University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


LGBT students are offered a special scholarship opportunities each semester at UAF, this shows a concern and support for LGBT students. This school is quite diverse, no one would feel out of place at this school. Students wear casual clothing or sport wear to class. Yes, there is a strong sense of community among different students. Usually four or six students sit at one table, there is usually a conversation going on about Fairbanks weather or something, students don't get noisy at dining hall. Most of the students are from Alaska, but out of state students and international students are also present. There are students that come from poor financial background, but students that have stable financial background prevail. Students are politically aware. Students talk a lot about their daily earnings.


UAF is a very diverse learning community. There are many students from around the world, from different backgrounds, and personal standpoints. This university is very open in how students from different sexual perspectives, religions, and socio-economic standings are accepted. Personally, I feel that this campus is the most diverse and accepting higher education campus that I have ever visited. The only students that might feel out of place are the ones that want to spend there days laying on a hot sandy beach. The weather in Fairbanks is geared more toward snowshoeing and dogsledding. The University of Alaska Fairbanks allows for students from all backgrounds to interact by hosting free to student activities and posting local entertainment events on campus. This campus is both politically aware and active. The 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} stand-in came to Fairbanks regardless of the extreme cold. Students from all political standpoints were alllowed to give there oppinion in a public venue. Many of the students at UAF are here for specific degrees that will hopefully yeild them a profit in the future. However, not all students are concerend with becoming the next Bill Gates. Money is a personal matter that not everyone views in the same light.


Student clubs and organizations are very diverse, I would assume, like many Universities/colleges. UAF is a popular campus for Alaskan Natives. A lot of students are commonly from rural communities in Alaska. We also have quite a few foreign exchange students who attend the University. Interests among students vary greatly from sports, to music, to volunteering. Like I previously mention, students at UAF are friendly and helpful. I haven't met a student that was rude or racial. Of course, UAF has cliques, but what school doesn't?


Most of the students are fairly friendly.


You have two types of students. The first kinds are the students that come from all over Alaska. Many of them are closed off to the whole world and have no real goals to go further than working on the pipeline. The other students realize that UAF is there chance to make something out of themselves and move on to great things. These students work hard and are driven. When the odds are against them they rise above and conquer. They leave no resources on campus untouched. These students are the ones to build relationships with.


A majority of my classmates are considerably younger than I am; therefore, lack of communication is evident.


Most come from small villages or they are hippies, but that is what makes them so enjoyable to be around.


UAF is filled with friendly, chill Alaskans along with a good bundle of adventure-seeking imports- it's a great balance between the two!


The people I have taken classes with have been completely diverse; young and old, hard-working and lazy.


My classmates are diligent, intelligent and motivated. However we're all engineers so none of us can spell.


They are very friendly and everyone wants to be independent. Somewhat easy to work with.


Unique and highly interesting with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds.


Most of them are pretty layed back and cool.