude ballooning. This clubs gives great experience with computers, engineering design, and presentations about the designs. Sports are not hugely popular at UAH; however, students were upset when the administration was planning to drop the hockey program. It seems everybody at UAH is in a relationship with somebody. You have to be careful not to make a move on somebody who is taken. Most of my friends I have met through study groups and the Space Hardware Club. Halloween parties happen every year as well as hide seek type game Zombies vs. Humans. I do not know much about it. Parties are common on weekends of importance like Halloween and throughout the semester, but I would highly doubt seeing one on a week night. I have a good friend in a sorority and it seems to take up her time. Last weekend I attended a New Years party with some of my buddies from other schools. There are often basketball games or other sporting events on the weekends, as well as concerts on campus. I have a band that plays every weekend. My friends and I also will go up to Mano Sano State Park and hike.