University of Arkansas Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone can attend this school. The Hospitality program is phenomenal as well as the Nursing program. The diversity of people make it an all around school.


Anyone looking for the best education in Arkansas.


Someone who is dedicated to achieving academic success and is willing to do what ever it takes to pave their path to a brighter future. Someone who is not afraid to be a leader and who aspires to make themselves a better student and person through the endless opportunities offerred at the University of Arkansas. Someone who enjoys the outdoors and being surrounded by people who have common goals. Lastly, someone who is open to exerieincing different cultures and environments that come with attending this University.


Anyone should be able to attend school. If they want to and willing to put forth the effort, they should be able to go.


Any person interested in pursuing a higher education should attend this school. As a hispanic, I know that the university offers countless opportunities for both me and my peers. Events are held weekly and there are several ways to get involved and to connect with personal interest groups. This campus is very eco-friendly as well and the resources provided to create a better environment are abundant.


The people that are very school spirted and love football. The school is main for business degresses.


If you're planning on joining Greek Life, U of A is definitely for you. Also, if you like diversity, U of A is for you because we have a lot of itnernational students. Also, if you're planning on doing a business major, the Walton College is the best.


Anyone who is interested in any type of profession should attend the UofA. Also, on the plus side, the food isn't half bad either. ^_~


The school itself is fantastic, lots of diversity, great atmosphere, great architecture, good professors and staff, and overall good campus. Students who really are ready to learn and be educated not in just one subject but many subjects and find their own creativity within them.


The kind of person that attends this school should be one who is able to balance fun and school and who is open to new cultures and things. There is such a variety of things and majors on campus that you are sure to find somewhere that you fit. You will make lifelong friends here, and will also get some of the best preparation for the workplace while building connections. After all, in today's society its not about what you know but WHO you know.


Anyone who has a desire to learn and succeed


Honestly this school is very versatile. We are located in the liberal corner of the state but it is still Arkansas so there are still plenty of conservatives. We have a nice mix of sports fans, party goers, academically-focused, libertarians, business-minded, and Greek students. Several ideologies and ethnicities come together to form the diverse campus that I love so dearly.


anybody. The art department is not very strong, but the business program is outstanding!


Focused, well rounded confident person


The person best suited to attend this school is one that is genuinely interested in learning about all aspects of life. Not just learning inside the classroom but out of the classroom also. Our university is focused on teaching students life experiences through all aspects of their college experience.


This school isn't for any specific type of person. This campus is very diverse and accomodates people from all walks of life.


Any kind of person should attend the University of Arkansas. That's the beauty of this campus, it's so diverse, yet so unified. Whatever interests or views you might have, chances are great that someone here will have them as well. I've come to learn that this campus is very accepting of different views or backgrounds. One requirement of students attending UofA is that you must be planning to make friendships for a lifetime with people you never thought you would.


Someone from Arkansas who is somewhat serious about academics and has a lot of pride for the football team.


A social, smart person


A person who wants to have the opportunity to be taught by extremely well known and respected faculty in their fields and really improve their skills and obtain their dream job should attend the University of Arkansas. Our University also has many distinguished lecturers visit campus and gives the students an opportunity to hear what the speaker has to say from their own mouth and possibly even meet them!


Someone who is outgoing, friendly, maybe outdoorsy. Someone who likes to shop and party or just be social. Someone who enjoys walking to class or being outside. Being an individual!


Any kind of person would love this university.


Someone looking to attend the University of Arkansas should be very determind, self-motivated, and have lots of school spirit. You must be determined because with so many social activites and sporting events going on, one must remind themselves of their reason for being at college and not let academics fall by the wayside. Also, one must be self-motivated to study and get homework done on time. However, everyone at the U of A loves the hogs and loves to support all of the athletic department by showing lots of school spirit.


Anyone and everyone! I love my school and it has such great diversity! I came here 4 hours from my home and was instantly comfortable! Our programs are getting better and better every year, and we offer a huge variety of majors. Anyone who is looking to make life-long acquaintances and get a wonderful education should consider the UofA. We have great extra-curricular activities and events that allow the whole campus to meet and get to know people. We have a wonderful greek system for anyone interested in rushing.


All people can attend school here. There are really involved people here and those who just sit back and watch. People who are christians and those who are not. People who are really outgoing and others who are shy. Anyone can feel accepted here. It's an amazing campus with very diverse people here. It's so easy to fit in!


The University of Arkansas is a challenging and well-respected college. It is also very student-oriented. There is a large number of International Students that choose to come to this school for that very reason. Anyone who wants to have a good education and a worthy degree and wants to be an important person to their school, then he or she should attend the University of Arkansas.


One that just wants a place to fit in. Everyone is welcomed here.

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