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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To try harder in high school to achieve better grades so I would have been able to receieve more money to attend a better university.


As a high school senior, the prospect of transitioning into college both excited and frieghtened me, as I was destined to be the first one of my siblings to leave home. If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would be sure to give myself advice on three specific topics. My first piece of advice would be to have structure. No teenager desires it, but my experience has shown that structure, especially that which you build and execute yourself through planning and persistance, allows you to succeed beyond the measure of your own realization. Secondly, I would remind myself that shallow, non-academic ventures, such as dating, drinking, or drug use, should be done wth moderation; no one expects a college student to be pure of curiosity, but too much of anything can add unneeded to stress to an already stressful schedule. And finally, I would advize myself to relax: morphing from the childish nature of life in high school into the more adult life of college does not come over night. The journey of discovering oneself, especially when surrouned by new people and being emersed in new cultures, is an unparrelled and exciting quest.


As a student I would commit as much of your time to researching everything about every college you apply to that you can. Find out the type of lifestyles that the students live, whether it is a party school or not, the class sizes, and how good the programs are that you want to go into. The quality of the program in the field that you pursue can be crucial in your job placement after college and the quality of training that you receive. Parents should look first look into the financial aid options that the school offers, in addition to the average size of money awarded to each student. Be sure to also research the different types of financial aid and what each type means. This will allow you to figure out which aid begins accumulating interest instantly and which holds off until a few months after your graduation.


The best advice is not going to far your first year if your not sure that you really want to be there. You should always pick somewhere that fits your personailty and that offers the programs and majors you need to to get your degree ( it's not always best to pick because of the school's name). Pick a roommate that you know very well and have sent alot of time with so there can be little to no conflict. For things needed for the dorm room and school year it is best to start early so there is no rush. It is a good idea to slit the cost of the expenisive items for a room but two computers or laptops will come in handy if both roommates need the computer at the same time.


Start at the begining of high school looking at different colleges. Make a list of what qualitlies you want rather is be a big campus that fits you or small. Go and tour the college and really get a feel for all the different types, some colleges are more about classes while others pride themselves on sports or greek find out what fits you and find the college that suits you. Then start the application process early and scholorships. Don't just fill out one and bank on that one really get alot out there and then start looking for what your major is and look for scholorships with that major. The sooner you figure out your college and fill out scholorships the sooner you can just focus on high school. Then don't take high school for grated have fun and learn alot. Never let those 4 years with friends and family go to waste, it goes by so fast and before you know it your out of the house and its all gone and your going it by yourself. Go to college make new friends and start a new and exciting life.


Keep your options open and do not settle on a school. If you are not completely satisified with the school forget it. As for when you are at school, get involved in as much as you can your first year, then for the next years, pick a few things that you really enjoy. Make sure your school has good tutoring, writing centers and library. These are very important for you to succeed. When you are at school make the most out of it. Make friends and be open to new experiences. College is extremely important!


Make sure that your children go to a college with some REALLY close freinds and to a college where the feel at home!


Do not allow yourself or your child to begin school half heartedly. When you are at school, working on homework, or preparing for a test, always give 110%. College is signifigantly more complicated than high school and if not prepared, you can hurt your gpa without even realizing what you have done. NO matter how hard the class, always strive for an A!


"Shop" around for schools. Definitely find what the best value will be.


Look at all the majors and minors, and make good decisions based on what you like to do.


Trust your student, they know what's best for them.


Find a school that will allow you to interact with the type of peole you want to be around, as well as a school that will keep you intelectually challenged.


To parents, I would say this: It is your kid's experience, not yours. Do not try to interfere with or limit where your kid decides to apply and accept. However, please give a lot of guidance on financial matters. If you want your kids to succeed, please teach them to be wise with their spending/saving habits. To students, I would say this: You are at college, first and foremost, to learn. You are not there to drink, sleep around, or spend all day playing video games. College is a time of self-discovery, but that self-discovery includes doing things (like going to class) that will help you figure out what to do with your life. It is indeed possible to have a social life and be academically successful at the same time. Learn the art of balancing your schedule. It is key to surviving school.


Finding a college that the student likes is most important. While financial capability is an important consideration when choosing schools, students 'forced' to go to a school they don't want to won't do as well. It is also very important to fill out as many scholarship applications as possible. Sometimes all it takes is applying for the right scholarship to be able to go to whatever school you want to. It is very important to be socially active on campus, whether through club-sports or something of that nature, college is about opening your mind and meeting people and no one can do that while sitting in their dorm-room! Best of luck with your college search!


Make sure you get as much information on how much it will cost and your options about finacial aid


Finding the right college is like finding a new best friend. It is important to find a friend with whom you have chemistry and are willing to spend all of your time. It doesn't matter what you're doing, they just make you feel good about yourself, challenge you to grow and explore and provide opportunities for new experiences. Most importantly, is finding a person who compliments your personality. If you feel like the school meets these standards and is a place in which you can see yourself flourishing into the person you want to become, then there is a good chance that the school is a good fit for you!


dont follow a boyfriend/girlfriend!! DON'T DO IT!! I mean it


For female freshmen i would advise not rooming with your best friends. Its never a good story in the end. For parents, support the students even if they're not making the grade that you think they should be making. Some classes and teachers are pretty hard to deal with.


My advice in choosing the right college is to look at the campus. The campus tells a lot about what your experience will be like while attending school. While visiting the campus look around at the different sights such as the people, the landscape, and the buildings. Usually you will know if it is the right place for you by visiting the campus, but also look into the academic side too! Talk to a few of the professors face to face to get a good idea of who will be guiding you in your professional field. Ask them questions about the courses and how everything works in the program so that you can have a good idea before starting classes. One of the worst things you can do is choose a college based on reputation and word of mouth. In order to suceed not only academically, but also emotionally, you have to choose your school with an educated decision and confidence. You never know what might end up happening if you choose the right school, you might just get comfortable and stay for a while!


My advice for finding the right college would be gathering research and personal experiences. One should go visit each college interested in to get a feel for the atmosphere and diversity of students. I would set up appointments with advisors and really get to know the college and the town. College can be a very fun and educational experience when you find the right fit so each child needs to write out what they are looking for and go with the school that feels most like home.


find a school that fits your needs and badget , research is very important !


Be sure to get scholarships when you arrive in as a freshman or transfer, there aren't hardly any for students that didn't get them initially. Also look into what the general education requirements, some colleges require a lot more than others (I feel these are pretty pointless), see if you can test out of some.


First I would say to focus on doing well academically in high school. Then, starting early, do all you can to save money to make your college life easier. This also widens your choices of schools to attend. I would also advise being active in clubs and organizations, especially those related to your intended major, to help prepare you for social life on campus, and enhance your education. Find a college that focuses more on academics than partying, they are the ones that are more likely to give you a quality education and more job opportunities. Make friends! Don't be afraid to ask for help! Try to create real relationships with professors and alumni, always helps with networking and job/internship opportunities. Community service and volunteering always looks good on a resume and increases feelings of self worth. Make the most of your free time, either studying or doing worthwhile extracurricular activities. Theres nothing wrong with hanving fun, just be smart!


It helps to know what the student is interested in so he/she can pick an undergraduate school that has a good program in a specific area. UCM has an excellent English program, where I could focus my attention on the English program while I took my general education classes. Sometimes going to a community college first to take the gen. eds. can be more helpful to a student while he/she decides what he/she wants to focus on for a major. Study the college's programs and find something you can stay interesed in for four years. In making the most of the college experience, go to as many social activities as possible, at least once. Most schools should have a "week of welcome" for new students with planned activities. It's important to go to these, and meet other students who are new, too. If you have a particular interest in something and there's a organization/club in that area, join it. It's a great way to explore your interest more and to make friends. Try to have fun, but still study hard; the academics is still worth-while in a college experience.


Chose the college that fits you best. Chose one that you feel comforable in. If you like a big cit then go to a college in a city. IF you prefer a small town a college like Central Missouri is for you. You have to like where you are if you are going to get good grades and excel in your degree program. Make friends everywhere, in your dorm, in class and at the union. Dont be afraid of talking to people you dont know. This will help you know more people and feel good about where are and what you are doing. Another thing get in a good habit of time management and doing your homework. Dont be a procrasinator just because your parents aren't there to push you to do your homework. College cost a lot of money and you are only wasting YOUR time and YOUR money when you dont get good grades or slack off. And most of all have fun and enjoy your college experience.


Make sure you go to a school that is friendly and welcoming. Also make sure the school is accredited before you attend it.


College is about making friends and actually learning something not only in the classroom, but also about the world and life itself! It'd stay to find somewhere that fits you personally, make sure the classes are reasonbly sized, and the staff at the university is friendly. It doesn't matter where you get your undergraduate matters what you learn! I'm getting a degree at the University of Central Missouri....not the best in the country, or even Missouri, but I have had the opportunity to study abroad for a year, make lifelong friendships, and, most imposrtandtly I have been placed in a management position with the Hyatt in Miami straight out of college. As long as you push yourself, you'll end up where you want to be, not matter what school you choose!


I would tell them to make sure they have a chance to visit the campus before they actually get a chance to choose their place of higher learning. Simply because things are not always as they seem.


When choosing a college students and parents should definitely start early in their high school career. I waited until I was a senior to visit any colleges and that was a big mistake. You should also apply to many colleges because even if you have your sights set on one you may change your mind. Applying to several colleges gives you room if you change your mind or if for some reason you don't get accepted. After visiting a few colleges I thought I knew which one I wanted to go to. I applied to that one and two others just because other people told me I should. I was all ready to go and then the summer after I graduated I changed my mind and decided I wanted to go somewhere smaller. I was only left with two options because it was too late to apply anywhere else. I ended up making the right decision but only because other people convinced me that I should apply to more than one college. So my best advice is to definitely explore all of your options when deciding on a college.


The most important part of selecting a college or university is the overall atmosphere, including everything from the weather to the town size to local hot spots. From the moment one arrives on their campus, their surroundings will consistently affect their spirit, motivation, and general work aptitude. Be sure the setting is appropriate and feels right for you; otherwise your education and drive to succeed will not flourish. As far as getting the most out of college, one should be sure to meet as many people as possible and join any and all organizations that are of interest to you. It is important to socialize with those experiencing similar events and to create a network of friends and acquaintances to assist with anything you need. A diverse community of people also allows one to be exposed to customs and subjects that one would never have learned about except through those different than themselves. College is a multitude of learning experiences, be open to everything that feels comfortable and seems to be of interest.


Look at all possibilities! Make sure the campus is the perfect size, check out what the professors are like, the classrooms, activities, and even the students themselves. Don't just base your decision on academics because you may regret making that choice if you don't like anything about the campus


To find the right college, be sure to look at the requirements of the major you are going into. Are the classes that you will take going to interest you? Visit the college and the department the major is in to visit with the chairperson. Ask to speak with some students in that major and get their impression of the program. Tour the campus so you know what resources and activities are available. If you're living in the residence hall, get out of your room and get to know other people on your floor. There's a good chance that friends you make your first year in college will be your friends for life. Don't go home every weekend; find an activity that you can participate in with your friends. Get involved on campus; you don't have to join 10 clubs or organizations to be involved. Pick two or three and become actively involved in each one. Don't let homework and studying get you down. Study as you go along, and you won't have as much to cram in for exam day. Read every syllabus; the details matter. Have as much fun as possible!


Take as many classes in all different degrees. I have enough hours to have 2 degrees (although I only have 1) because I wanted a variety of classes that were not offered in my program but could be benefitial.


start looking around at different colleges while your child is still in high school. it is a long process and takes a lot of time to sort things out. you need to find the right college that fits your wants and needs and if you need financial help, it takes a while to get that set up. i think my best advice is to take you time and and don't be rushed. your freshman year of college will be here before you know it. students let your parents be involved with this process. it's hard for them to send you away, much less not be involved with you in this experience.


I would tell students to make sure to learn as much as they can about the program that they a getting into. Know about accreditidations and what the real world is looking for in the field that they are considering.


To find the right college you first have to think about your own likes or dislikes. For instance, if you like conservative, modest clothing you would go and buy a closet full of Hip Hop clothing. To find a college that fits you best, think about what you would major in. Then, find schools that offers that major. Also, consider two or three majors you might be interested in. Visit the schools that you like. Ask to see the housing, library, a typical classroom, career services, their union, and ask to see where most college students hang out on their free time. People often want to go to the college where all their friend are going but that is a horrible way to base where one is going to get their college education from. College is important, the education you recieved from your professors and peers is priceless.


My advice would be to visit all the colleges you could possibly want to attend. You don't know how you will feel about the school until you actually step foot onto campus. Make sure they have all of the options of majors you would be considering just so you can always do something you want. GET INVOLVED. That is the best way to make the most of your experience. It opens you up to meeting new people and new ideas. Time flys in college so make sure you do everything you want to do in the short amount of time. Just make sure you don't overload your self. You are there for an education above all. Make the best of the years.


My advice to incoming college students and there parents is look around long and hard. If you need finacial assistance make that a top priority along with your program of choice. Once you narrow down you top schools, talk to people who go there , and to people who have previously gone there. Also look at how your degree from this school will look out in the work force and compare it with your other choices, and what your finaces allow. In the end, you would get a loan out for a car, so you might as well get a loan out for college if you need one. Education is one of the most valuable reasources you can have.


Visit, visit, visit. Go to your possible schools various times of the year to see if the weather is compatible with your expectations and visit an in session class. Check with possible colleges early in your High School career to see what classes will be expected and if the college actually has the program you are interested in. Once you are on Campus GET INVOLVED don't sit in your room and don't go home every weekend. Chances are someone is waiting and wanting someone to knock on their door and go get ice cream or a soda. Step out in faith and be a friend to someone else, make their day better.


Do not tolerate being unhappy at your college, you are going to invest a lot of money in your college experience that will last the rest of your lifetime, you want to make sure every dollar counts. Just don't be afraid and get out there and enjoy your time in college and don't worry too much about the things you cannot control.


Look and see what the rating is for your major is, and then take a campus tour. Sit in on a class and observe what it is like.


Never think that an out of state university is not possible because I almost thought that until i sent in applications to UCM and to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My family may not be rich but we found ways through financial aid.


Start early. Don't wait until your senior year in high school. Your high school career will make or break your chances of getting into a great college and getting into a good college. Make sure that you start looking early and often into what kind of college you want to attend and what kind of degree you want to get. You have to work hard once you get to college. If you slack off all the time, you're just wasting your time and money. Make friends, but make the right friends. If you're around people who work hard and have fun, its so much easier to do the same. Get your priorities straight. You're at college to get an education, a degree. Anything else comes second to that.


I would tell students the most important thing to do before picking the college you want to attend would be to visit the college. Just visiting the college allows students to get the vibe of the college, students and faculty and staff. It also gets students ready for college. To make the most of your college experience, students should become involved in activities that allow them to be themselves and pertains to the major and future career. However, I do believe what is helping me the most through college is getting to know my professors in my major. Students should not be afraid to talk to their professors because once the professors were students as well. Overall, the most important thing to do to make the most of your college experience is to have fun.


Get involved, leave your door open, and just take it all in


When you begin looking for a college, take a lot of campus visits. Even if you're just a little interested in the college, you may get on campus and realize its the most wonderful place you've ever been. Once you decide on a college it gets so much easier. The best advice I ever got was to get involved. I didn't really believe it until I got to school and realized how lonely it can be if all you do is sit in your dorm and watch t.v. So the best thing to do is find something you're interested in, whether its going greek, a campus organization, or even starting a band, just find something to do.


For students, I would suggest doing things out of the box that one would not normally do. Have fun, and take advantage of all the opportunities one gets.


I would make sure that the student knows the ins and outs of the degree program they are interested in, appearance of the campus, the size and location of the school, their perception of the attitude they get from students, social opportunities, job-placement services, cost of the school, etc. and weigh them all as if they are equally important. Do things that are outside of your comfort zone, don't be embarassed for asking questions, and try to get to know as many people as possible.


Choosing a college is not easy. There are many options and this can make the process extremely difficult and stressful. Parents and students must work together in order to find the perfect school. My advice would be to do all the research and find out as much as possible about each school the student is interested in. Tuition is an important aspect to acknowledge when looking for a college. Not every school is created equal so it is smart to know what kind of education the student would recieve for the amount of money being paid. Class size is also important. Does the student enjoy large or small classes? Are there plenty of opportunities to meet with professors and recieve help if it is needed? Will they be a number or will they be on a name to name basis with the professors? All these things are very important to know. Envolment opportunities are also helpful. Having many options of sports, clubs, and groups helps students get involved and gain a sense of belonging. In short, take plenty of time when looking for the perfect school. The right one is out there it just takes time to find it.


Look aheah at cost and academics

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