University of California-Irvine Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is a person who has a great interest in football and not in community service, performing arts, or academics. The reason for this is because the school does not have a football team, but we do have a basketball and soccer team. In addition, a majority of extracurricular groups on campus are for community service, the school is very well known for its numerous and competitive dance teams, and the academics are on a whole different level than high school.


A person who is racist against th asian race.


A person who is not dedicated in regards to getting a higher education, is not adventurous or is uninterested in participating in new activites, or is unprepared for a rigorous academic courses should not attend this school.


Uncommitted and slackers.


Any person with or without a set goal should be able to attend this university. They should have a very high degree of ambition and motivation, along with strong improvements during their high school years to be able to compete with other prospective students and applicants. As long as you do your best and have proof of it, you should be able to attend the university of your choice. Even if you have financial hardships, you can still attend this or any other university if you put in the effort to get that extra money with non-illegal methods.


I would not advise anybody who is seeking a shallow, party centered college experience to attend UCI. This school is extreamly academic centured. Where there's a small party scene, I doubt anybody could find is fulfilling. If you go out of your way to find it, I truely believe UCI could provide a student with just about anything you're loooking for, but I strongly recommend only going to UCI if you are seeking a quality education, research opportunities, and countless inspirational professors. All in all, if your education is not your priorty, UCI is not for you.


Someone that doesn't want to have fun.


Someone who prefers smaller classes or works better in discussion type classes instead of lectures. UCI is very open, big, and calm. Someone who gets bored easily and doesn't appriciate being mellow and relaxing would not like it here.


You should not attend UC Irvine if you're not ready for fast paced classes.


Prospective students who do not like a suburban environment and who think that they are better than the school should not attend. In truth, University of California, Irvine is definitely a prestigious school in all of the majors it has to offer its students. There are also various other opportunities to get involved such as clubs and organizations for a student's specific interest.


An open minded and academicaly driven person should attend this school. The school focuses on academics and has a quarter system which means that course time is ten weeks. One needs to be prepared to study and stay on top of course material. As well it is best for one to be open minded to the diveristy, varying politics and demographics of the school.


These kinds of person shouldn't attend UCI: people have no control on themselves' life; people don't like to talk to other people; people don't like study; people have no ability to take care their own health; people don't know how to arrange time. All these people I think should not attend UCI.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who isn't serious about getting a quality education. However, I think this applies to any university.


Someone unmotivated because that doesn't display the spirit of UCI.


If the person don't have the ambition to study hard and get well grades, then they should not attend this school. Also, if someone don't have the ability to take care of themselves and communicate easily with other people, they should not attend this school. If someone do not like doing homework and go to class, they should not attend this school.


To be honest anyone can further their education at this school as long as they are very determined and serious about their education.


A type of person that should not attend this school is someone very sports oriented and extremely social. The UCI sports teams are not highly ranked and the campus is not as loud or exciting as some of the other UC campuses. If students are looking for sports oriented schools and a full social life then UCI would not be an ideal match for them.


People who want to party all the time.


A person who looks to having an amazing time without having to study too much should not attend this school. They would not find this school as enjoyable. The professors continously challenge students to work hard academically to succeed. The school place a high value in academic than anything else.


People won't commitment to learning and getting serious about their future should not go to this school.


Everyone should attend UCI.


closed and narrow minded people


Someone who is not comfortable being surrounded by Asians and Asian culture. Someone who is looking for a politically active student body. Someone who is looking for a "party" school.


Someone who wants to go to college just to party. People here are more relaxed and easygoing than party people. Wo do party, just not as much as other schools.


Having the eagerness to learn and explore new interests while being efficient with managing time, allows one to succeed in their classes that could ultimatately, only be beneficial. Without these qualities, one may find it difficult to succeed in their classes.


A person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who does not know what they want in life, has no future goals, no expectations, and does not take school seriously. University of California Irvine is a school that is highly impacted and the workload is heavy which is cut out for someone who is ready to prosper in education, so a person that does not give school 100% effort should not attend this school.


If you're looking to only party and not study, don't come here! We definitely have a party scene but it isn't very large. People tend to be focused more on school.


A person who wants to be in a really liberal, college town type environment should not attend Irvine since it is located too closely to family households. Everything closes early and parties are limited. People who want to have a big party life style should not attend this school.


I believe everyone should attend this school.


A humanities major that likes small classrooms.


Students who think they will just breeze through classes and do not have to work, go to class or study should not come to UC Irvine. I have seen people drop out because they took their classes too lightly and could not keep their grades up.


If you are looking for a party school, UCI is definately the wrong place for you.


Students that like to party a lot or that like to procasinate should not come to UCI becuase it is really intense in academics. We have fun, but we care more for our studies.


Students who are searching for a school that focuses on the general populous rather than the individual student should not attend UC Irvine. UC Irvine dedicates a great deal of resources, money, and people to ensure that each student is satisfied with their experience here. A person who is not interested in participating in school activities should not attend this school because Irvine stresses the importance of getting involved around campus.


I've settled in the school well during my first year, unfortunately, I know this is not the place for everyone. The kind of person who shouldn't attend is one who does not work well in big environments. Because UCI is a public school, the classroom sizes are much larger than those of the private schools’. Another kind of person is one who does not work well with loneliness or live near campus. UCI happens to be a commuter school; therefore, the weekends tend to be empty because students tend to go home.


Someone who is not willing to work hard. Someone who wants a small school with small classes, esp. the first two years of school


You shouldn't attend this school if you are racist because many minorities in the US are majority at UCI.


People who need guidance and aren't ready to be fully independent from the help of teachers and professors. They cannot be lazy and they cannot just go to school expecting to do amazing without putting in the effort.


A person who does not like nature and cannot adhere themself to the open plan of the campus should not attend this college.


First, anyone who really likes to party - unless you join greek housing or get lucky with a random assortment of roommates on campus, this is not known for being a party school. Also, the surrounding area isn't a "college town" full of the requisite bars and other hot locations. Second, the surrounding area is rich, so expect to pay a lot for normal expenses such as groceries and gas. And third, anyone who is racist against Asains would HATE it here.


Anyone who isn't alive shouldn't attend this school, otherwise, everyone -including those who would like to study the dead, would find UCI an amazing place for their educational career.


Person who really wants a very small-town liberal arts experience.


Anyone looking for a good education in a friendly area with great opportunities.


Music majors should try to find other campuses to attend at this point in time.


A person who lacks persistance and hard work should not come to this school. UC Irvine is a proud university of distinguished faculty members who are here to help students become great individuals in the work field. I believe a person with low work efficacy and low priorities will not suceed in this school.


People who hope to succeed should attend this school. I went for English and learned alot. However, there is a strong emphasis on science and research. Otherwise, the campus is beautiful.


Students who enjoy partying or look forward to watching school football games are not advised to attend UCI. In addition, those who worry about prestige will not find UCI to be particularly fulfilling, since the school is relatively low-key compared to other, more reputable UC schools and private colleges.


I believe that you should not attend this school if you are not self-motivated. If you do not have the dedication or the drive to succeed, you will be left behind and you will only be paying to sit there and stare. Since you are paying for the education, take advantage of everything there, including tutoring centors, counseling, and financial aid that the school gives out.


The University of California, Irvine is an collegiate institution intended for hardworking students confident in their academic pursuits and goals. The environment of Irvine is not conducive to excessive partying or misbehavior and has been deemed to lack a vivacious night life. The abundancy of biology majors ensures that the biology program at UCI , along with other majors, is both strong and regimented. The fast-paced quarter system easily leaves behind people who are unable to adapt to abrupt transitions between courses. In addition, someone who is unable to use his or her resources should not attend this school.


if someone attends at samuel merritt then should be haqrd working to success