University of California-Davis Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about UC Davis is the classroom size. Many of the lecture halls hold upwards of +300 students and very few people can actually learn successfully in that environment.


Probably the worst thing about Davis is the fact that it is a college town, and it is secluded from everything and everyone else. Although it is often seen as a good thing, and it is, Davis can become a little bubble with not much to offer students on their free time.


Attending any university can be challenging, but one obstacle that stands out the most to me is having to pay so much for tuition just so I can be able to succeed in life and further my education.


The worst thing about UC Davis would definitely have to be the wafts of mysterious odor from the cow fields that plague the school every afternoon. It is my understanding that they are moving the cow fields away from student housing, so this should not be a problem in the future.


The worst thing about Davis is that it is far from where I live and I have been homesick this last years.


Worst thing about Davis is the bike thieves who come up during the academic breaks and clip bike locks around the apartment complexes.


This fall will be my first quarter so I would't know yet.


The worst thing about my school is that the campus is giant. At first, students may get lost since the campus is so spread out.


Due to large class sizes, my school can seem very unorganized at times. My classes have anywhere from 150-500 students, so having all professors (there is usually more than one per class) and Teacher's Assistants all on the same page can be difficult. As a result, students are often confused about their required tasks/what is expected of them on assignments/midterms, and often do poorly because of this.


It is a smaller college town, so you have to put in a little bit of extra effort to find fun things to do around Davis.


There is no place to go shopping.


The worst thing about UC Davis, has nothing to do with its academics--rather where it is located. There is a dramatic change in temperature with the change of season in Davis. Summers are unbearably hot, while winters are rainy and cold. However, school is not about weather it is about academics. And UC Davis is the place to go if you're interested in learning and becoming successful.


The thing that I consider the worst about my school is the amount of paperwork needed for me to attend. I understand that this is necessary for any school but I have found that compared to my friends attending other colleges I have been doing much more. I understand that I have to but I do not like doing it and wish that it was a little easier to attend my university.


The worst thing about UC Davis is the lack of ethnic diversity here. On campus, I see a large majority of white and asian students, and some hispanic students. However, it is a rarity to see an African American or Native American student. We have great programs here for cross cultural education, but the actual diversity of students does not really have the need for so many programs to be of use.


The worst part about the school would have to be it's location. This is because of a few reasons. Firstly, being in California as a UC, we face drastic fee increases making paying for school a huge problem. Secondly, being a small town in the countryside leaves the students with not much to do on the weekends. Lastly, the location means, not the best weather.


The overall cost of college is the most displeasing aspect of UC Davis, but then again, what college isn?t? Although the fees are great, as expected in any university, UC Davis offers options of payments and internal as well as external resources for financial aid. However due to the increasingly large number of students, not everyone who seeks financial aid has their needs met.


I consider the worst aspect of my school to be the high level of college competition between different ethnicities and in all of your classes. The competition is so high that makes it difficult to excel at a University.


The worst thing about UC Davis is the constantly increasing financial pressure. The Regents of California (who dispense money to the UCs) have drastically cut funding to the campus. Already in the year of 2009, the Regents have also raised tuition an amazing 33%. The stress that this hike puts on the students is immense. Many, including myself, already struggle to pay fees. This new demand intensifies the fear that more fee hikes will come, and that the college will eventually be too expensive to attend. The dreams of many anxious students are on the line.


The worst thing about my school is that thousands of students ride bikes everyday and there are a lot of bike circles around that are very dangerous. I've already been in one bike accident and don't want to repeat the experience.


The worst thing about my school is the inability to register for some classes that are needed to graduate. The recession has forced the school to cut back on a lot of much needed classes.


Off campus housing is expensive and on campus housing is limited.


UC Davis does not provide enough housing for all of its undergraduate students. In fact, only first-year and transfer students are guaranteed on-campus housing, which, from experience, makes freshman year rather stressful with the hovering responsibility of having to find a place to live before the upcoming fall. One benefit of this situation, however, is the responsibility and independence that one gains in having to search for their own place to live. And there are plentiful resources on-campus to help guide and inform students during this process.


I don't really like how most of the students I met in my freshman year thinks that they were better than everyone else, even though they didn't study at all and don't have good GPAs. However, as I grew older, I was able to meet more people who actually studied and did not act like they were the best.


The pungent smell of cow dung penetrates every aspect of daily Davis life. However, the students eventually grow past this and come to recognize the cow as an integral aspect of the Davis community and lifestyle - a school-wide symbol of pride.


Parking! It is made for students who live in Davis and in the dorms.


The worst thing about my school is the odor. Freshmen dorm is just right across the street from where the cows live. The smell of cows and their food is everywhere.


The worse thing about my school sometimes is it's size. I prefer not to ride my bike sometimes and woulc much rather walk to class. But if there is a 10 min space between and my next class is across campus, I definitely would not get there on time. Sometimes there is too much bike traffic.


The bike traffic


The UC Fee hike by 32% next quarter that many students can no longer afford it.


The classes are very big (some can be up to 400 students) so most of the time the professor will have no idea who you are. You have to make a huge effort to get to know them, by asking questions in class, going to office hours and emailing them if you want a chance at them ever writing a letter of recommendation or anything.


The size of the campus can be overwhelming. There are a lot of buildings and a lot of students around, especially when classes get out. However, people are always willing to help you find where you need to go. As long as you have some experience riding a bike, you can get around campus easily. Buses come frequently to take you around downtown Davis, or to residential areas that surround the campus.


Nothing really bad. It's just a very competitive school that everyone needs to be focus.


The lack of diversity among the student population in terms of race, and unyielding budget cuts against students rather than on the upper echelons of the faculty.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes it seems hard to stand out academically because the class sizes are so large and the professors just do not have time to remember every single student.




Davis is a great place for students to really focus on their academics, meet new people, and be calm and peaceful underneath the many trees, on top of the luscious green grass. However, the worst part about it must be that it is in the middle of nowhere, with virtually no shopping centers, clubs, or places where typical youngsters would like to go. The closest REAL restaurants and stores/malls are about a 20 minute drive away, and it tends to make Davis students rather bored. However, Davis is starting to get more stores and is trying to get better! :)


I honestly feel that if I there isn't anything that was horrible enough for me to talk about UC Davis. I truly enjoyed my entire here. And I had a very varied experience, a Division 1 athlete and captain, student, internship with sports marketing and part time job (the internship wasn't paid). It anything, the worst thing about Davis is that it doesn't get the full recognition it deserves. Only in select areas (engineering, veterinary medicine and viniculture)


The fact that some professors are required to teach as part of their job as a researcher. When this happens it is obvious that they don't want to be teaching and as a result, it's my education that suffers.


I really can not say anything bad about this school. I was very greatful to be accepted.


There really isn't anything that is terrible at UC Davis, except for maybe the amount of help found at the pre-health advising department.


Only that there isn't much to do for fun, and good food is hard to come by. In order to find fun or good food, one needs a car, which not everyone has. It makes it difficult for those outside of a fraternity or club to have a social life. Other than that, it's pretty safe, we still party but not too much, and it is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


large class size, hard to get individual attention from certain professors


It is very easy to be trapped in the "Davis bubble". You can easily forget sometimes that there are other places in the world because it is so easy to be absorbed by how awesome it is and how much it provides. HOwever, this is negated usually by the presence of two large cities in the vicinity: Sacramento and the Bay Area.


The classes for Design are so impacted....i won't be able to graduate on time....ill be there another quarter or two, and I've already spent the last two summers catching up on classes i need. I don't want to spend any more money. I already work 25 hours a week plus classes, I'd rather focus on school than whether or not I will be able to pay rent. If the classes werent so impacted I wouldnt have had to pay extra to take summer classes and thus wouldnt be as worried about my finances.


i can't think of anything.


The worst thing might be the best thing for some. The campus ist he largest UC school. It makes it tough for people to get to class withoutg having to bike for 10 minutes. However, public transportation and the lack of traffic make it easy to get around.


I would have liked to see a greater variety of career fairs throughout the year


The lack of racial diversity because I'm of African-American and Jamaican descent and there aren't alot of people that relate to the things I have been through as a "black" person therefore they don't know how to act about certain things.


The small town aspect is nice but can loose its appeal after some time. One may find themselves reaching out to house parties as a way to deal with boredom. However, an equal amount find themselves turning to outdoor/extracurricular activities.


weather is the worst becuase it always change between the day and night even noontime so it is really easy to get sick here