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What is your overall opinion of University of Central Arkansas?

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They helped me to excel in many things I thought I would never learn. Math for example. I have always been scared of math but with the proper steps and teaching skills, I was able to learn algebra, and computer programming. I have learned to write better and think more clearly. Staying organized is one of the main things I also learned. I can't thank my school enough for everything they have given me. Student, Susan Aldridge


UCA is a big campus and was made for people to commute on foot, meaning the parking lots are on the edges of campus. It has a great community feel but if you want convenience you won't find it in our parking lots. It has become very apparent to me that finding a parking spot is a big part of my day.This is a great college town so i love to get out and explore but coming back and having to search multiple parking lots just so you can go to your room can be exhausting. If you wanna come here get used to walking, but in my opinion it is worth it! The perks of UCA is that it is on the outskirts of Conway, Walmart is nearby, there are many places to eat on campus, and everyone here shows their bear pride, DO IT LIKE A BIG BEAR: GRRRRR


I am a freshman this year, and I have been here a little over a month, and I can say that so far it is a great school! Everyone is super nice, the campus always looks amazing and is easy to get around. The school feels very safe, and it's just a great environment to go to school in!


The best thing about UCA is the campus. It is steady growing. We have recently updated our student center and added a Health building, which is more or less an on campus Hospital with an on call doctor 24/7. UCA is the second biggest college in the state of Arkansas, the biggest being the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. Conway is definitely a college town. Other than UCA there is Hendrix University and Central Baptist College, or CBC. School pride is huge. We are the UCA Bears and we are proud of it. So far this has been a great football season for us. The two biggest incidents that have happened at UCA is we have recently lost our President and there was a shooting at UCA. Our president just resigned from UCA. I do not know the full details but of course it consisted of money. We recently had a shooting on campus. Three people where shot, 2 died that were students and 1 wounded who was not a UCA student. This was a very scary night but we have pulled through it.