University of Alaska Fairbanks Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Undergraduate research is highly promoted at the school, encouraging students of all majors to apply for awards each semester to fund projects. This is an excellent way to give students practical experience and skills in the fields they are interested in as well as give them an edge should they choose to pursue graduate school. Additionally, student activities extremely diverse. Students can choose to climb the ice wall, play a game of Quidditch, participate in the Nearly Naked Run, watch Watermelon be dropped from seven stories up, or play a game of mud Volleyball with snow still on the ground.


The class sizes are perfect. I actually get to know my professors. I went to Washington State University where class sizes were usually about 200 students, so UAF is a huge relief. Class goes more smoothly, questions are actually answered, when I converse with my teachers (in person or via e-mail) they know who I am and my level of progress in the class, and often even my grades off the top of their head. In my opinion, this is where superior education comes from.


When telling friends about my school, I brag about the opportunities and doors that open with a higher education. I brag about how available financial aid is to anyone that wants to open these doors and reach for this opportunity. I brag about how much I have learned and have yet to learn. I brag about the friends who have, along with me, taken these same steps to educational success. I brag about where I have been and where I am going.


I talk about all the sweet snow we get, and how there is a 40 below club.


The class sizes are great for learning and interaction. You get to know your peers. The teachers are able to give you personal attention.


That the sunsets out here are gorgeous and the people are really nice. The faculty are really laxed except for missing time from classes.


It's not a party school full of clicks. The majority of students and faculty are down to earth and friendly.




Awesome Rifle team. And a great place to study geology and geophysics.