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It's at home, next to a beautiful lake, in ALASKA!


I chose UAS because it offered a Tlingit language program. Tlingit is the indigenous language of the Native people in Southeast, Alaska. The university is very diverse-aware and culturally oriented. I chose it because it is close to home (I'm from Southeast Alaska). Coming from a small town UAS is the perfect size for me. Rural students can truly excel at UAS.


UAS has an art program that's exploding--in a good way. The professors are unusually good. Actually, most of the professors in all fields are of a higher caliber than you would expect from a university this size, I imagine because they love Juneau, Alaska, and wouldn't teach anywhere else.


The natural setting and research opportunities avaliable at the school. The school is in such a beautiful and natural place, I love it. The school size is perfect, small and intimate. Everyone is friendly and the professors insist you call them by their first name. Everyone from the administration to the faculty is there for the students. There is free tutoring and help is always avaliable when you need it.