University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the best thing about my school to be its resources. All over campus there are educational workshops, tutors, and counseling assistants that are able to help you plan your future the way that you want to. A lot of these resources provide both a valuable place to start, and a path to follow to achieve success as quickly as possible. I have all the help I need to succeed, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that UCLA has provided me with.


The best thing about my school is that it has a lot of academic resources for students to transition from high school to college successfully. I am proud that there is extensive effort to help students academically.


The campus enviourment, proud to be here so I am eager to learn.


The ability to explore what you are interested in and discover what you like to de. That allows one to find out what they want to pursure in life.


We are academically driven but also know how to party.


The immensity of opportunities availible


The environment is very competitive at UCLA, but this gives students the push and motivation to do their best. The food on the residential Hill is really all that students make it to be too. It's definitely not the high school cafeteria food that people imagine, and the meal plan swipe system is easy to use.


The best thing about UCLA is that it resides at the centre of Los Angeles, where diverse cultures intersect and create a learning and cultural environment that suits everyone. I've been exposed to different cultures by my classmates from all over the world. In addition, Los Angeles accumulates the world's most advanced technology and ideas; there are tremendous amount of opportunities available for a UCLA bruin to make a head start in his/her future career.


UCLA hosts an unimaginable variety of extracurricular activities that always cater to your personal hobbies! Its unique location in LA allows students to persue so many different interests. For example, I can snowboard down Big Bear Mountain with the Board club, take surfing lessons through the Wooden Center, backpack across San Bernadino Mountains with SNAP, take a day trip to a medical clinic in Mexico, or tutor elementary kids in downtown Los Angeles. Boredom will become a foreign word once you put yourself out there, maximizing exposure to the academic, sport, outdoor, performing art, or community service activities.


The best aspect about UCLA is the flexibility and helpfulness students receive from the academic administration. The school offers a vast variety of majors that enables students to explore their passion. It is also very convenient with the school's online systems that let students choose and exchage classes with all the appropriate criteria within a reasonable time period. UCLA sets up its academic curriculum to provide a constant aid to its students and create a path to success.


All the opportunities available, particularly to undergraduate students like myself. Living in the dorm has huge advantages, because it is ORL's job to inform residents about upcoming events. For that reason, there is a lot of opportunity for networking (for example, with doctors or other professionals in a field) and opportunities to learn and keep up with classes. Plus, the people are absolutely wonderful, I love everybody living on my floor so much! They made the transition to college a much more bearable thing.


There is a lot of school spirit and a strong connection with alumni that is fun and can be useful.


There are some really great professors that teach you not only about academics but about life. The variety of people means UCLA never gets boring. The scenery is beautiful, especially at dusk. And the food is delicious!


The best thing about my school is the scenery. Each building has a story and separate beauty to it. The buildings seem as if they weren’t just built but were sculpted in which every detail was considered so that it could add to the story. That story culminates to the history of UCLA: the tradition, legacy, expectations of excellence, and hope that if we do are best we can succeed in our endeavors.


I just absolutely love my campus! There are so many things that I could write down, but it wouldn't enough to fully describe my experience learning at the great university that has given such an amazing opportunity. I'm currently studying to be a nurse at the UCLA School of Nursing, and have only come to love the program more every year. The professors are very knowledgable, the students are diverse, the campus is beautiful, motivation is around every corner, and my dream is within reach!


The best thing about UCLA is the pride. Never have a been to a place where everyone is so proud of where they are. It really creates an environment of acceptance and makes you strive to live up to the standards that make everyone there so proud.


I think my school's medical department really sets it apart from any other University of California! The Ronald Reagan Medical Center provides countless opportunities for research and experience, and it incorporates medical practices from not only the west, but all around the world. UCLA truly is the place to be for someone studying medicine. PLUS, it's located in the nation's heart of film industry!!


The diversity-- not only because it leads to a richer college experience but because it, in my view, respresents the diversity of the entire state of California. Both draw in people from around the world, and I'm a strong believer in cosmopolitanism.


diversity. There isnt as much as there is claimed to be but it is prevelent. anyone can find their our niche


The best thing is definitely that amount of love virtually every student has for this school. I have yet to meet anyone who does not like UCLA. Because of that, you generally meet so many amazing and passionate people and their passion rubs off on you. The sun shines brighter and school work is more bearable when you can share it with a bunch of other people who love the school as much as you do.


students are very smart and friendly. The study halls are very beautiful. The food and cafeteria is excellent. This school provides the best environment for studying.


One night in November 2012, distinguished Disney director Rob Minkoff came to UCLA's campus for a Q&A session, and this aspiring animator was starstruck. That evening the gratitude I felt towards my school threatened to overwhelm me. I knew that the best part about being at UCLA was opportunity. The school and the city are very closely connected, meaning there are innumerable ways to learn and grow. For me it is absolutely inspiring to be in a place so full of culture and diversity--I find I am always learning something new, both inside and out of class.


The diversity of UCLA amazes me. I've visited several universities and none of them show more variation than UCLA. The masses of students walking down the halls and hills make up a mosiac unrivaled in color, both literally and figuratively. That is, diversity exists not only in race - any given lecture hall will have students of ALL races - but also in culture and interests, as there exists a club for even the more obscure hobby. Every person you meet serves as a titillating reminder that you are part of a more diverse picture.


Your own time management and ambition is often the limiting factor on the opportunities available. Some of these opportunities may not be immediately obvious, but they're there, and the school has poured resources into them. We have incredible research facilities, an extensive alumni network, and people from every background can thrive if they pursue their goal diligently. That said, there are a lot of distractions, too. Try to find a major you like early your first year and focus on applicable activities/internships/work experience/etc. over the remaining.


The best thing about UCLA is the quality instruction that is respected by everyone in the educated world. All those whom I have met who have inquired about where I go to school are always very impressed by UCLA and the quality of education that they know is given there. I am confident that UCLA will prepare me for whatever path I wish to follow in this world, just as they have done fore countless other students before me.


The architecture and the people. The campus and the people here are gorgeous.


I love that my school offers so many resources and opportunities. I was really afraid of being alone in college even though I had my high school friend with me. However, thanks to the school's student organization, Vietnamese Student Union (VSU), I was able to meet many wonderful people who became my friends now. VSU had many events that got me more involved in school. Another thing UCLA offers is its vanpool service, which allows me to commute from home. The vanpool service saves me from on-campus housing fees and allows me to be around my family more.


There are couple of things that I like about my school, which includes clean and friendly envrionment, beautiful campus, and active student organization, and diverse student and faculty population. The best thing about my school, I would say, is our library where it is super clean, contains lots of helpful resources, and has convinent facilities.


The best thing about my school is the location because it offers plenty of opportunities for internships and careers...and you can't forget the lovely LA weather, the beautiful beaches, and all the attractions and hot spots all in close proximity.


The school takes pride in being a Bruin.


The best thing about UCLA is the amazing education that I was able to acquire. My Psychology professors were some of the most amazingly intelligent people that I have ever met. Through them I learned not only the course's curriculum but also; I was inspired by their more personal stories to learn about myself outside of the classroom. I believe that through these courses and professors, I learned how to look inward rather than always outward for answers to life's questions and more importantly, I learned that it is "ok" to not always have all of the answers.


The best thing about my school is that it's home to many different types of students who are both academically serious and know how to have fun.


The diversity of people and mindsets. You are exposed to SO many people and cultures, it's great!


So far, I really love how everything is within walking distance, and in LA, there's never a boring day.


The best thing at UCLA is the diversity. Students can choose to go to a football game, or take a walk in the botanical garden on campus, or go out to Westwood for some sushi or ice cream. The student life there is great and only complimented by the diversity of classes you can learn from. We have classes that will suit every individual's tastes like Classical Chinese Poetry, Brazilian drumming, Gospel Choir, Photography, Atmospheric Studies, and many more. The possibilities that open to you at UCLA make it an ideal university and place to be at.


The best thing about UCLA is our school spirit. School spirit is obvious at our sporting events, but it is the more subtle displays that make UCLA special. We all seem to appreciate the beauty of our campus and work hard to keep it clean. Every day as I walk to class, I see Bruins happily pointing out the remarkable buildings and gorgeous scenery to a visiting friend or family member. I can hear them proudly telling every personal memory and ridiculous myth that lies behind every structure in hopes of spreading some UCLA joy. That is true school spirit.


I think that having a diversity in the students that attend UCLA because you get to meet many new people that help you see things through different eyes. Also having many programs and clubs that you can join. For example, I joined marching band which was one of the best experiences in my freshmen college year.


The fact that the student body is full of interesting and diverse people who know how to maintain a good balance of work and play.


In my opinion, the best thing about my college is its diversity. I've never considered the environment I grew up in to be narrow minded in any sense of the word, but one of the most striking experiences about UCLA was realizing just how expansive it felt. It was like my world clashed with so many new ethnical, societal and lifestyle conceptions and revealed a hole to the rest of the world. No matter how far reaching I thought my viewpoint of the world was, the best part of college is proving that it can always be expanded.


Diverse professors are very helpful to students of ethnic background and they do their best to help them to suceed. Political views matters, if a student has different political view then the professor has it could cost him/her bad grade. Envirnoment in general is afflunet class oriented. It is not possible for a middle class student to work and study fulll time to in order to get financial aid and maintain good grades. There fore the schooling limits for affluent class to succeed.


There is always something going on at UCLA; that’s what makes attending this university so worthwhile. All the extracurricular activities, campus events, and student organizations contribute to a fulfilling atmosphere that encourages students to reach their highest potentials. For example, I joined a dance team called VSU Modern as a first-year with no prior experience in the field; I am now one of the lead dancers in our performances. I never would have imagined myself in such a role without that initial opportunity UCLA has given me. You end up finding something you love without even knowing it.


I like the fact that the professors at UCLA posses strong theoretical knowledge in their field of discipline. In addition, UCLA professors challenge their students, encouraging them to think critically and apply what they learn in class. For example, in many of the undergraduate courses that I took as an anthropology major, my professors encouraged students to partake in some form of ethnographic or anthropological fieldwork, giving us the opportunity to take on the role of being a real anthropologist.


How fast paced it is and how many connections you can easily make in the industry you want to go in. Everyone wants to get ahead and work harder for the future, so it motivates you to work hard as well.


I think the fact that it is such a diverse campus allows students to be exposed to so many different cultures. It is overall a friendly and beautiful campus. School spirit is huge, events through out the year specially during i <3 ucla week (before the ucla usc game) foster unity amongst the student body. The school has so many recreational activities and programs that its fairly easy to find your own nitch on campus, I know i found mine with my sorority and internship program. Also since its a research institution, undergrads have many opportunities to participate in reserch.


prestigious, collegiate, diverse, located in a metropolitan environment, inspiring, greate place for research, and fun!


My undergraduate coursework in neurobiology and psychology has also given me a unique perspective. I am forever considering the intricacies of brain circuitry and neural activity in the context of cognitive functions, emotions, and physical symptoms. I constantly see behaviors in equilibrium state responding to fluctuations in physiological function. Most importantly, my education has taught me to think critically, problem solve, and approach complex analyses confidently.


UCLA has the largest student body of the UC’s, giving it the diversity and excellence it boasts as a Tier 1 university. Because of its bustling population, I found that being able to find a friend anywhere, a club that shares my interest or an activity that I enjoyed was the best part. Although I thought that I would be lost and alone my first year, it is always possible to find somewhere to belong where people care and share your talents. It’s all you could want from a public university, with the benefits of a private one.


The very best part about being at UCLA is the camaraderie. I live in the dorms, and my floor honestly feels like a family to me. There is always something to do on campus and it is just an overall fun environment that I highly doubt most other colleges possess. The people here are great and I love being around them. The community I live in is full of people that I have grown to be really attached to. It has made the transition to college much easier on me.


The best thing about my school is that it is completely diverse. There are not many campuses where you can find students who are pre-med, pre-law, engineers, international relations, and film majors all at once. Also, not a day goes by where I don't hear or see someone from a country half-way across the world. Plus, who wouldn't want to live in L.A.?


The best thing about my school, academically speaking, is the discussions. Due to the large classes, students are split into different discussions. Surely, the Professors do a great job at teaching, but discussions help us fully grasp the concepts taught. I once heard that education is what is left after you forget what was taught. Discussions help us turn what we learned into actual education. Now, referring to the campus, its size and location are probably the best part about UCLA. The long walks to class with L.A.?s beautiful weather makes it a pleasure rather than a hassle.