University of Central Missouri Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I haven't been there long enough to interact with students


Since I go during the day, it is mostly a younger demographic, but still diverse.


My classmates are great and vey focused.


There is a huge study abroad program at UCM so there is usually a student from a different country in every class. Religion isn't huge here but it also isn't uncommon. If someone is LGBT they just stay in the closet. Students looking for a big city experience would feel out of place here. Half of the students wear sweats to class, a quarter of students wear jeans and a somewhat nice t-shirt,and the other quarter wears really nice clothes (typically the sorority girls). Students here aren't judgmental and if someone thinks you are cool, they won't deny that they know you. If there are four lunch tables in the cafeteria then the first one is the frat boys and their brothers, the second is for the athletes and the people who like to work out all the time, the third is for people who have common interests like art and music, and the fourth is for people who like to eat alone and listen to their ipods. Most students are from Missouri, typically the Kansas City area, but some students are from Kansas as well. Students who attend UCM come from middle class or lower upper class families. I have never seen anything political on campus and I know lots of people who don't care about politics. Students don't talk about how much they'll earn one day and just worry about graduating.


Commonly in America, those of African, Asian, Indigenous, and basically anything except European decent are viewed as minorities. As far as my observations go, the minority percentage at UCM is much more balanced with the other races and ethnicities. We have a large number of exchange students as well. Many of them come from Southeast Asia, while others come from Western European countries. When it comes to social interaction, UCM does a fine job sponsoring organizations that promote diversity. For example, this year I was a part of UCM's Marching Mules, our university's marching band. Just in our 180 member marching band, more than seventy different majors were present, and less than half were music majors! Being involved in marching band exposed me to a variety of different people that I would never have met.


UCM students are usually pretty nice. No matter what background a person comes from they seem to fit in really nice some where at this school. There are some divisions within the school students that are common in most schools because of race or status, but the students are still well mannered and accepting. Most students wear regular clothes like jeans, sweatshirts, UGG boots, tennis shoes, baseball hats, etc. In the dining hall certain people sit with certain people like the black people sit in the same place, some people enjoy eating by themselves, while others enjoy eating with a big group, it is a regular cafeteria. Most students at this school are from small towns in Missouri or Kansas City. There are a handful of students from St. Louis (like me) or from other states.


One really interesting thing that I have realized about college is that it's unique in that this is probably the only time in your life that it doesn't matter where you came from or where you're going. A brand new freshman from a wealthy family could be in the same class as a person who is one month away from finishing their masters, and they are all treated the same. They are all on an even playing field, trying to do the same thing. The demographic tends to be slightly more white than ethnic, and it tends to be students from middle-class families in Missouri. However, there is a pretty wide variety, and there are definitely peers to be found.


I haven't had much experience with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, or any other groups on campus. I don't think any student would feel out of place here, it is pretty welcoming. Most students wear sweat pants, yoga pants, leggings, and hoodies to class. Different types of students interact all the time at UCM. We are a very diverse school. All the tables of students i the dining hall are all diverse, there is no set stereotype or such. A lot of the students are from St. Louis many other of them are from small towns around warrensburg. Most students here seem to be of middle class background. The students here don't seem to be too involved in politics. Students don't talk about how much they will earn one day. They are too concerned with their classes.


I have not had any experience with racial, religious, LGBT or other such groups on campus. Although, I know that there are groups like this. I don't think any student would feel out of place at this school. We have such a diverse population of international and exchange students, non traditional students, and students from all over the state and country. Most students are from Missouri. I would say middle class backgrounds are the most prevalent. Students do talk about how much they'll earn one day, but not in a way to degrade anyone else.


The students are diverse, there is a little bit of everything at UCM. I don't think anyone would feel out of place. Most of the students are aware of what is going on in the world, both politically and environmentally. Students wear a wide variety of things to class. Sweats are a definite favorite, along with casual jeans and a tee, and sometimes people are more dressed up and trendy.


My classmates are very enthusiastic and eager to learn, and are polite and helpful.


My classmates are very friendly and will talk to you to get to know you and help you get involved so that you're not sitting in class with no one that you know. They will ask you if you want to get together to work on the assignments and study for whatever class that they have with you. They make it very easy for you to not feel like you're all alone. A lot of them are right there with you by means of being new on campus or not knowing anyone else at school.


My classmates in my classes are all different, different in age, ethnic background and in study habits, there is a large variety in the students that attend the University of Central Missouri. Most students are nice, driven and are understanding as well as helpful, though some are the opposite. College really opens your mind to all the different types of people, classes and to your surroundings as well as the "big picture" of your future.


My classmates were all different, there were some that would always answer questions and some that would just sit in there desk and keep quiet.


There is a large mix of culturally diverse students at UCM. The campus is primarily Caucasian. Dress for students is very laid back. Some students where sweat pants and hoodies, while others wear suits. Most UCM students are from the Kansas City. There is a lot of diversity in terms of financial backgrounds. Most students are not extremely politically aware, but the majority of students are more conservative.


My classmates are very friendly and welcoming.


My classmates are a very diverse group of people all striving to become educated for different reasons.


My classmates are easy to work with and get along with.


My classmates in my degree are driven, practical, and friends.


Everyone pretty much knows each other and gets a long with everyone.


always trying to help. wanting to be your friends on and off campus. if you are looking for a college with in a small town with a small town feeling where everyone knows what is going on and wants you to be involved in the activities, then this is the college for you. this college has been around for many years and offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations. there is really no reason why you should not be involved or have something positive to do anytime you want to. everyone is always eager to help out the newcomers.


With the classes i am taking, most if not all are devoted to finishing thier degree and getting out of the university.


Sometimes my classmates are annoying because they come to me only when they need something, but most of the students here are very helpful.


Differsity. People come from different backgrounds, and dress uniquely.


My classmates are academically-focused and generally nice people.


My classmates understand that in order to get anywhere they need to work hard, but some of them choose to put things off too long.




In all my classes, every one of my classmates have be genuine people. With me being a minority female, and usually the youngest in all my classes, all of the students have been very nice and always willing to help out. I don't think you could find people like this at any other school.