University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It was affordable for the most part which made the student body more diverse since more people from different backgrounds could attend.


This school is very diverse and there are ways for everyone to find their place at this school. Professors really want to be your friends and are very available to meet with you even when you're just an undergrad. It's not secluded and it's in a city, making it feel like the real world. Also, it's very close to San Francisco, which allows for easy access to escape the campus as well.


Growing up, I established what a leader was for myself because I never had a stable figure to demonstrate what one was. I have found that leadership is about inspiring others from our actions in order to better ourselves and the world we live in. This applies directly with what I aspire to do with my art and my school allowed me to do something and to become a leader. A leader for change for the better enables us and can impact our communities.


The access to all the facilities, the opportunities to intern, do research, meet world known professors and be taught by them; just all the amazing things you can do here that you wouldn't be able to do anywhere else


The best thing about my school is that it is a first-rate university, where people are serious about there studies.


I love Berkeley because I can form my experiences to fit my personality. There are so many different opportunities at this school, ranging from sports to research to theater groups to political activism, that I can find a niche for every one of my interests. Also, Berkeley provides a very healthy dialogue and a friendly degree of competition that forces students to be their best and stay polished and professional. Cal is a school where students, who are mature enough to deal with it, blossom into the people they have always wanted to be.


High quality education!


The best thing at this school is the fact that you can always find a place in here. Many people are put off by the fact that UC Berkeley is a huge university but once you join organizations on campus (which I really recommend to freshman) you begin to become a part of smaller communities that socialize and see each other on a regular basis. No matter where you are or who you come from, you can find your place. I think that this is the beauty of UC Berkeley.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is very diverse and has an enormous amount of things to do. There are over 900 student organizations to join all with different emphases. There are sports, volunteer opportunties, shadowing opportuntities, jobs, internships, externships, Greek Life, scholars programs, etc. It is a school with a place for everyone and no one feels left out.


Being part of the school choir - the University Chorus under director Marika Kuzma. I have been singing since I was little, and this choir really expanded my horizons. In addition to getting to debut unusual pieces, such as Hindemith's "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed," we also got to sing in so many different languages. Most enjoyable of all was Prof Marika's directing - maintaining a high standard yet caring for us as singers. It is undoubtedly the best experience I've had.