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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

The school is very active in sports. There is an organization called the Aggie Pack where they go to every major sporting event on campus and cheer their hearts out for the Aggies. You can see them cheer at the football games, soccer games and basketball games. Even the women's volleyball is worth watching...they're just too good! There are a lot of intramural sport events such as softball, soccer, indoor hockey, indoor soccer, badminton, POKER, etc. that many students can join with their friends. It's totally worth it so take your chances! The Campus Recreation offers a lot of sports clubs. Some clubs offered are boxing, fencing, snowboard and skiing, soccer, baseball, rowing, swimming & diving, ice hockey, gymnastics, rugby and even ultimate frisbee. UC Davis is an NCAA-I division sport. You can look more into the sport programs on the athletics page.

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