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What's the Greek scene like?

If going Greek is one of the things you want to do, UCA has them for you! The Greek scene is very apparent on campus. UCA has an Interfraternity Council, Independent Greek Council, Panhellenic Council, and National Pan-Hellenic Council on campus. They offer a total of 11 fraternities and 9 sororities. You will undoubtedly find something for you in the wide variety of choices offered. Not only are the members of these groups active in their fraternities and sororities, but Greek members also play huge roles in other groups on campus. The way that going Greek works at UCA is that they do deferred recruitment: meaning UCA gives you the opportunity to do a semester of college before you actually go through formal recruitment in the spring. This gives you a chance to get acquainted with college and get a strong academic base down before you go through recruitment. Because of this to go Greek you have to have 12 hours not including transitional classes to go through recruitment and at least a 2.3. Also because of this, you have the chance to get to know the fraternities and sororities through meet and greets held all through the fall semester.

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