University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How to balance life as a non-traditional student


I wish I knew more about the amazing groups, clubs and organizations the University of Cincinnati has to offer. I am in a sorority, but things could have been different if i knew more about other organizations at UC. There are so many opportunities to meet new people, and sometimes I feel like I did not take full advantage of that.




THe crime rate around the area of the camus is down from pervious years. It makes me feel safer to be on campus.


I wish I would have talked to someone who was in college to understand the way things work. College and High School at nothing alike. Class sizes are larger, and the teachers do not have the same relationships with the students as they do in high school. I think if a person knows and has some insight the adjustment period would be shorter.


I had wish I had known a little more about the lack of safety around campus. Many students chose to live off-campus after their first year of school, and with a lack of saftey many individuals have been the victims or robbery and violence. As a student, you will often recieve messages and email from campus security describing the most recent crime.


I wish I had known how to be a leader before coming to UC. I am currently learning how, through the many great opportunities I have had since coming to college, but it would have been helpful to already have this skill previously. For instance, I am involved in a planning committee for the Society of Women Engineers at UC. Though I am slowly learning how to lead through my involvement in the group, I would be a much more efficient leader if I did not have to spend valuable time now learning to lead while on the job.


What I wish I had known before I came to this school was how far each class was. For example the the same subject classes are in one area, like sciences classes are in one general area. The english classes are in a different area and the classes aren't that close to each other. So a lot of cardio is being done going between each classes trying to get there on time.


Before coming to the University of Cincinnati I wish I would have known that in order to co-op I have to attend school for 5 years in orders to get all the required education and experience needed before graduation.


Any major can do ROTC. I talked to someone about ROTC while I was studying Pre-Pharmacy and they told me that ROTC stays away from Pre-Pharmacy due to the major change rate. I struggled to make frineds since I commuted to UC daily and I feel ROTC would have given me a better support system to succeed and graduate on time.


Growing up in Cincinnati, UC was always the "default" school--everyone went there--it wasn't anything particularly noteworthy. That was my naivety speaking. Hollywood, friends, and my imagination glorified the out-of-state school experience. The school had to be greater than 120 miles away, flaunt a picturesque campus, and not bear the name of a city or state. I wish I would have had greater perspective about the experience the University of Cincinnati would provide: sound educational, social, and professional opportunity. In short, I wish I would have known UC would provide me with unique, valuable experiences.


How it is important to get in involved earlier on!


I wish I had known that the residence halls do not have wireless internet access in the rooms, whilst the rest of the campus does.


I wish they were more adament about meeting with your advisor.


I wish I knew how many stairs there were! Our campus is very urban and that is the main reason I chose to go here. I love the campus but i think people should just be aware that most of our campus is concrete, so if you are looking for a flat campus with lots of green- this is not the one for you!


I wish I had known more about what there is to do around the campus and what students tend to do on their free time.


I wish I would have known the level of difficulty that some of my classes are.


I wish I had known what extra-academic acitivities that I should pursue in order to be competitive for post-graduate scholarships like the Rhodes and Marschall Fellowships. Thankfully, I was raised in a family that encouraged a balanced lifestyle so I fully emersed myself in a wide variety of extracurriculars in order to get the full college experience. I also wish that someone had educated me as the benefit of connecting with professors outside of the classroom.


I wished I would have known the exams grading, test types and the amount of hard work needed to do well. I also wished I would have known what life on campus was like, for instance, in versus off campus.


Two things I wish that I had known before I came to the University of Cincinnati are how really important it is to have time management skills in order to be the best student I could be as far as getting my work done in time so that I could relax, without worrying too much about approaching deadlines sneaking up on me. Another thing that I wish I had known before I came to this school is how important it is to fil;l out as many scholarships as you can because they do come in handy. Books are EXPENSIVE!!


I wish I had learned how important time management would be before coming to college. I had no idea how much I would have to manage between classes, labs, study groups, work, and campus activity. Having a day planner and scheduling classes to minimize days on campus has really helped. Time management was a skill I really had to learn right along with my course material in college!


Again, never being a student at the University of Cincinnati prior to the present, I have little knowledge of the institution, but I have heard that the parking situation at the main campus is chaotic and it is quite difficult to be accepted into the Nursing program.


Being away from home would be harder than I thought.


I would like to have known that the general physics course is terrible and that most of your general education classes can be taken at Cincinnati State, the local community college, and they transfer pretty easily.


My school gave us a broad experience in the field of Industrial Design, that I took every advantage of through CO-OP and corporate sponsored design projects. From all the positive experiences I had during my five years at UC and the years after graduation that my current succesful career could be 10-fold if I knew what I currently know so I could of specifically niched my choosen specialty in Industrial Design. I am glad at my experiences and always am seeking what is coming around the corner in my career in the years to come!




I wish i would have known more about the college. It was fairly difficult to go from one class to another since they're located very far apart and there're many different routesto get to each class's building.


There is a lot of drinking. It's really hard when you don't drink, and a majority of off-campus activities include drinking.


Some of the great areas/experiences off-campus. I am roughly 450 miles from campus and I had know idea there was so much to do in Cincinnati. The Ohio River, Newport on the Levee, malls and shopping areas, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, and tons more. Cincinnati is really better than most of the country gives credit for. I am glad I had the opportunity to experience some of these venues.


I wish I would have been more knowledgable about city life and the types of people and lifestyles you see while going to an urban school. I grew up in a suburb so I was unaware of many of these things. I also wish I would've known about other scholarships or financial aid that I could receive.


I wish I would have known that it takes a little longer than 10 minutes to walk to other buildings in-between classes.


Nothing, I was very informed before attending UC.


there are many great people to become friends with so reach out beyond your highschool friends and meet people you'll be friends with for a lifetime!




I feel like I was well prepared for this school.




I wish I would have known how much the hard times in my personal life would effect my schooling and my grades, and how hard it is to play catchup.


I wish I could have known that there were things like a gym on campus and help that was available through tutors. This way I would have done much better in my classes the first year. Also, not have gained weight. The infamous "freshmen 15".


I wish I would have known what field I was going into. Knowing what major I have now would have really affected my choice of school. Most of the programs here are really good, but some are just not given as much priority as the higher ranked programs.


i wish i had known that the amount of studying is much greater than in highschool


Nothing really, I just transferred to the school so I am happy with the decision I made.




I can't really think of any major piece of information, but perhaps the number of options when it comes to getting books.


The main social network that occurs amongst freshman that live in dorms are parties every night of the week. Sometimes it felt like you had to go or else your friends would replace you with someone else. It doesn't matter who you were in high school or what you look like. People choose to be friends with people who have the same interests and it is very easy to make new friends.


The amount of work being a music student at the College-Conservatory of Music required. 8 hours of practice a day adds up, but it is worth it in the end.


I wish I had known how much more money you spend outside of what is covered under tuition such as books, housing repairs, etc.


To not let the cost bother you, you can't put a price on an education or experience.