University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Campus is amazing; Classes are tough but not impossible; I'm proud of being a husband, father, full time employee (manager), and a full time student.


I brag that through my co-op opportunitites, not only have I spent over a year in the real world working at a company doing the work that I will do when I graduate, but I have also recieved five priority one patent disclosures which will be full blown patents in within the next five years.


My major. I love what I am learning, and some classes are fun. I like the people that I am around and all of the friends I am making.


The REC center is AWESOME! The Library is great for students who may have jobs and need to do work at odd hours. The campus in general has a lot going on, but not so much that you feel HOPELESS everytime you step foot in the area. UC is expanding and bringing business and jobs to the clifton area which is beautiful.


I brag most about the innovative curriculum in the DAAP school. They really understand what each student needs to excel in their field. They are constantly challenging me, and I feel that it is exactly the way that I need to learn


When bragging about my school I usually tend to mention a couple things. Not only is it ranked in the top three colleges for my major in the United States, it is also a division one sports school. The campus ranked in the top most beautiful campuses in America, and on top of that plenty of my friends are jealous of the University of Cincinnati's lazy river. I love how my school has a decent sized campus but isn't too big for me.


One thing I would say is that, that you dont have to worry about alot of homework, but you have alot of free time to work with throughout the day and night. Thus your not forced to study only at night but you can be productive with your studies during the day.


My campus is gorgeous. I take a picture of the same gazebo in each season to demonstrate the beauty that Belmont exudes in every weather. There's nothing I love more than lying on the university's historic lawn to read or even nap on a sunny day with friends. The community of artists fills tghe corridors with music and culture as the wind history graces every building and statue on campus. My campus is inspiring.


How beautiful the campus is and rich in architecture or the resources we have as students. There are endless possibilities with the numerous libraries, computer labs, and the amazing rec center. It's a very large university but feels small which is what I love.


The people here are friendly, the classes are interesting, and there are so many opportunities both on campus and nearby, whether its career or education related or just to have something to do.


I brag most about the football team at the university. As well as that there are alot of majors and degrees offered at the university.


When I tell my friends about this school, I brag about the fact that it is huge so there are so many opportunities to get invlolved with the University and sororities. There are also many opportunites to meet new people and step out of your box. Also, there are so many resources available to students in order to be the best they can be academically.


Bearcats football and basketball team. We are very proud our team made it to the Sugar Bowl Championships this year. Go Bearcats!!


I brag about how much my school has changed me and how great of a place it is. The university has now put me on the grid for a rewarding and successful future, seeing as how I want to become a doctor. The university is also very welcoming to its students. I never felt so welcomed anywhere in my entire life and it gives me a sense of joy to be going there


The location of the school allows me to be anywhere in the city within a matter of minutes, so the accessibility is a big bonus compared to some rural school campuses with limited options for entertainment. Another big bragging right is how well the football team is doing lately. The extracurricular activities is another major factor to talk about. There is a lot of ways to meet new people on this campus with a minimal amount of effort.


very friendly, my major is a good program


Our football team!


Great professors, lots of friends, very good coop program, volunteer opportunities, dorms are pretty good as well as the food, football team is great and football games are the best thing to go to. Loved to go to the movies too. The rec center is great and I love the hot tub and the lazy river. Cmapus is gorgeous, the architecture is incredible.


When I tell people about my school, I love to proudly say that the University of Cincinnati, in my opinion, is virtually everything. The amount of academic programs offered here is impressive, especially when most excel to rank nationally. The majority of programs here offer and even require experiential learning in the real world while going to school (UC's Coop program provides 1.5 years of real world learning before graduation!). The people here are diverse and accepting of everyone, and who wouldn't brag about the Bearcats 2009 perfect season?


Great professors who are really fun and care about students.


We have a great campus. its not too big or too small. The teachers here are great. they try to help you out any way they can. our basketball and football program are good. so the games are always fun to attend. There is always something to do around here on campus.


The design school offers accelerated learning through both lecture and design projects.


Close-knit studio culture


That it has really unique programs you won't find just anywhere. It's a big campus with lots to do and tons of people to interact with. Just a really awesome school that everyone can feel comfortable with.


The football team even though I've never been to a game or have ever watched them play. I just hear about it often.


The co-op program at the University. Most majors require students to do some work for companies in their field. This also helps with the cost of paying for school.


The nursing program.


How amazing the campus and campus life is. Everyone enjoys and supports on the athletics collectively. The campus is the coolest campus I have been on.


The co-op program is one of the best in the country. Many students have the opportunity to get quality work/internship experience before graduation so that they know that thats for sure what they want to do. The campus is the factor that influenced me the most in chosing this school. It provides a modern but somewhat traditional atmosphere that I was looking for. It is in a rural area, but the city is just around the corner. The job market and placement after graduation is very positive and lucrative.


I mostly brag about the art school, and its quality of professors; each professor is active in his or hers career field which provides us, the students, with hands-on classroom experience that cannot be gained elsewhere.


I brag about how well my academics are or how much I have learned. It is also easy to get a co-op or internship with my program.


The flexibility of my schedule throughout the week. I can usually get my classes in all on 3 days.


The cooperative educations program, which allows you to work for a real world company in your field of interest for a quarter or two at a time. You gain knowledge and experience in your field while making real money that can help you pay for school. My school started the co-op program and has one of the best in the country. It is great!


I brag the most about our football team.


I love that its in a city, a whole bunch of cool restaurants are around, the campus is small so its easy to get around, they have an awesome rec center, they have cool architecture at the school, they have a great engineering and DAAP program. The football games are tons of fun, barach obama spoke here, we have a good CCM program.


Our design program is one of the best in the nation and we are known for the co-op system so I will have about 2 years work experience before I graduate which gives me an advantage when I graduate.


access to educational and recreational facilities, knowledgeable teachers, success in acquiring a job after graduation


How much cheaper the school is.


The opportunity to meet new people and go to social events.


The parties and the campus


I most often comment on the quality of the co-op program, as it is top notch and provides a great service to me and every student who takes advantage of it.


I like to brag about how nice the campus looks. There are a lot of new buildings that are interspersed with green plants that makes the college seem separated from the city that surrounds the campus. Almost everything on campus looks newer and there are few buildings that are old and dilapidated. The campus kind of combines the look of a traditional college with some new and innovative architecture.


The quality of the Engineering department and its Co-op program.


UC is a very fun school to go to. The education is great and so are the people. I have nothing to complain about when I talk about UC. Professors are helpful and classes are just the right size. I also tell my friends how close everything is at the UC Main campus.