University of California-Berkeley Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Enthusiastic professors!! Learn a lot here!


COMMUNITY, culture, academics, school spirit


Its prestige. Research opportunities. Location.


UC Berkeley has a distinct feel and atmosphere. It's free-spirited in that there are lots of different opinions expressed and people just let you be how you want to be. There's also a myriad of activities for people to get involved in.


The co-ops and library


The best thing about Berkeley is the amount of incredible opportunities available to better yourself personally, socially, and academically, whether through interactions with a diverse group of people (both fellow students and faculty), through active participation in groups, or by exploring the surrounding area as you experience new modes of living and thinking.


How accepting everyone is, and how everyone is generally expected to be different. There's no "typical" Berkeley student, really.


Top notch academics and professors, interesting classes


Everyone is their own person and no one really cares what others around them think. Also, people strive to be the best they can be, not just being competitive with others.


I would say the best thing about my school is the amount of school spirit the faculty and students have!


There are a great deal of people here from all over the world! If you get involved in the campus community, it's a huge learning experience and plus for your future: doors for career paths will open, entrepreneurs thrive, friendship, and an overall eye-opening experience of diversity functioning relatively harmoniously. I like how accepting the students are here, and that the priorities do not include your wardrobe or parties. You can find that here if you want... but it's not the focus. Lots of great ethnic food is available nearby, as well as music venues!


Students in History 5 learn about its homoerotic overtones, but there is a unique story behind its arrival on our campus


The Faculty Club, is rumored to have a haunted room where the spirit of an old professor who lived in the club


The common story associated with Dwinelle Hall in which two feuding brothers build the different wings


This gives not only the main fun fact about VLSB that you would learn on a campus tour.