University of Arizona Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the enjoyment that is shared by all. There's a sense of wonder in people when they hear about the University of Arizona, because every school will have problems, but despite those, students at the University of Arizona describe their school as comforting and inviting. The sun may be hot, but it shines on everyone, and that shine stays with the students projecting smiles.


The library. It has great tutoring resources and is open 24 hours.


The University of Arizona has the best gym facility, basketball team, and in my opinion the best school spirit. Everybody at the university seems to be extremely proud of being there, myself included. Being somewhere where everyone is excited about their location is a really cool feeling. I love that most college students are sad when summer rolls around because it means they have to go back home.


the U of A South campus provides smaller classes and have wonderful professors who really are involvedand care about the students. More adults who are obtianing their education while older and working attend this campus.


I brag about the academics, diversity, and research the University of Arizona offers.


I don't typically brag about attending the University of Arizona. When I hear people brag about our school, it's typically because they really enjoy fraternity/sorority life or they are super involved in sports. Outside of athletics and Greek life there are the students genuinely interested in scientific research. Once again, for these rarities, UA is a safe haven. We have excellent research facilities and expert staff who are genuinely interested in their own fields of study.


The food court and how pretty I think the campus is. My experience has not been the best for a few reasons, but I realize that the UofA is not a terrible university.


I am always bragging to my friends about the many events and activities on my campus. I even invited them to my school's spring fling this year, which involved actual carnival rides being brought on our campus, as well as a performance by the band American Authors.


School spirit. It is everywhere. Everyone promotes the school logo or colors in their dorms, on their clothes, and on their cars. Going to school sports games is the best part about this school.


How awesome it is. But really, it's hard to say exactly why. It's one of those things that from the outside you'll never know what it's about unless you're on the inside and a part of it. There is just a sense of family around campus... we all belong to the same school and we have pride. Everyone who goes to The U of A goes there because they wanted to and they are proud of their choice in education.


The Univeristy of Arizona is one of the top research 1 universities in the States.


I brag to my friends at other schools about the great success we have had in basketball. One of my favorite things to do is watch the University of Arizona play basketball.


I love my school because it's comparatively large, which allows for a huge opportunity and plethora of resources, but the students are so friendly and the campus is built in such a way that it is very easy to get around campus and feels much more like a community.


When I talk about my school I talk about the engineering school due to the number of accomplished engineers that are part of the faculty. The art are also good, we are known for classical guitar and theater arts.


I mostly brag about how much I am learning about myself and my work ethic. I think this university will teach you that very quickly from the time you are dropped off at your dorm freshman year. I have learned how to handle situations for when I get to adulthood and start a career. I also brag about how understanding the staff and professors are about classes and things going on in the students life.


The weather!! Tucson has incredible weather for the majority of the year. The sunny skies allow for a very productive, upbeat, and active community of young adults at the University of Arizona. However, because so many people from different backgrounds come to enjoy the environment, it also creates a place where one can gain an education surrounded by different cultures. A great environment and great people make U of A a location full of opportunity for young people.


More recently i have been most excited about the fact that i was able to change my major and minor to something that I found interesting. I know that this might not have been as easy at a community college. There are so many different majors here and I am glad that i was not limited and I was able to learn different ideas from different fields.


Great support for anything.




The on campus social activity.


The environment on campus is very wlecoming and full of positive spirit. Ever since I started attending the University of Arizona I feel like I am part of a great community of people. It is impossible NOT to meet friends and people or classmates study with. There are more than plenty of opportunities that assure academic success. The University of Arizona encourages every student to focus on academics and gain knowledge that will help them succeed in live. This university has allowed me to grow as a person, as well as a student.


I don't really brag much, except for how nice and understanding my teachers are, or how interactive the classes are.


How nice the school campus is, and the college atmosphere it presents.


My favorite part of the U of A to tell my friends about is the campus! I find it incredibly beautiful. There are historic red brick buildings surrounding green grassy hang out fields with tall palm trees all around. I love simply sitting beneath the shade doing homework and observing all of the biciclists, long boarders, frisbee players, and even hand stand do-ers. I think that the University of Arizona has such a wonderful campus and the weather makes it even better!


There are over 500 clubs on campus and there are variety of ways to get involved on campus. We also have a decent sports reputation


I would probably brag about the student atmosphere and high quality education that the University is a part of. With all of the activities and clubs to get involved with and its prime location in the always sunny Arizona, there's hardly anything not to brag about.


That I attend a school that will push me in the right direction to acheive in the feild I want.


I brag about my core classes I take at the university. They are fun, engaging, and filled to the brim with knowledge. I also brag about how the school looks, it reminds of a miniature city within Tucson, Arizona; It has everything from a fitness center, diverse restaurants, to places where you can relax and have fun.


The things I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is how much school spirit UA has. Going to a football game is the most riveting place to be...students are going crazy no matter what, and the pride students take in their school is blatantly obvious. Everyday, students have at least one articles of UA clothing on to support their school and show their pride.


The great education


I brag about our school spirit, basketball team, and educational opportunities such as research positions.


I had never understood until I got here. All my life I've been directed towards college with blinders on, school and my health was all that mattered and I was excited but I didn't understand. After a semester I have already learned so much, the amount of knowledge here is astounding. Between the incredible professors that go so far out of their way to teach everything they can and the magnificent libraries which tower high and are absolutely stocked full, I could stay here forever.


First off, I brag about our amazing basketball team. We have a great team this year, so that is something that I like to brag about. My ultimate favorite thing about this school is the campus and the feeling I get as I am walking around. It is such a beautiful campus and if I take the time to look around instead of rushing to my classes, I realize how happy and lucky I am to go to such a wonderful school.


I brag most about all the opportunities the University of Arizona has to offer. There are so many clubs and activities to be a part of. There really is something for everyone. I have to stop myself from joining every club I have interest in because I wouldn't have enough time. The University of Arizona may have a large student population, but I have never be treated like just one of a bunch of students. I am always treated like an individual with unique interests and experiences.


The entire campus is in one location making it easy to walk from class to class in a short amount of time. There is a variety of clubs and acitvities for people of all interest, so getting involved is easy. The University of Arizona's student section ZonaZoo is the top rated student section in the PAC 10. This exhibits the strong sense of community the Univeristy of Arizona offers to its students.


The thing I brag the most when I tell my friends about the Universtiy of Arizona is how the classa size. Transitioning from a 2-year college to a student at this schhol, I would say the number of people that you interact with now than before has to be the biggest change in reality. There are all sorts of people that I found here and I think this gives every individual a very good oppurtunity in life to meet and collaberate with new people. I would call it "experimenting" with the diverse group of people.


The University of Arizona is an excellent institution for students in that it provides a myriad of academic and professional oppotunites in many different fields of study. For example, as an undergraduate student planning to attend medical school, I was able to immerse myself in many course, volunteer, and employment opportunities on-campus, especially at the University of Arizona Medical Center, which is a world leader as a "teaching hospital", a research innovation center, and clinical care facility. Additionally, this college is an integral part of the Tucson community due to its associations with major companies in the area.


I always brag about the University of Arizona. I brag about my classes and professors. I love the fact that my professors seem to enjoy teaching, that they are motivated and happy every day they lecture. I brag about how competitive getting admitted to the College of Nursing is because if I get admitted, people will know that I have earned my admission. I also brag about our spirit and colors. I am proud to call myself a Wildcat. Wildcats are studious and hardworking people that love to learn and are determined to succeed. Bragging about UA is an honor.


The campus is beautiful and the pre-med program is excelling. There is a lot of school spirit/pride that is so obvious during school events/games.


I typically talk about my professors and class assignments. I usually talk about my class assignments and tell my friends about any assignments I am currently doing because I usually use this to generate inspiration. Being an art student my inspiration comes in all forms and by talking it out with my family and friends usally this helps me trigger a thought. My school and professors allow me to think and to do my assignments any way I want. This restriction-less advantage allows me to perform at my best, and when I am at my best I feel confident.


I really appreciate the school's science/math programs. I believe they have one of the best science/math programs, and I am very proud of that.


I usually brag about the class choices students have at the University of Arizona, particularly in the Fine Arts area. The one class I talked most about was the film and literature class on Tim Burton. It was interesting to see his signature style of film in his bodies of work. Also, it isn't everyday you can say that Russian Studies and Slavic Folklore has a class on vampires and werewolves.


When I tell my friends about the University of Arizona, I tend to brag about how beautiful the campus is. It is very beautiful and is the typical thought when one thinks of a 'college campus'. Also, we have great athletics and going to the games is always a real treat. I also brag about the amazing friends I've made since I've arrived.


When I am bragging to my friends about my school, I always talk about how active the student body is here and how welcoming everyone is. I never stop talking about how the campus is beautiful and wonderfully kept and that you can never be board when visiting or attending the University of Arizona. From student council to athletic events to greek life, there is always something to be excited about.


I brag the most about our basketball team and the wonderful weather we have all year long. I especially tell my friends back on the East Coast that it never gets unbearably cold here, and that it is almost always sunny. Another great part of where the U of A is, is the fact that we have authentic mexican food.


When I tell my friends about the Unversity of Arizona, I brag about how nice our Architecture building is. I mention how it looks very proffesional. Its enormous glass windows that look out into the street, the woods and metal shops in the bottom floor, It's technologies used to make our projects stand out and the rusted metal framing and railing that gives it an "old school" look. When i become a professional architect, i wanna work in a building that looks like this one.


I mostly brag about the awesome library, and how I get to use the individual study carrals because I am an honors student. The library is big, filled with many nooks and crannies where students can hide to study without being bothered by others. The windows provide a beautiful view of the nearby mountains and make the study environment less stressful. I also brag about how it is close to a ski valley at Mt. Lemmon, even though it doesn't snow often, if at all, in Tucson.


The school spririt! Students always wear clothes and/or assessories that have The University of Arizona's logo on it. Everyone in the city loves our school so we always get a lot of respects from others and discounts from local businesses. Beside, The University of Arizona is ranked as one of the top schools in the U.S. so we are all very proud of our school.


That I'm going to the University of the state of Arizona! That I'm meeting new people and making new friends, both at class and at the organization that I'm a part of. There are like a zillion organizations on campus so you can pick one (or three) that you think might be cool and get to meet other people that think it's cool too!


The University of Arizona is really beautiful and exciting. There are always things going on at the Campus. The weather is amazing, generally sunny and warm with the rare rainy or cold days. The academic programs are amazing, such as business or astronomy. The school spirit is crazy here, it is so much fun to sit at the zona zoo section at the football games! Overall, my favorite is the selection of classes. I am a business major, but have taken Philosophy (my favorite), Astronomy, sociology, Ancient Roman Culture, and other interesting courses, just in my first year!