University of Arkansas at Little Rock Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how focused I need to be in college, how procrastinating won't get me anywhere. That college is more serious than what I thought, and that it will just get harder as I go deeper into my education, that the teachers are different from high school, and that my experience will be my own and nobody elses, I need to take this time to see college as a privilege and not just something that everyone is able to do.


I wish someone told me to go to career counseling because it would of gave me more guidance during my freshmen year. I also wish I had known more about volunteering opportunities because it opened more networking opportunities.


Would have liked to been imformed about their campus a little more.


Before coming to the University of Arkansas Little Rock, I wish I had known how hard it was to have a sense of community of campus when you do not live there. I am a commuter student since I live in Little Rock, and it is hard to find friends and be involved when you do not live on campus.


Before I came to this university, I had already done my research about this school. I also worked as an usher at this university , for a short time, while I was in high school. Therefore, I had already known a lot about this school before I enrolled.


I wish I knew to rent books from websites instead of getting ripped off at the coop. I also wish I thought to join more clubs/ club sports in the beginning of the year.


How expensive college would be over the years. The amount of debt I'm having to rack up in student loans is scary. Also how much time and effort is needed to study for each class.


I wish that I would've known that UALR was a non-traditional shool. We're not like a normal college. Everything is based off of the local school district.


I wish I had known it was better to get all prerequisite course work completed before attempting major course work.


The layout of the University is difficult to get around. I still have not figured out how to find parking easily. I also wished I would have known that it was required to take so many Fine Arts classes.