University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?

Susan Elizabeth

The academics are fairly easy if you can take organized notes. The professors are interested in seeing each student do well as long as they are trying and showing much effort.


UCA is pretty challenging and a little overwhelming at first, but there are many people here to help. Every Professor I've had has been more than happy to help me understand their subject. There are also many opportunities for study sessions, and tutoring (which you have already paid for with tuition). A few of my classes have over 100 students but it seems like the professors remember you anyways, it's hard to learn everyone's name so i don't blame them, but they always try! If you plan to take Psychology I would recommend Dr. Brinegar. She has an interesting teaching method, that never bores me! There is a lot of competition here mainly because of the prestigious programs offered at this University, for instance my current department is Occupational Therapy, meaning you need good grades to get into the masters program. I like that this school gives you space to make errors but encourages your best outcomes.


This year I am taking Intro to College Writing, College Algebra, Elementary Spanish I, Intro to Sociology, and World History I; and in all of my classes I am being challenged everyday, but I really like all of my professors. The biggest class I have is World History I which is 70, but it is an abnormally large History class--even for intro classes. I am learning new things everyday in class, and I definitely study a lot more in College than I did in High school; but academics are great at UCA.


Teachers make it a point to get to know their students which is a great thing about UCA. Teachers are always roaming about and eager to talk to students about any topic on their mind. Classes are reasonable. When you get to classes like Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, and other in the same fields they will be big classes ranging from 50 to 100 students. Other than that most classes are kept at 40 tops. My major is Computer Science. This is one of the top fields at UCA. It is growing larger each year. We have received three new professors in my three years at this school. They are all very smart and are ready to teach. The classes are usually set up in a way that your pre requisites are in the morning and when you reach your upper level courses they are scheduled in the afternoon times. This doesn't effect me at all, but it is nice to know this to help you when registering. My department is very geared at getting you educated and getting a job. When you near your senior year it is time for interviews. UCA Computer Science department is associated with company's such as Axiom and Alltel. They are ready to get you educated and into an internship.