University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


All the use of technology! I understand that these platforms are supposed to be easy to use and function well with the class, but I'm already stuffing my brain with Biology,Chemistry, and Calculus as well as learning a new area and the policies and procedures for two new jobs! Trying to use Blackboard is one thing but adding more to that is feeling overwhelming. I'm already starting to break out!


Set goals, work hard, and value others.


The overall environment is unwelcoming and unhelpful for learning, working, & living.


The smell at the cafeteria (Center Court)


The worst thing about the University of Cincinnati is that the many options and oppurtunities presented here make it very difficult to choose what you like most. It is difficult to keep your priorities straight and not get distracted with other things. It is hard to keep school work your number one priority.


The thing that I consider the worst about the University of Cincinnati is the lack of guidance. I didn't feel that the academic advisors were truly looking out for the students best interest. There were numerous times were I was told inaccurate information from the advisors which in turn caused me to essentially advise myself. I feel that every school should have proper advisors to guide and help students seeking help.


I love my school, but I would have to say that the worst thing about it is the size of the student population. Since UC is the second biggest public school in Ohio, there are certain activities, such as becoming a ROAR Tour Guide, or getting an on-campus job, that are extremely selective due to the amount of people that apply. While this does get frustrating at times, it helps me to push myself to improve since I need to beat out so many other people. So while it is the “worst thing,” it still makes me better.


The worst thing about my school would have to be that it is so competitive. It makes it much more challenging to get into the program you want to apply to. So many people, even ones from other states and countries, are fighting to get the exact same spot that you are competing to get.


The worst thing about the school is that they could use more free parking around the school. School already costs a plethora of money and adding a parking pass that cost nearly the price of a credit hour doesn't help.


The worst thing about my school is the area in which it is located in. The University of Cincinnati is a safe school but right outside the campus isn't. There have been several occasions where there has been shooting, people robbed, and even assults that have happened right outside the university.


The worse thing about my school is the neighborhood in which it is located in. Clifton Heights isn't exactly the safest area to be in or around and there is high crime rates in the area. I am sometimes scared to walk around campus because I never know what kind of trouble I might run into, knowing that it's not a very safe area.


The worst thing about my school is that they go against their motto. They preach diversity, however, my campus is far from it. Yes, they do have a lot of different ethinicities on campus, but they do not push for ethnicities to learn about other ethnicities. Their diversity plan was the only reason why I chose to come to the school I am attending currently.


There is not enough financial aid offered, therefore, many students graduate with a lot of debt.


The worst aspect of the University of Cincinnati is its status as "just another state school," that commuter school that will take anyone: not only is this untrue, but it highlights the feelings of many college prospectives in the community. UC started the first mandatory co-op program in the US; houses top engineering, design, performing arts, and medical schools; outreaches to the community continuously, and attains the feel of a much larger school at half the admission. The lackluster reputation is undeserved.


The safety in the area surrounding the campus.


The worst thing about my school is that tuition is very high and students like me who come from low-income backgrounds cannot afford it.


The worst thing about the school is for many of the classes the professor is not always available to meet with students.


The worst thing about my school....i can't really say there's anything bad about my school other than it being 4hrs away from home.


I believe the worst thing about University of Cincinnati is the constuction sites. They are very loud at early times in the morning. However, there aren't many things I can conclude that are actually bad at this University. I love it here!


It is so hard to find the funds to actually be able to afford college.


The worst thing about going to University of Cincinnati is that of every other college; you do not have your parent's there to push you to do your work so the first quarter you fall behind more than you thought you would. It is difficult because now you have acquired new freedom and do not know what exactly to do with yourself especially in Clifton where there are multiple things to do within walking distance.


The worst thing about my school is the housing situations. Most of the houses and apartments off campus are either in poor or somewhat poor shape, and are not very safe. The apartments or houses that are newer or updated and safe are expensive. It is hard when saftey is a priority but money is tight.


The worst thing about my school is the campus location. Everyday I hear about campus shootings or someone being robbed. I am scared to go out at night because of the crime rates. How is a student suppose to feel safe when everyday people are getting robbed and killed. The campus police pretty much does not do anything to keep students safe. All they do is take in a police report and email the students. They expect it to happen but don't do anything to prevent it.


It is located in the poverty area of Cincinnati. The campus itself is safe, but when going off-campus into the shady areas of Cincinnati, especially at night, much caution to you .


The worst thing about my school is probably the fact that it is near a bad area of an urban city, however, I have not yet had any problems. There is always the possibility of something happening, and that is the scary part.


The worst thing about the University of Cincinnati is the weather. For weeks in a row I will not see the sun. However, i could also see the sun for weeks in a row. The inconsistent weather and seemingly non-stop rain is extremely annoying. Walking across campus in the rain for two straight weeks begins to have an impact on me. My willingness to attend class is much lower than i expected it to be. Yet, when i do enter class the weather has no effect on the classroom atmosphere.


The worst thing I consider is that some of the counselors do not care.


One thing that I consider to be the worst thing about the University of Cincinnati is the fact that the cost of books average from $100 to $300. I consider this to be the worst thing about school because college is already very expensive, and buying books along with the study guides to go along with them can be very frustrating. It is frustrating because sometimes there is not enough money to buy all the books you need if you don't have grants and/or scholarships to help pay for them.


The university is so large that sometimes it's hard to figure out where you belong, especially as a new student. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to walk around campus and see so many different people that you will probably never really meet; its a bit disconcerting coming from such a comparatively small high school.


The campus is near a bad part of town.


Main Campus is very large and too hilly.


The worst thing about my school is that I believe there is no scholarships geared towards student who is not in financial need and came from a upper middle class family. These types of families are expected to pay for their children's college no matter what the circumstances are. I feel like I struggle more with paying for school than actually the work I do in school. I wanted to become more responsible so I took on all the loans for my schooling so I could be in charge of it.


Location. The location of the school, while close to home, still sucks. The parking is expensive and limited. Downtown is dangerous and there are a lot of crimes happening. I constantly receive e-mails about robberies, assaults, etc. I do not feel comfortable going downtown at night time for class. Also, the advising is horrid along with trying to get into a class. Being on quarters, classes are strictly part 1, 2 or 3 and thus cannot take a part 1 during 2nd quarter if need be. It's hard to transfer credits as well.


There isn't really anything that i think is the worst thing about UC itself, but I do not like physics at all and I feel that the Physics Department could do a better job making it easier for students to get a good grade. Physics is seriously the hardest class I have taken at UC so far and it is awful, but that is the only thing that makes my school experience less than perfect.


The worst thing about my school is the neighborhood that it is in. The surrounding areas are not very safe to walk around in. The campus is watched pretty closely, but the moment you leave campus you need to be very cautious. You really need to be with a group of people when you walk off campus.




Alcohol Use tends to be very prevalant at social functions


I think the worst thing about UC is that DAAP (College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning) is so secluded. It's such a great part of UC,nd it's way off in the corner of campus away from everything else. Most people never venture over to it to see the great work the students do.


Its not 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} safe to walk around at night because it's pretty urban. But there are shuttles to drive you around.


The meal plan choices freshman year.


Class sizes because it does not allow for true interaction between the professor and students. I honestly believe that humans learn best and retain the most by experience and active, engaging open reasoning with others.


the use of teleconferencing in an experimental distance learning program that i was enrolled in


The administrative faculty, they are not helpful and make you feel like a burden. Everytime I need to call financial aid I hate it because they do not try to help me in a timely matter. They always are short and have an attitude.


The worst thing about UC is the cost. School is continually increasing in cost. I am working full time and going to school full time to try and conver the cost of school and life. I believe that this is causing me to slack on both work and school.


Very few green spaces, the cafeteria food is pretty bad, the meal plans are bad, little space in the dorms, need more variety of classes, better physics professors.


The atheletes are given priority with everything on campus.


the worst thing about my school is parking. the reson why parking is such an issuue becase it very limited parking for students , and the prices for the parking garage are too high.


UC is very large which makes it an accessibility nightmare. Also, the school is surrounded by some fairly rough neighborhoods. This makes safety a growing concern. The campus police are great though. The department for disability services is very friendly but doesn't carry much authority. Some instructors refuse to recognize special accommodations for this population. In this situation, many students have left UC. Others struggle through the quarter. There is no clear line of authority in the college. That creates instructors that have more independence, but less management when there is a problem.


Financial Aid services and Billing Department


That we have school the day before thanksgiving