University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to University of California-Santa Barbara?


Beach. Great Academics. SANTA BARBARA. Need I say more?


I decided to go to UCSB for many reasons. One, the location is perfect for me. The campus is right on the beach and I have always grown up around the beach so it was comforting for me. I love the atmosphere of a beach town because it is very relaxed and what some call "chill." I also decided to come here because of the great academics. UCSB is highly ranked in academics and the professors here are very highly rated and great professors. I liked the idea of a school where people are social, but also very smart and care a lot about schoolwork. I felt I would be a good fit here and I could not be happier with my decision.


When I visited UCSB, I got a welcoming vibe from the people, the campus was gorgeous, and this institution had a strong Environmental and Geography department. Basically, UCSB had and still has everything I am looking for.


Third year Gobal Studies major Lisa came to Santa Barbara from her hometown in Texas to gain a different perspective on life and to surround herself with a more liberal, open-minded student body- although her peers are very intelligent, she was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s laid-back attitude!


Third year Biopsychology major Jen tells us how the prestigious Sciences program and the beach (of course) made this University her top choice, and how our school is surprisingly competitive academically- “we can party but we can study hard, too”.


Third year Physical Anthropology and Sociology major Lauren touches on many points that led her to choose UCSB, from the friendly people and atmosphere to the ideal distance away from home, as well as her self-discovery and progress that she’s made since attending this school.


Second year Classics major Chris tells us how the location and good vibes of our campus lured him into attending UCSB.


Third year Communication majors Alena and Brian tell us why they chose to attend UCSB after transferring from Santa Barbara City College (SBCC).