University of Central Missouri Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


University of Central Missouri is an affordable college for students that enjoy medium class sizes, on campus envolvemnt, and a community of people just as driven as you are.


The University of Central Missouri has an excellent online degree program for working adults.


Our campus is very pretty. The grounds crew on campus makes sure that there isn't any litter or trash on the ground. They keep the walls painted and the grass cut. The buildings all have an older look to them which is nice. Our recreation center was just finished last year and it consists of 6 basketball courts, two work out areas, Einstein's bagels, and a rock climbing wall. the campus is very nice and if you don't believe me come look for yourself.


To someone who has never seen my college, they may view it as a typical college in a brochure. We have very old buildings and a lot of land. We have a newly improved recreational center equipped with a rock wall. The exercise equipment has tv's and ipads on it. All the buildings are a grey color- not too exciting but it is college.


Beautiful campus with a great focus on academics, community/campus involvement, and being a green community, also makes a great effort to make students feel at home.


My school is very diverse.


my school is a small university in the middle of missouri, most people know each other, and theres not much to do.


You will always see a smiling face everyday.


The University of Central Missouri is teaching me to learn to learn.


This school is amazing because it is the perfect size and feels like home.


My school is not perfect and has many things to work on, but the teaching program is good and that is my major.


A great school for people who don't like to be in really huge classes.


UCM is a good school that pushes their non-sports students extra hard to do well.


Awesome place for learning to take place.


The University of Central Missouri is a great choice of school, where one can be social without their academics suffering, and where the professors are helpful and engaging as opposed to lofty, mean, or absentminded.


Central Missouri is a small school with big school capabilities.


University of Central Missouri is a mid-west school that loves sports, shows school spirit, and believes in getting an education.


The University of Central Missouri is a very helpful University.


UCM is active, fun, and close to Kansas city.


It is a friendly environment where students like to have fun but are also academically focused.


A well diverse campus.


Commuter students and students go home on the weekends.