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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College is, for most of us, the first time we all truly venture out on our own and begin the work of deciding who we will become. It is a beautiful time of discovery and one that you won’t get to repeat. So if I may, can I ask one thing of you? Your grades are important, and parties are fun, but make sure you take some time for yourself once in a while, away from it all. For me, it has made all the difference. Remember that you’re not in high school anymore and that nobody cares what you were like in high school. It’s ok to take good memories from high school with you to college, but make sure not to get caught up in them. You’re going to want to make all new friends and have all new experiences in college and if you stay too attached to your high school experience, you won’t be open to everything that high school has to offer. And figure out what your mark in college is going to be and figure out with whom you’re going to make it.


Step back from the world that consumes your thoughts, the ACT score that just needs to be a little higher, the prom dress that needs to be fitted, and the drama. Collect moments as they happen. Put them away for safekeeping so you can pull them out in another time. Let the rare moments of perfection wash over you because life will never be as sweet as it is in these moments. The moments when you laugh with your friends around the lunch table. The moment when you receive your diploma and feel the love and approval pouring down on you from your family and your fellow classmates. This moment of perfection is one to be remembered, it marks the ending of a long journey and the beginning of a new one. The transition to college will not be effortless. It will be hard. Some days, you will be sad. If you are, pull the moments that you have carefully collected out of your pocket and revel in the happiness that they bring you. Know that you can make it through anything, and instead of seeing the sadness in an ending, see the beauty in a new beginning.


Britney, A few years from now, you'll be studying education at a major University in West Virginia, but right now I just want you to slow down and take a deep breath. I want to tell you not to make a rushed decision based on the school that your family and friends have attended. Stop and take a closer look at the educational programs each of the schools you are considering offers, and how the schools tuition will affect you monetarily. The UC will raise your tuition your sophomore year and you will no longer be able to afford to go to school. Please consider how much that track scholarship you have been offered truly means to you, and how much less important that is compared to the type of education will receive. All of your life you have dreamed of becoming a teacher, and educating our worlds future. Choose a school that will benefit you educationally, and leave you less in debt. I wish you the best of luck in the remaining portion of your senior year. Enjoy high school, because college isn't nearly as much fun as high school was. Love, Your twenty year old self.


I would tell myself to open up your mind to always learning. Any experience can be learned from,even the bad ones. don't wait until you are more settled or work for awhile or have kids first. Go right to school and grab all the college and learning experiences you can. I would also tell myself to take a class that I wouls NEVER have thought of taking. Something that would be enjoyable ,along with what is required makes school even more fun. But most important is never stop willing to learn.


I would definitely tell yself to learn good time management strateies. One of the hardest part about first going to college and bein on your own is laring how to balance your schedule withou having a teracher or paretnt telling you when to do your homework and whnto study. It takes awhile to learn what system is best for you so that you can get the most fom your education.


Keep and eye on your money, make sure to keep your girlfriend happy, and keep in touch with your friends


Getting good grades isn't enough; you have to put yourself out there and sometimes ask for help. Apply for as many scholarships as possible and when you get in to a college go to class; dont blow it.


Set your priorities and don't overwork yourself. Always set aside some time for relaxtion. Take care of yourself. And in college act accordingly to your age. Last but not least, stay on top of things, homework, work schedule, your finances.


I would tell myself to begin as soon as I graduated from high school instead of joining the military and then trying to begin and complete my degree.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, they're a lot of things that I would tell myself. The transition between high school and college has been very different, and strange. If given the chance, I would give myself the advice to work on my study habits. The study habits in high school, and the study habits in college are extremely different. In college you have to study constantly, something that you don't necessarily have to do all the time in high school. I would also tell myself to work as hard as I could in all my courses, and not to procrastinate. The work that you do in high school can help you sufficiently in college. Plus, putting off your work until the night before an assignment is due, won't cut it. You have to work extremely hard, and do your assignments in plenty of time to do a good job.


The advise that I would give myself is to apply yourself as diligently as you can and really take the time to ensure that your study habits are up to par. You need to learn to be more independant while you still have the comforts of home before you leave for college and are basically completely on your own. I would also tell myself to take as many advance placement classes as possible to help the transition into college be less stressful.


When looking for the right college there are so many to choose from. Many times you come across five or six thinking that all of them are the "right one". Sometimes it gets to the point where you have to choose between two or three colleges, knowing that the final decision determines the beginning of the rest of your life. Honestly, it isn't anything to stress over. Yes, it is always good to start the college search in the early years of high school, but even if you don't understand that everything is still going to be okay. When it comes down to making the final choice, don't base it off of what you think you want your freshman year to be like. Think bigger and think beyond. Most likely, you will spend the next four years at the college of your choice. Even on college visits things aren't always as they seem so don't go in with those freshman expectations. Be open to trying new ways of fun, new friends, and a new kind of life. College is what you make it so be sure to make it worth something you're proud of.


When you are looking for a college or university to attend, make sure you know that this is where you want to spend 4 to 5 years to obtain a degree.


To find the right college for yourself, you need to find a college that feels right when you visit the campus. Feeling right on the campus is the most important thing because you spend so much time there. You also need to figure out what you want to do with your life, not exactly what career you want, but a area that really intrests you and find a college that offers several different things that you are interested in. It is also important to decide what size of a college that you feel comfortable with. If you like knowing most everybody then a small campus is for you, whichis also nice because you can roll out of bed fifteen minutes before class and make it on time. If you prefer more people around, then a big campus is for you.