University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The stereotype of students is what most people know. . . That this school is full of Asians. And it's quite true, but that doesn't mean there is no other ethnicity here on campus. there are many other ethnicities here on campus, just in smaller quantities. Also, everyone thinks that everyone that comes to UCI is a bio major. not true. . . I myself is majoring in Psychology and Social Behavior and I know a ton of people that are not bio majors. ( we have over 80 majors and 50 minors to choose from!!!)


1. There are millions of Asians at UCI. 2. UCI students lack school spirit. 3. UCI student body is cliquish. 4. There is nothing to do in Irvine. 5. It is a commuter school (many people go home on the weekends).


-It's a school composed of Asians and white kids. -We all ended up here because we got rejected from everywhere else. -This is a party school. -We like our Ugs and mini skirts.


One stereotype of UCI is that since it is located in Orange County, it should be like the TV show, “The OC.”


One stereotype of UCI is that athletes are not interested in academics are only at school because of sports.


One stereotype of UCI is that the school is misrepresented as being not as competitive as other top UC schools.


A third-year Spanish major says one stereotype of UCI is that the campus is dead when it really is much more thriving.


A third-year philosophy student says UCI students are stereotyped as being uninvolved due to the commuting population.


People think we are all UCLA, and Berkeley rejects but they may not ever say it to your face but we know on the inside thats what you are thinking. Also, UCI stands for University of Civics and Integras, and University of Chinese Immigrants. And that we live in an Orange County Bubble and should get out more because there is not much to do.


"University of Chinese Immigrants" (or UC Nirvana) and "Nerdy"


A lot of people called UCI a university for Chinese students or something to that extent. Also, UCI is not considered a 'party school,' but a commuter school where students come and go.


UCI is most often stereotyped as a 'commuter' campus.


One common stereotype about UCI is that it is populated mainly by Asians/Asian Americans.


UCI=university of Chinese immigrants=under construction indefinitely UCI is also often considered a commuter school second-class to UCLA and Cal.


That everyone is Asian and that no one likes to party


One prevailing stereotype is that UCI has too many Asians.


University of Chinese Immigrants. University of custom integras. Under construction indefinitely. One of the biggest stereotypes facing UCI students is that everyone is asian and that no one speaks English.


Biggest stereotype--University of Chinese Immigrants (UCI). People associate this school with its large Asian American student population. Also many people see this school as one of the easier UC's to gain admission too, as compared to UC Berkley or UCLA.


A large portion of UCI Students are Asian, so that is a pretty big stereotype. Also, UCI is nestled in safe and boring Irvine, so UCI students are seen as boring and not very wild.


I think the most common stereotype about UCI is that it is "all asian". I like to think of it as diverse. Also, people think UCI is a commuter school and there is no school spirit. People think that the campus is really safe.


they don't party at all. they all go home on the weekend. they are all and i mean ALL asian


That there are a lot of Asians here.


The stereotype of the UCI student is that he/she is a second-generation Asian-American that did well in high school but got rejected from UCLA. UCI stands for Under Construction Indefinitely or University of Chinese Immigrants.


that it's really asian


that all students are lame...95% are...the rest are chill


A lot of people think we are a communter school with just a bunch of asian kids running around


The two biggest stereotypes are that UCI is dead on weekends and doesn't know how to party and that there are way too many Asian people here, which results in the nickname "University of Chinese Immigrants."


That everyone is Asian and that is there absolutely no fun to be had. There are no parties, there are only big lecture classes. That living in Irvine is the biggest drag ever.


-UCI= under construction indefinitely -the school of asians, except for when it comes to athletics....that's where you find the white and black people -we're an academic school -most people out of orange county have never heard of UCI.....but happily, i think that this is starting to change


Asian, boring, no school spirit


boring, don't party, nerdy, hard to get together with in a group, people aren't very outgoing or acceptable of differences, plain looking campus, no fun allowed, local authorities kill everything the students want and need, etc.


A lot of asians here


The biggest stereotype is that we are all Asian and that we are all here because we couldn't get into UCLA.


That all students or most of them are asian


Boring school, boring town Lots of Asians Lots of Science and Engineering majors


UCI students start off as Biological Sciences students and end up in the School of Social Sciences or Social Ecology because it's too difficult. UCI students are primarily asian. UCI students are well rounded and like getting involved in many things. UCI students have little school pride because we don't have a football team.


Majority of the students are asian. It has a huge Greek life.


That most of them are Asian.


That UCI is a commuter school, that it has no school spirit, that it is everyone's second choice, that it is a "dead" school, that it is full of Asians.


UCI students are viewed as being stereotypically Asian- with riced-out Acuras and Hondas, minimal social life, as well as the latest technology to digitally and wirelessly connect them to the most recent blog news.


UCI students are nerds, the whole school is a spaceship full of them. The school lacks school spirit, all shops and restaurants close early, most students go home on the weekends. There are too many Asians on campus.


That UCI is a commuter school and that the student population is Asian.




I think that many people assume that because UCI is in Orange County there are a lot of conservative or wealthy students. It's also got a reputation for other racial and political demographics.


The students that attend UCI and get involved are the stuck up individuals that don't associate with anyone that is not involved in an orangizations.


It is a commuter school. It's the UCLA "reject" school. The student body is all asian.


Predominantly Asian.


Mostly asian, mostly boring.


UC Irvine has a reputation for having a pretty quiet community to engage with--Bars close at 10:00pm, students drive home on the weekend and the bleachers are sparse at the basketball games. UCI students are known for being very academic and serious about finding careers in their field of interest--meaning a lot of time spent in the library. UCI also has a stereotype of being predominantly populated by Asian Americans.


surveys like these are the kind of things that perpetuate stereotypes - do something useful with your life and get a job instead of making up stupid surveys like these.