University of Arkansas Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?




The ability to do undergraduate research for the college is incredible and something you can't find in other colleges in the state. There are thousands of RSOs (registered student orginizations) which gives everyone to be apart of something as well as your classes. The atmosphere is incredible and the campus is beatiful year round!


I loved that classes were of reasonable size, and that teachers were amazing. The size of the campus and town were perfect, and it was usual to run into classmates all over town. The students and staff were friendly.


The atmosphere! Because it truly is a college town, and Arkansas doesn't have a state sports team, the entire STATE supports our campus and our team! The liveliness that is found throughout campus and the energy that students emit is just impeccable. There is never a dull moment and it truly allows you to find happiness here!


The beauty of the state of Arkansas compared to Oklahoma. The natural state certainly lived up to the hype and its something I am lucky to see everyday, and it really alters your mind in a positive way to be surronded by it. Lots of great views and places to take a moment from the hustle and bustle and just take a breather. I always mention it to my friends from high school when I come back.


When bragging about my school, I overload my friends with details and statistics set by our sports teams. As a member of the SEC, the University of Arkansas football team goes up against many competitive schools. The tough competition has helped to shape our guys into titans of the field. The game is always interesting thanks to their raw talent, experience, and a great coach.


How dedicated they are to you and the education quality.


I love the people here and the atmosphere, its beautiful! I love everything about the University of Arkansas.


I brag about how amazing the campus looks. it is a wonderful and beautiful place to be espically in the fall when all the leaves change. there are so many trees. it's nice to just take a walk around the campus and take in all the pretty sites.


It is a large and diverse campus with many oppurtunities to grow and develop as a person and learn about other people and cultures.


Its beautiful and we have a lot of school spirit!


I brag most about my college experience and how amazing it was! From my first day on campus, I felt like I was home. The University of Arkansas provided me educational, travel, and social experiences that I had never had before. I was able to learn so much about myself that I never knew before. The U of A is where I fostered genuine friendships and found my true friends for life. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything!


I brag about the size of our campus.


I love the atmosphere at my school. I always feel at home when I am there. I love the campus, everything is very close to the heart of campus, it is not too spread out. I think it is challenging without being too overwhelming. Everyone is very eager to learn or help others learn. The students and staff are very friendly and the weather is great.


The football team...Go Razorbacks...Woo Pig Souie!!!


The University of Arkansas campus prides itself with being extremely student-fucused, and it definitely lives up to that. It is relatively easy to get involved in a vast array of organizations, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know other students. It is a fun campus environment with a great display of student and faculty enthusiasm. It is definitely a greek-run campus, so there are numerous activities that center around the fraternities and sorotities; however, there are also many other organizations with which students can become involved.


I love the passion of the people at our school for the community. The greek life is amazing at the university and I have never met anyone who went greek who didnt love it. Also our athletic events are very fun and the fans love their Razorbacks! We may not win as much as other schools but I would put our traditions and cheers against anyone else in the nations. Also our facilities are great from the stadiums and arenas, to the classrooms. It is just a great place to be and we seem to be expanding every year!


I brag about how easy it is to get a job after graduating from the University Of Arkansas and also about how many different programs there is to get involved in that both help you keep in shape and help with understanding your major ang potentially getting a job.


I like the fact that there are friendly people and a lot of student organizations plus other activities around town and campus.


The school spirit


Well most years I brag about the football, but this year I think I'll be bragging about our wonderful campus and students. We are all pretty great.


It is beautiful.


Our sports is the main topic. Everyone on campus has so much school spirit (pep rallies are awesome!) Another thing is our buildings. We have many that have that old southern style to them with wonderful columns. We also have brand new "smart buildings" that I think are the coolest thing ever! Another bragging right is our greek system, in which our administration really supports. We have 8 sororities and 7 fraternities; our numbers are growing every year along with the admittance of other sororities and fraternities.


The scenery surrounding the campus is beautiful. The people in Fayetteville are extremely nice. The campus is the perfect size, and the NW Quad is the ideal living quarters. People say, "It's not Arkansas, it's Fayetteville."

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