University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


An individual that is in search of an adventure, personal discovery and the challenge to be independent. UCLA certainly taught me about how to be an independent thinker and learner with the confidence and willingness to take on the unknown.


Any motivated and ambitious indivdual should attend UCLA. UCLA has something to offer to everyone, which is why UCLA has over 50,000 undergraduate applicants ech year. Also, you cant beat the weather.


Someone who is adventorous. Someone who seeks to create a life for themselves that otherwise would not be created. Someone who wants to use all of the resources this world has to offer in order to make it a better place for every person living now and in the future.


Prospective UCLA students should be willing to step out of their comfort zones to try new things. The college years are the perfect time to do so, and UCLA provides a wide array of activities, clubs, opportunities for those who either already have an active interest in something, or for those who are still unsure of their interests and would like to try a little bit of everything. That said, students should also be working toward certain academic or post-graduation goals. It's a balancing act, but it would be a shame to let these opportunities go to waste.


i dont know


The students who are drawn to UCLA are those who seek greatness, those who believe that they have a unique contribution to bring to the world and who are proactive in their desire to both cultivate and express their gifts.


Soemone who is ready to push the envelope in life. The opportunity to go to UCLA means exosure to some of the best educational and professional resources in the country. Students who are driven and ready to work thier asses off for the chance to change thier world should come here.


I think college really is what you make it out to be, so anyone can attend UCLA as long as they keep an open mind about the issues that go on around them. Keeping an open mind, in general, is important at any school, but I feel like it's especially important in an environment where most students dorm and where student organizations and other groups are constantly voicing their opinions on Bruin walk.


A person that is dedicated to academics and would like to maximize their college expereince should attend UCLA. UCLA offers an immense amount of resources. There are programs for study abroad, career advancement and social involvement.


There is no specific kind of person that should attend UCLA. Rather, UCLA encourages diversity and variance in identity. What I found was most beautiful about UCLA was that it was impossible to place all the students into one category. I remember walking onto the campus for the first time and I remember seeing the variety of races and personalities. There seemed to be a club or organization that would include and accept every kind of person. Therefore, there is no limit to who should apply or dream to attend UCLA because whoever they are they will be welcomed.


People willing to put in the time and effort to study and not let distractions bother them.


Research school so a person look to find professors still researching in a particular field of study. Open to new people ideas and views on self and others


work hard, smart, social


Any type of person that is really dedicated in pursuing higher education.


An amazing person.


The University of California-Los Angeles is a school for anyone who is willing to take their education into their own hands. What I am trying to say in this statement is that at such a large school, it is important to take charge and make good use of all the opportunities given to its students. But the education being offered here is world class to say the least. UCLA is ranked among to top 10 public schools in the country and has world renowned research programs. The best opportunities are there, one just has to find them.


Any kind of person could find a spot here. Campus is kind of divided between North Campus (Social Science Majors) and South Campus (Math and Science Majors) and social groups and interactions reflect that. This place is best suited for the super brainy or overly social and rarely do the two come in one package despite this being UCLA you do find that students fall best under one of the two categories.


The kind of person who should attend UCLA is someone who is very self-directed. It's a large campus, and while the resources that you need are out there, there won't be anyone to hold your hand and guide you through it. If you're the kind of person who would rather figure things out on your own, this won't be a problem for you.


Determination. Confidence. Talent. These are characteristics of a true Bruin. I may not be the brightest student, but I can say with confidence that I have determination. Of all the courses I took fall quarter, chemistry provided the greatest challenge. However, I studied harder for that class than any other class I had ever taken. I learned that perseverance is a key virtue to have, which is more important to me than a grade. A person, not necessarily the smartest, with perseverance should attend this school.


A person that is ready to take on the challenge of competing with people of great intellects. A person that is hardworking and be able to put time into effort into learning the materials. One that will accept failure and be able to learn from it in order to improve. One that is able to accept that there will always be other people better than them. A true Bruin should attend this school.


To attend UCLA, especially in the math and science departments, you must have a drive for success. You must be motivated to do more than you ever thought you could do to master the material that is presented to you. You will work hard but alas there is a balance to this work because like many other large universities there are plenty of things to do to have fun. From partying on frat row, to climbing rock walls in the Wooden center, to watching movie premieres with movie stars in Westwood, there is plenty to be done.


UCLA is a diverse community that allows social interactions from students of many different ethnicities. Thus, any student can attend this university and be able to enjoy their stay here. For those who are very sociable, new students can easily integrate into the UCLA student body. For those who have shy personalities, they can easily find a group in UCLA that serves their interests. The only type of student that UCLA may not be fit for is the one who enjoys small student bodies, as UCLA is a large public school.


This school is made for a variety of types of students, but I believe that it is ideal for an underdog type student. One who has a lot of potential, but throughout his or her life the student has been counted out by most because they do not fit a certain profile. The student is well-rounded and has a goal in mind. If something gets in the student's way or knocks him or her down, the student gets back up and looks for a different approach.


A UCLA student should be tolerant and willing to change their outlook and accept the views of others. He or she should be passionate and compassionate while also being focused and persistent in achieving their respective goals.


Not sure yet- this will be my first year there (I am transferring from community college).


Somebody who is looking for a nurturing, large, diverse student body and campus should attend the University of California, Los Angeles. There are activities to partake of everyday and a seemingly unlimited number of clubs and organizations you can participate in. Someone who is looking to explore one's possibilities and hopefully find one's niche in the university as well as the larger world community should attend UCLA. The campus is huge. You will meet people from all sorts of back grounds and places like Germany, China, the American Midwest, to name a few.


This school should be the number one public school in California, but it is not. It is number two.


A person who is academically focused and ready to work for his/her education should attend this school. The classes are extremely tough, but you learn a lot and feel accomplished when you graduate. A student that attends UCLA should also be self-motivated both in the classroom and in the real world. There are a lot of students at this university so it is difficult to make a lot of close friends, but if you are open-minded and willing to socialize with others, you can meet a lot of great people and lifelong friends.


A UCLA student should be someone who takes his/her academic and professional success very seriously, but who also know how to have fun; students at UCLA tend to be very intelligent and hard-working in their respective fields while also maintaining a well-rounded social and extra-curricular life. Somone who attends UCLA should be able to navigate courses and requirements somewhat independently, as classes are large and counselors are not asssigned to individuals; he or she should not expect to have his/her hand held throughout the academic experience. Finally, someone who attends UCLA should have school pride.


Aside from the stereotypical list of being hardworking, dedicated, outgoing, etc. that seems to be a prerequisite to any college, I believe that someone who wants to attend UCLA should be willing to keep an open and active mind. One of the major advantages to such a large school is that there are a myriad of new roads that you may not have considered before. Nothing is handed on a platter, but actively questioning and searching will ensure a much more rich college experience, and make all the work and money that is dedicated to those programs meaningful.


A determined, hardworking, and goal oriented person interested in reaching outside their comfort zone to attain high set life goals.


Well rounded students that are interested in not only academics, but also community service


Someone who is very focused. They should know what they want to do w/ their lives so they can get started early on the many programs that are offered here at UCLA. There are many research programs and faculty members that the student can get involved with that would accelerate their future career path. They can well organize their life according to this plan.


People who are dedicated to what something should attend this school-whether it be their major or just getting a good education. Like I mentioned above, dedication is extremely important at UCLA and I believe that most of the people who go here are dedicated to getting a strong education. In addition, I think people who want to take advantage of their learning experience should attend here because UCLA truly gives you the opportunity to embrace whatever major you want and pursue the degree of your choice.


I think people who attend school should be willing to study and learn for their future. The person should be passionate about a certain goal and be able to reach for it. School is a place where it gives you the opportunity to be something, and it should not be taken for granted, and people who study and attend the school, should recognize that opportunity and utilize it well.


A person who is very competitive, in you are going into the sciences, and a person, who is compassionate and objective, for the social sciences.


Someone who is strong-willed and independent. This school is very focused and career driven. Someone who is not focused or relies on others will not succeed at this fast-paced university. Also, someone who is diverse. Someone who looks at life through a tunnel should not attend UCLA because there are so many activities and opportunities that call for you to look beyond your personal norms and values and accept/ respect the views of others.


A person that is driven and motivated would do well at UCLA. Someone attending this school should be willing to be involved and try new experiences. This person should also be willing to work hard because UCLA is a demanding but rewarding institution.


The type of person who should come to this school must be motivated to succeed.


Any type of person should be able to attend this school. College is for anyone who wants to better themselves. College isnt just for student out of high school, college is suppose to be for all those who never got a chance at a particular time in their life, or those who at one time could not afford to attend. College is also for the person such as myself who didnt have a solid idea at a career when they were younger but have now thought about what they wanted to be and now have a chance to change.


A committed, enthusiastic person who wants to learn and get a degree.


People who are dedicated to academic study should attend this school. It is also has great programs for people interested in the medical field.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is willing to be open-minded and learn a lot about new cultures and be able to adapt to different ways of teaching and learning. This person should also be hard-working, diligent, and intelligent in their work. He or she should be able to have fun and fully enjoy the social life that UCLA has to offer, but at the same time stay focused on their goals and ambitions.


UCLA is a great school for many different types of people. It is well suited for math and science majors who study a lot and are very career focused.


those who are enthusiastic


One who likes the city, especially the city culture such as hollywood, santa monica. Also beaches nearby and with great opportunities as there are huge firms and internship opportunities. Great Place!


Motivated people that are affable should attend this university.


Nice person, if their have 10 student, 9 are nice student, that's good environment, but if their are 9 un-nice student there.....


Academically and career focused people should attend this school, who are also concerned about networking.


Good betrayal, back-stabbing morons who's crazed about gpa, party, and other crap that's not goal-oriented!