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What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Again, like I said in the previous question, it has two parts. One, far-from stellar students who settled and didn't have the SAT scores to go somewhere glitzy, and waspy out of state kids from the East Coast that love Greek life. As a generalization, that will get the most hits if you were scanning the mall, but there are so many people here, that it isn't fair to write off all Arizona kids like that. Everyone's story is different, and a lot of phenomenal people attend Arizona.


Arizona students are very into partying and the Greek life is huge.


o, I transferred here on a Whim as a Junior to pursue the Retailing and Consumer Science Major here. I don’t really know what the Stereotypes are, but if I had to guess they would be as follows… 1. Rich bitches galore 2. Greek freaks 3. Nothing to do in the desert 4. People are fucking non stop 5. Eller School of Management is GOD 6. Athletics athletics athletics.


Everyone that is from California are rich, snobby and spoiled. Most of the students at Arizona are from California. Also- we have been nicknamed Jew of A for quite a while now... But in reality, any school you go to- there are going to be stereotypes. Whether it be about the athletes, the sororities, frats, etc.


Lots of partying and no intellectualism


Some people think that most students here are interested in Greek life. I am a nontraditional myself and do not participate in Greek life at all.


Any school you choose to attend, there are going to be all types to stereotypes... whether it be the athletes, people in greek life, the science majors who are wayy into lab groups, etc... its just a matter of whether or not you are going to chose to pay attention to them or not..


Some stereotypes about the students at the University of Arizona are that all of them are compulsive partiers enrolled at a school that has been termed to be a less than average college.


That all sorority girls are sluts! Everyone has a lot of school pride! zona zoo is crazy! classes are extremely hard! every night is a party!

Benjamin Travis

One of the biggest stereotypes about the students who attend the University of Arizona is that there's only two kinds of students: Students from Arizona, and Students from California that get sent here by their parents since it's cheap.


Some stereotypes of Arizona students are that we are here to party and school is at the bottom of the "to-do" list. Many believe that students here are wealthy, in shape, tan and from California.


Arizona students are not intelligent, party all the time, are extremely wealthy, mostly from Arizona or California, and are all blonde.


Arizona students are wild, party going individuals.


There are a lot of bleach blondes and "bras" here. Also, I've recently heard that there are a lot of Jewish students here.


Some stereotypes about Arizona students is that they party too much and that they do drugs.


People seem to think that University of Arizona students party a lot.


Everyone is rich, jewish, and does cocaine.


We party too much- were a party school Were not smart We have good sports teams We have an amazing Greek life


It's hot. We are attractive.


That Arizona is a huge party school and the only the basketball team is worth watching.


All california kids that didn't get into UC schools.


The school has a reputation of being a "party school" and that all UA students just drink and party.


One stereotype i hear a lot about is the focus on how all arizona students are avid drinkers.


partying, don't care about grades, hot girls


People in in greek life houses are certain types of people


A lot of "meatheads" and attractive girls


Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll (but unfortunately its rap)


That it isn't a particularly good school; it is full of dumb so-cal kids who couldn't make it into the UC schools.


hot bitches Also called NothingToDoson (Tucson) Boozin hard


We have hot girls and know how to party. Another steotype is that our education is a joke.


SoCal, drugs, blonde bimbos, steroids, tan, wannabes


This school is full of promiscuous people. The guys are all California Bros and the girls are all bombshells.


Snobby and stuck-up out of state students. Hot weather and hot people.


The astronomy, the business, and the beautiful girls


They party a lot and not very good education system


It's too hot. There's nothing to do. The girls are hot.


That everyone from AZ is a red neck. AZ students are all kids from California that couldn't get into the UC system


Arizona is considered by many to be a notorious party school. Students like to have a good time and sometimes make partying a priority over studying.


That half of the kids are from cali and they are mostly all tools


Hot girls, douchy bros.


that we all love to party and never work hard or have a sophisticated conversation


Arizona students party more and study harder.


we have fun and smart


Dumb california kids just going there to party, but still the best school in arizona.


That kids like to party a lot here.


they party hard


They are all retarded or Jewish


That we do not have enough hot girls on campus


That we just part all the time and don't work hard at school.


we are all too damn hot