University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One who is not serious about getting an education should not attend the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.


Actually to tell you the truth. If u are a person who is not decated to school work and also not lazy. I would suggest u not to waste your time. Because this is a no excuse school. There is alot of people at this school, that is willing to help out. And if you are a person who likes to smoke this would not be a good school for you either.


There is really no set type of person, all people are excepted at this university there are plenty of activities and people that will be of help if you need it. There are so many resources that they supply you with to make sure your on the right path. Although this is a historically black college all races and religions are accepted no one is discriminated against; and because this is a such a family enviorment you will always feel at home,


The type of person that should not attend school will be, a person who do not think school is for them. I believe eveyone can learn and shoould learn. School will only enhance your life.


I don't believe there is a certain person who can't attend this school because as I stated above it is very diverse. You will find someone with your intrest or where your from. The school will help you learn alot about your self from being around different people. So it all depends on your attitude toward it, but I believe anybody could succeed at UAPB if they wanted!!!


How ever wants to learn and have a good college life.