University of California-Davis Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


University of California-Davis- a wonderful atomsphere were different races, culutres, and differentiate individuals can come together to express their ideas and strive towards them.


My school is large, and this applies to the campus, the diversity of the student body, the selection of courses, and the friendly community-oriented individuals in attendance there.


UC Davis is a diverse, friendly, politically active school run by amazing professors and students, and I am really glad to be a part of it.


UC Davis is an Aggie school, where every student has a dream to succeed and everyone helps each other to make those dreams possible.


Extremely accepting and supportive of students, encouraging them to learn new things and cultivate a strong future.


My school is a beautiful campuses with rigourous classes that get you prepared for your percieved future career.


Its Incredibly welcoming envorment and amazing place to grow.


Small town with emerging downtown scene, easy to get along with first year dormmates especially with new dormitories being built.


My school is a plethora of amazing people, has plentiful opportunities for adventure and exploration, and is a place I will proudly graduate from in 3 years.


It's huge. Davis is completely flat with beautiful trees and small places to go to. UC Davis is very open and everybody bikes here. It's not crowded at all, there are a lot of places to st and eat, drink coffee, and even take naps! It's a beautiful campus that you'll have to see it for yourself.


Great school.


The school probably looks large and perhaps intimidating. However, once you walk the campus once, the school is anything but intimidating. It is relaxing, safe, and comforting. Students especially tend to realize this when they discover the arboretum - a 2.2 mile long stretch along a body of water surrounded by trees.


Although the campus looks extraordinary, the smell with most likely catch your senses. All kidding aside, UCD has a very modern feel, the campus has had a lot of new construction with the Mondavi center, the arc, and several other buildings. Although the surrounding environment is ugly farmland, nonetheless, the campus is like a shiny gem on top of a large manure.


A small college town school with lots of bicycles just outside a large city.


Decent, but way too damn expensive.


Davis has a solid community with a variety of interesting classes.


UC Davis is simply wonderful; it's so beautiful and relaxing, and the people are friendly too.


UC Davis has a diverse atmosphere while still maintaining it's college-town charm and allows students to interact and learn from each other and their professors with it's ongoing desire to spread knowledge.


UCD is a good place to focus on academics, there is not much else around.


It is a very large campus, set in the country side. It is relaxed, so the competition would not be overwhelming. The school is quiet, so studying is feasible.


Davis is fantastic; I love all the resources and internship opportunities. It can get a little overwhelming when you're looking for advice because there are so many places to go to, but the website is helpful and there are always people you can go to who will point you in the right direction.


My school is an amazing place for those who loves to be in a naturistic environment.


University of California - Davis is a breath of fresh air to me. The possibilities are limitless and it is The Only school with my major (NPB: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior) it is a beautiful campus (maybe needs a bit more work) but the professors have truly impressed me! Encouragements are plenty and everything is set for success. I am going for the university medal, right now that is the dream!


UC Davis is a diverse school where students can engage with professors and classmates to learn from one another.


UC Davis presents a sense of community and a challenging atmosphere, providing insight and inspiration to most eager students.


It is a world of its own. It is environmentally friendly, liberal, and fun. Davis students know how to party, and study for mid terms. Davis wants you to think outside the box. They want you to gain new cultural perspectives. They teach you to be tolerant of diversity. ?Hate? in any form is not allowed. We live for the world, for each other, and for the future. Our school is research based, but it supports a wide range of majors. Davis also loves art, theater, and natural sciences. The university of California Davis is a fantastic school to attend.


UC Davis is the brand of academics that values true intelligence fueled by curiosity and passion in the students here who love themselves, their school, and all aspects of this earth; UC Davis represents the necessary balance in life as well as the deeper, natural human desire to learn and coexist in humanity and nature.


This school is little and a good start off to school ,but you should want your foot in the door a little more than this one.


UC Davis is hard work, and the quarter system takes some getting used to, but it's also terribly fun, and exciting to be a part of this school; it's also one of the largest school campuses I've ever seen.


UC Davis is one of the nation's top public research universities and is part of the world's pre-eminent public university system.


UC Davis is a very friendly, environmentally conscious university with plenty of extra-curricular opportunities, sports events, and study groups.


UC Davis has an academically challenging and inspiring atmosphere in a layed back and casual setting.


This is a very strict school in which no horse playing is accepted and it will not get you anywhere if you are not serious, dedicated, motivated, and competely sure of what you want to become after graduation.


UC Davis is the quintessential college atmosphere for the exploration and growth of the mind, body and soul.


If you have the drive and desire to succeed in becoming a positive role model for others and contributing back to society, then beautiful UC Davis provides you with endless possibilities to achieve your goals and dreams.


The University of California, Davis is an environmentally-friendly campus with a prestigious academic system that meets the needs of any student and allows them to explore career possibilities with the many offered internships and organizations.




It is a nice and very diverse school that pays a lot of attention on academics.


The people here are very welcoming and even though the town is small it's very intimate and campus oriented.


An engaging research-oriented public university.


Green with lots of friendly people


UC Davis is a place where students can feel comfortable getting a higher education, getting involved in their community, meeting the people they will always remember, and creating the foundation for the rest of their lives.


My school is a friendly place that is open to ideas and helps individuals get to where they want to go.


It is a peaceful school and you will love it!


Davis is a friendly campus and you can easily fit in. It has a lot to offer from the facilities to the professors, and the activities.


Many people think Davis is simply a small college town with nothing to offer except cows.; however, it is really the people that make this place amazing--their spirit and willingness to put themselves out there really helps new students see the school as a place they could spend the next four years in.


UC Davis is a passionate community that is doing what matters to make our world a better place and this desire is driven by the students and guided by the faculty, there is nothing like Aggie Pride!


UC Davis provides students with a laid back, small town atmosphere, a diverse social scene with students from all walks of life, and a feeling of belonging to a larger community, all while helping them get the resources they need to succeed later in life


UC Davis is a green school.


Davis is a smallish liberal town built firmly on its collge foundation, with a large diversity of spirit and mind, and a strong dedication to academia and the environment.