University of Alaska Southeast Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Alaska Southeast know before they start?


My first two years of college have taught me a lot about time-management, responsibility and expectations. However,I think one of the most important things I could have done was to be more proactive earlier in my college career. The new environment and experience is intimidating but getting out of your comfort zone will open up so many new opportunities. It is important to keep an open-mind and try as many new things as possible. College is a time for experiencing new things and learning about yourself. Secondly, I would tell myself not to have a set expectation of college. With what you see in the media and on TV, it is easy to have a misconception of college life will be like. Just because your college experience isn't exactly like what you saw on MTV, doesn't mean it still won't be enjoyable. Lastly, I would say to not be too hard on yourself. You are learning and making mistakes. It is okay to mess up. Cry over it once but most importantly, get up and move on. You are going to have the time of your life!


Never give up; no matter how easy it may seem. Persevere because life isnt easy and college is the first eye-opening experience to life. Stay focused and do not let anyone or anything keep you from achieving your goals. This has been your life long dream and let nothing stand in your way from achieving it. Find ways to meet new and supportive people. Get involved in campus activities and never let studying wear you down. Realize that this is a new beginning and the reward at the end is worth every step.


Get your act together, because college life is real.


The advice that I would give myself in my senior year, is that not to worry about were other people are going to college. In my senior year I ws comparing myself to all my other friends leaving to go out of state for college. Looking at them I felt stupid becuase I was going to a school instate, it might be in a different town but it was still instate. Now since in college, I felt like I did make the right choice to stay home and go to school. Going out of state for college does not mean if I am smart or not. I'm paying less money that everyone else, but I am getting a since of what it is like to be a college student with the worry of being broke. If I could have seen how I am now in my senior year of college I wouldn't feel like I was nothing just becuase everyone was leaving and I am staying.


dont waste the time


I would tell myself to stop procrastonating! Also to get scholarships and finacial aid done on time. This first year of college almost didnt happen because I was dragging my feet, getting all of the forms filled out. Since I decided to work for a year after graduating high school, I would also advise my past self to save my money and not spend it every time we had a day off. But one thing that I really wish I could change is being more social. I would tell my high school senior self to stop hiding in her room and get out there and meet people. I know it seems scary but you have to realize that the people you're scared to talk to are in the same situation you are; lonely, away from home, first year at college and seeking human interaciton. It seems scary but making friends in college is one the easiest thing you will do.


Focus on the long-term goal and don't get distracted by the side shows that will come along. As long as you have a career and life goal in mind, then the road there will become apparent as the time gets closer. College life will only be what you make it, so get involved in as many extra-curriculars as possible. Join a club, play sports, find a job. Any organization outside of the classroom will further enhance your college experience. Some of the lessons learned in these groups will be more valuable later in life than information gained from lectures. Social interactions on all levels provide learning opportunities that may be cherished when interviewing for a job or dealing with a group project. Choosing a college shouldn't be a stressful activity. Any college can propel you onto the career trajectory you want. Simply choose the next stepping stone on the road of life and enjoy the ride.


As you begin in college remember never ever settle for substandard work. You are an intelligent individual who can achieve a great many things in your life. The only individual who will ever slow you down, or hinder your progress is yourself. At this moment in your life you have an incredibly strong sense of right and wrong. Never lose that or compromise your ethics, because once you do it will be infinitely more difficult to regain them. As you meet your professors you will not like all of them as individuals, but remember they are there to assist you in learning so listen to what they have to say to you. Should you ever find yourself in a disagreement with a professor know two things, they are human so do not assume that they can not be wrong, but you must always speak to them with respect because someone who knows the cirriculum better than you found them to be the best candidate.


Attending UAS, I have learned amounts about Alaska's culture and different ways of life up here in Alaska. I have lived in Alaska my whole life but have never taken the time to sit down and realize the beauties our state has to offer. I recently took a woodcarving class and went into it not expecting what I came out with. I figured it would be like all the woodshop classes I took in high school. Unlike high school, the University’s class made Alaskan Native designed projects and brought us to the State Museum and showed us the history behind our projects. Each aspect of our project meant more than just carving a block of wood. Each class UAS offers has its own way of easing Alaska history into lessons and projects. By attending this school, I have learned to appreciate the unique history that my state has. I have met students from out of state that are now living in Alaska and it is neat to hear what they think and what they learned about attending and Alaskan University as well. Staying in state to attend college has taught be to never take home for granted.


My experience with universities has show me how much I need to be focused. I have seen that my degree is more than just my interests but rather encompassing multiple areas that I may not be passionate about. I enjoy the arts but have found that in order to be successful in the business world and my degree I need to be able to comunicate my ideas well. In order to do that I must focus on my essay comunication and professional writing as well. The value in attending is paramount. It gives me the freedom and power to succeed beyond my goals and dreams. It has given strength to my knowledge base and exercised my ability to pursue multible dreams and ambitions.