University of Central Missouri Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The choir program that I am in. We have been selected to perform at several large venues this semester. Our choir director, Dr. Zabriskie, is a wonderful teacher.


The town where the school is located is quaint.


I brag about how cute the clothes from the bookstore are.


Im not a bragger, but if I had to brag, then I would brag about my major and getting to play rugby for the college.


I brag about the program I am in (music technology). it supercedes most other similar programs in the midwest. Also, we aren't a city school, which makes us cheap, but we are within an hour of KC.


We dont brag , here , its not that bad of a school , it just need some improvements in some areas!!!


I have made some good friends while attending this school. I will always keep them as my friends. Classes are really good at my school, they are hard and you have to push yourself to learn and succeed, but it is a good school to go to.


Small class sizes


Parties, sports, etc...