University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The amount of walking on campus to get around that you have to do.


The most furstrating thing about my school is the parking situation.


I consider the most frustrating thing about my school to be that there is not a football team here. I loe basketball but I think that a football team would generate more school spirit.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of parking.


My roommate. I have not been successful in getting in touch with my RA to solve issues.


That there is not a lot of campus envolvement. Most students just go to class and home, there is no real interaction between each other.


Definitely parking! The parking situation is horrible. You have to pay a whole lot of money to park close to the buildings, or you can park in the parking deck for $1.00, which is behind all of the close parking lots (10 minute walk), or you can park in free parking which is behind the parking deck where there are never spaces(12-15 minute walk), or you can park in the other free parking lot that is far away from the school (15 minute walk.)


This is a relatively small school, so there is alot of competition for financial aid. Of course there are student loans (personally I don't consider that financial a huge advantage), but there are many students who deserve scholarships and get overlooked. Too much emphasis is placed on high school kids while others do not get considered.


Parking ang activites




The most frustrating thing I saw at UALR was the number of students receiving a full-ride scholarship who definitely did not deserve it, too many deserving students being skipped right over for fiancial help, and too small an amount of students receiving aid that actually did deserve it.