University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's probably best know for sports. In terms of quality academic programs, it's know for Engineering and Music.


The University of Cincinnati is best known for all the clubs/organizations that it offers. There is over four thousand of them and one has the oppurtunity to establish another if desired. There is truly a club out there for anyone.


For it's medical school and research department as well as football and basketball teams.


On campus activities and engagement with the student population, study abroad programs, business majors, medical majors and careers, large classes, approachable staff, and class times focused on students who live on campus.


UC is a large but on the same note small enough that you do not get lost. It is a place where you can fit in, the tuition is lower then alot of schools but I think you still get a great education.


Our school is best known for it's innovative architecture and co-op program. The University of Cincinnati started the first co-op program in the nation and has since grown and become nationally recognized.


We live in a big city and the two major schools on campus are DAAP, a highly ranked design school, and CCM, the performing arts school. UC itself is also well known around the country for its beautiful campus and wonderful architecture. Our sports teams are not too shabby either whilst participating in the Big East conference. Overall, the school is one of the best universities in the country.


Their campus is one of the U.S's best!!


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Belmont University is best known for two main things. The first is its standing as a prestigious private christian college striving to uphold christian standards. Secondly, Belmont is known for its outstanding music business major. Belmont uniquely balances the two worlds of liberal arts and religion to create a largely diverse but welcoming small family.


Our school is best know for our very prestigious DAAP program. This stands for Design, Art, Architecture Program. The five year program includes rigorous classes that provide students with real life expierence and hands on knowledge they will find helpful in their two years of co-op expierence. Our school is also well know for our music program know as College of Conservatory of Music. Like most public schools, our school provides a very diverse student population and welcoming atmosphere.


My school is best know for being a leader in the health related field.


UC isn't just best known for one specific aspect. The famous Bearcat is everyone's best friend and supporting all of the UC athletes is the way of campus life. The ultimate aspect of the university is that there's a place for every person to fit in and get involved. Personal attention from the top staff in the nation, academic programs by the hundreds, clubs and groups, and the location of UC clost to downtown makes it a great universtiy to be a part of.


For it's acdemics


I would say my school is best known for two things: their football team and DAAP. DAAP is the college of design, architecture, art and planning. Their interior design program is ranked number one in the country, and I was an interior design major here for my first trimester, but then transfered out because interior design is not for me. My school is also well known for their football team, especially because this year they were undefeated. We made it to the sugar bowl, but then lost.


Right now my school, University of Cincinnati, is best known for it's athletics. We had a winning football team and our basketball team isnt' so shabby either :) I have always wanted to be a UC Bearcat, I just wish I didn't wait to long to become one.


Our school is best known for our D.A.A.P. (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning) program.


The University of Cincinnati to the best of my knowledge is best know for its Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning program (DAAP). the campus itself is a major tribute to the many Architects that graced its pavements. Along with DAAP the University of Cincinnati also the nations top public research Univeristy. Apart from Academics the University also boasts some of the nations best athletic teams.


My school is best known for a good arts programs. For example Music, Arts, and other fine arts related.


football.The bearcats rock!


Our co-op progran, which allows us to work with architectural firms and gain practical experience in the field.


This school has a really good Pharmacy and Nursing program. Its performing arts programs are really good, as well as the fine arts in their DAAP program. It also has a really good Engineering and Arcitecture program. Currently its getting a lot of publicity because of the football team doing well, and the basketball team continuing to do well.


Chemistry, Architecture, Art, College Conservatory of Music, Industrial Design




Right now football. But also for their addictions and criminal justice programs.


The University of Cincinnati is known for having a great pre- med, pre-pharmacy, and pre-nursing programs. Also, the business college and law college are very well known in the United States. UC has had many professors invent many different things such as benadryl, and research goes on every day on campus. We also have an amazing football team that keeps getting better and better every year.


Academics programs like nursing.


My college, The University of Cincinnati (UC) is well known for the basketball and football team. GO BEARCATS!!! On an academic stand-point though, UC is best known for the oustanding Co-Opportunity programs spread through the university. UC is one of the best Engineering Colleges, Designing schools (DAAP), and also the musical department is incredible! The College Conservatory of Music (CCM) is known as one of the best theater schools across America.


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Our school is best know for its sports and academic programs. Like our basketball and football team and our business and medical program.


architecture and engineering




The Co-op program. This is the program in which students must fulfil paid internships as part of credit requirements for their degree. My specific program requires six different 3 Month internships before graduating. So upon graduating, not only do we have all of the academic credits of an undergrad degree, but we've also had over a year and a half of actual, paid, work experience. The school has relationships with companies in so many areas of study and in so many geographical areas. This is by far the best opportunity our school offers. I love it!


Academically, our school is best known for the great design programs, music programs, and its research based departments. Outside of academics, currently our school is best known for our football team!


The University of Cincinnati is one of the top research universities in the country and also had the first co-op program. The Engineering college, DAAP and CCM are all very highly ranked in the nation.


co-operative education


I think that the University of Cincinnati is known for the diversity, sports, career related fields, and it's great co-op program.


Research and DAAP


The University of Cincinnati is best known for the co-op program and career focus. They are also known for athletic teams and the competitive nature of the school.


Innovative research at the health center, cooperative education, Varsit y basketball, Design programs, College Conservatory of Music


My school is best known for the basketball program and the rising football program along with the music and engineering schools.


co-operative education program


I think UC's football program is slowly becoming more well known and its a blast to go support the team.


Our school is best known for our school of engineering, and DAAP. Both have programs that are ranked very high nationally, so they bring in a great deal of students from out of state, and country.


UC is best known for its research departments, music, design, and co-operative education. The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, DAAP, and the Co-op program are the major highlights.