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The best thing about UAH (The University of Alabama in Huntsville), for me, is the strength of the technical sciences and engineering fields and courses. The math, physics, and chemistry courses all have been very informative, and I personally feel like I have gained a good grasp of the concepts. The connections the university has with nearby companies and research facilities also allows students to have easy access to work life in their field. The school could improve by providing more food venues for students. I find myself eating pizza too often on campus. The size of classes at UAH are very reasonable. The largest class I have had has consisted of 110 students. Being part of an engineering club makes me spend most of my time in a lab of one the research buildings on campus. Being an engineering major, I spend most of my classes in the Technology Hall. The biggest controversy was the shooting that happened two years ago on campus. It stirred up many questions on whether UAH's relatively quite campus was safe or not. A more recent controversy would be whether UAH was going to abandon the hockey program. Students especially did not like this because hockey was one of the few sports we actually had. Launching a high altitude weather balloon was one of the most memorable experiences so far, because I wrote the program that collected the data from the flight and seeing it work was pretty awesome. Students most often complain about the food, and the lack of a party environment on campus.