University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


First of all, this being UCLA, I brag about how I'm attending the second highest ranked public school in the nation. I am also very proud of the campus itself, which is stunning, and about the many resources UCLA students are given access to, such as the massive colloections of books in the libraries, interlibrary exchange programs, and online archives.


Not a hard school. Proffesors are very helpful.


Just the name of the school sounds prestigous and is a school that is very sought after. Also, it is a world renowned research university in which major experiments take place. I also talk about our sports teams and how they have won the most NCAA championships in the country.


Our school is primarily focused on research and career-based opportunities that concentrate on pushing students to excel both academically and extracurricularly. A very large majority of students on campus eventually progress to graduate school, medical school or law school, or join the work force to become successful businessmen and businesswomen. In addition, our school's athletics are a huge part of our school spirit, and the variety of on-campus clubs and activities allow for as much artistic, athletic and social diversity as possible.


The year I was accepted, their were over 55,000 applicants, the most of any college in the country. UCLA is the first college ever to win over 100 NCAA championships. Beyond the school's renowned academics and research, my school is regularly chosen as the location for many popular television and movie sets. Love the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Or maybe you're a fan of comedies like Legally Blonde or Old School? Well guess what? My campus is home to a majority of those scenes and episodes! Best of all, I am a Bruin for life.


How hostile most of the people are and how pathetic people treats others like.


how close it is to home and how it's near the city


the internships and the job opportunities available


I got into one of the most applied to universities in America that accepts applications from all over the world.


I would have to say that I brad mostly about our athletics. We are very good at basketball. Before this year we went to the NCAA Final Four Championship three years in a row. Although we are in a current rebuilding phase in football, I still brag because we have a very rich history in all of our sports which makes me very proud to be a Bruin!


The size and scale of the university.


When I brag to my friends about UCLA, the first thing I would tell them is how many diverse individuals there are, and how interacting with them can enlighten you and change your perception on life. You can learn through each person on this campus about their own knowledge on a particular subject and of their cultural backgrounds. During my first 3 months at UCLA, I was able to learn to say hello in fifteen different languages. I learned more of diverse linguistics in three months at UCLA than I have my entire life prior.


The best thing about my college is the people and city my college is in, Los Angeles. Los Angeles, is such a great city to go to school at with the warm sun and great beaches. Starting my career as a dancer I am able to work for some small dance troupes and then I will be able to move into larger dance troupes, that will help me train and graduate for major. Giving a person a larger chance to find a job and experience that living in this city will most certainly guarantee.


It is one of the best schools in the country.


The diversity, social life, attractive campus, engaging teachers and opportunites the school offers.




I almost always point out the quality of the academic side of the school, which to say the least is world class, the range of opportunities that are available to achieve a variety of goals,both personal and career driven. School sports, would be another major point I would throw out, given that we have amazing school spirit, and commanding teams. Finally I would mention the quality of the social life that is present on, and off campus. From social events to get togethers, there is always a good vibe that is always evident.


medical centers


the food


The student body.


How beautiful the school is, from the quality of campus to the dorms, dining facilities, and architecture. Also just the college life in general and how safe the area is. It's nice to just walk around at night and wander...hang out. There's so much to do in LA and we're close to all of it! I also absolutely love my major, which I think is partly due to how awesome some of the professors are. I like to brag about the awesome things we learn and do, especially the hands on experience we get.


UCLA has a good reputation; so everyone already knows it and are impressed.


God is bringing revival to UCLA


a lot of opportunties to do whatever you want - career, school, extracurricular.


I brag about the beautiful campus, renowned professors, prestigous reputation, numerous extracurricular, sneak peeks, location in the city, celebrity sighing, good food, well rounded sports teams, great weather, great fine arts, liberal arts, medical school, law school, dental school, and great environment.


good grades


I don't have to brag about the school to people for they already know that the school is one of the most highly regarded in state of California. I would like to mention, however, that whichever career the students may be pursuing, there are a lot of opportunities to fare well by taking advantage of this school's excellent curriculum.


The fantastic education I received, the classes available and the fantastic culture the school has through ethnicities, sports and social events


School spirit, beauiful campus


Bringing up that UCLA is a public ivy is something I am proud of. This school represents hard work and dedication to furthering personal education. It's not just a UC, it's a symbol of accomplishment.


Our athletics program is one of the best in the country, so I am especially proud of all of our NCAA sports teams.


Close to the beach, clubbing in west hollywood, beverly hills, and a lively night life.


I don't really brag.


I brag about UCLA being located in the heart of Los Angeles and how it is where amazing things happen on a daily basis, from new research findings to another sports championship being won. I also mention how the beach and the mountains are all really close as well.


Our amazing sports history. UCLA has that most NCAA titles of any university in the country.


I tell others that this school has the country's best film program (my major), and that all the students here are incredibly intelligent and driven, and are ready to change the world.