University of Central Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at University of Central Florida know before they start?


From my college experience, I have learned that I can do anything that I set my mind to. In high school, I didn't have confidence in my academic ability, and it showed in my GPA. I graduated high school with a 2.2... I finished my first semester of college with a 3.0. It has been valuable for me to attend college because I have bettered myself as a person. I have become more educated, and with every class that I take I am more driven to succeed. I learned that I can do anything. Being the first in your family to finish college can sometimes be difficult, because already the pressure is high. My brother dropped out of college his freshman year, and because of this I am paying for college by myself. The debt that I've been accruing is enough to discourage me, but I press on. College has helped me be more confident in myself. Being outside of a judgmental high school setting has made me realize that I am valuable. My thoughts and opinions matter. With the help of this scholarship, I can finish school and become even better rounded.


From my college experience thus far I have gained a sense of confidence that I never had before. Attending the University of Central Florida has been extremely valuable for me by giving me a one of a kind education that is current and relevant to the times. I am certain that with my education, hard work and dedication, I will succeed in my professional life. Without college I would not have had the skills or confidence to move forward with such ease. I feel that so many doors have been opened for me and I am finally excited about my future, not scared. For the first time in my life I feel prepared for the challenges that await me.


From the summer before my college experience began at UCF, I was in constant search of ways to get involved on campus with other students majoring Legal Studies. After joining related organizations, it began to seem like I was getting myself on the right path as a pre-law student. Within a month, I had met twenty other students who gave me valuable advice and statistics for admission to law school. The experience has been enriching to my education and provided me with a wealth of knowledge and information from peers with first hand experience.


I have gained so many meaningful experiences out of UCF. The value of education, the meaning of friendship, how important it is to volunteer your time to others in need, are some prominent experiences. Confidence, that's a big one. I had always had somewhat of a battle with myself when it came to having the courage to be who I wanted to be. UCF has instowed in me a sense of who I am, what I want out of life. I am passionate about science, and find that I never stop asking questions when it comes to the natural and surreal processes of the earth. UCF has given me the resources to explore this passion, and that's one the best opportunities that an education can provide. I have the courage to step out of the medicore and add a little more spice to the customary steps one may take in pursuing a science major. Peeling off the residue I encompassed myself in for so long (being shy, timid) took a lot of strength. What with gaining confidence, I've become more open to strangers, more sociable, which is a significant factor to maintain in life. Thankyou UCF.


I have received many great aspects out of my college experience thus far. I have learned to work with others in an environment where every one has come from a different upbringing and background. I now see that high school was only the small stepping stone into college, and college is the stepping stone where the tools of actual life will really be received and ready to be used. My experiences have been very different than my private school early years. I enjoyed that time but am also glad I have gotten out of that element. I have been able to connect with others and truly find myself and who I want to become which has been trying to be seen and heard. College has been valuable to me because I am gaining knowledge and experience that only a college education can give me. I will have the craft and tools needed to succeed not only in my choice of career or degree, but tools that I will use in all that life has to bring me in the future. If I did not attend college, my life path would not have been clear and thus would have no value.


I have learned so much and as a result altered what my "life plan" was. It has been valuable to attend because there are so many available majors so even if you originally go to UCF for a specific major and then decide to change you can find something that works for you. I have gotten numerous opportunites(research, internship, guest lecturers in my field, etc.) based on attending UCF.


My college experience has probably been the best thing in my life. Even though I have only been in college for about 4 or 5 months so far, my life has changed in that time. I feel more accomplished, even though I've only completed one semester. I have found out that I really do enjoy engineering, and that choosing this field of study was more than just the dollar amounts that will be present upon graduating with this degree. I have also made tons of friends, mainly my teammates on the school's ultimate frisbee team, that have helped me through my beginning stages of college. Before I left for college, I wasn't really sure where my life was headed. I had never been very confident, and never really fit in anywhere. However, in just these few months, I know that I have the ability to graduated from UCF and be successful, and I also have a great group of friends.


The main objective of college is to earn a degree, but I have gotten much more out of my higher education than simply knowledge of a particular subject. Thanks to extracurricular programs such as a leadership development team and Alternative Spring Break, I have had multiple opportunities to learn about and experience issues I may not have otherwise encountered. One of my leaders in the leadership team introduced me to the idea of Teach for America, a program I now intend to pursue so I can help close the achievement gap. I was also fortunate to go on an Alternative Spring Break to Tucson and across the border to Mexico. I learned about things not covered in the news, such as when we visited an orphanage that was home to several children who had witnessed their parents dying of dehydration trying to cross the desert. Witnessing this atrocity made it a reality for me. Some classes touched on a few of these topics, but I know I would be different without these experiences. College has been valuable to attend—not just because of knowledge garnered in classrooms, but also because of the invaluable opportunities offered.


If I had to start this year all over again, I would have still decided to do the E.O.P program and I would apply to Central Connecticut State University. Incoming students might think that their first year of college would be scary, but once you get here they’ll realize how exciting college can be. A couple things that college students should keep in mind is learn how to manage your time, make wise decisions, and choose your friends wisely. If you keep these tips in mind and have a positive attitude then you’ll be able to survive E.O.P and your first semester in college.


At 52 years-old I have a 25-year history of drug addiction and criminality, followed by 14 years of clean, responsible living, giving back through volunteering and employment in addictions agencies these 14 years. The earlier years are dotted with attempts at college education, earning credits used later in transfer. Since returning to college I earned my criminal justice associate's degree, and am close to getting my bachelor's in social work. I need this degree (and this scholarship) because I will be able to reach and help more people when I have a bachelor's or master's degree, and also because self-sufficiency is difficult on a behavior technician's wages-the only non-degree position I qualify for. Majoring in social work suggests that one has the heart to serve people; additionally, I have passion to succeed and to help others succeed, and the ability to reach clients through my extensive street and criminal experience. This goes a long way with these populations. Having earned, through exemplary lifestyle, exemptions from disqualification for employment from DCF and DJJ, meaning I pass all background security clearance checks. Hirable, with many productive years ahead, I need my education.