University of Alaska Southeast Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Their arts and marine biology programs. Also it is a small University which makes for smaller classes and it is easier to get extra help and get to know your teacher.


UAS is best known for its outdoor classes and beauty surrounding. It overlooks a lake in the valley of Juneau, Alaska . UAS offers outdoor recreation equipment and outdoor classes ranging from avalanche safety to simple classes like outdoor cycling or whitewater rafting. It is known to have an activity type feel while still teaching classes and educating students. UAS does not make you feel like you have to get up, go straight to class, and study, but rather ease into your day by seeing the Mendenhall Glacier on your way to your lecture hall that overlooks the beautiful lake.


They offer all types of degrees and certificates here. There are alot of each kind of student alot of Biology and Marine Biology majors as well as miner training and desiel training.