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University of Central Arkansas

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What are your classes like?

Most of my classes have over 70 students, coming from a high school with 52 in our graduating class this was definitely a change. I'm taking General Education classes right now so i expect for my classes to decrease in size by junior year. My biology class has over 150 in a large lecture hall. With a class of that size it can be hard to concentrate so try to get a seat in the first three rows, because after that you lose focus and it's hard to hear most professors. Also there is a no attendance policy in most Gen Ed courses, but try to attend as many lectures as possible it will help your grade tremendously!

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I enjoy all of my classes, the professors are really nice and make the classes interesting and you can tell they really like their subjects. I love going to all of my classes, and don't ever feel like skipping because of my classes--maybe because of the fact that I am tired but that's it. :)

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