University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The school's co-op program is the single best aspect of my university. The co-op program not only enables students to get jobs in the real world that will allow he or she to earn real world experience, but the student also will get paid for the work that he or she is doing.


The University of Cincinnati is one of the few schools I know have learning centers where we have student tutors and professors that are available at condusive times to help students with homework and questions that bother them. The tutors know our professors and even when we have classes, quizes and tests. This is the best thing that every student wishes for in an education- time with a tutor to make things clear and to encourage you in your studies.


The best thing about my current school (NKU) is the friendly campus, the willingness of professors to help you if you ask, and the ability to get involved in student life. In my undergrad I didn't get involved and at NKU they encourage you to get involved and help others along with improving yourself as a person and as a student.


The thing that I consider the best about the University of Cincinnati is the multiple satellite campuses and online schooling the university offers. I was an untraditional student where I worked full time. The ability to take online courses and evening courses at four different satellite campuses provided me with the flexibility to complete my bachelors degree in a timely manner as if I were a traditional student on campus. If the university hadn’t had those additional facilities and course online available, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in educationally today.


Active environment of professors, students, and campus staff


I consider the Greek Community that comes together in order to support the campus and many charities to be among one of the best things about the school. Another thing thing that makes me enjoy my classes is that they are among what Forbes Magazine choose as one of the world'smost beautiful campuses!


It has been easy to meet people and make friends. Classes are not crowded.


The thing about UC that is so wonderful is its grand breadth of knowledge; this University has so many major, minor, and certificate options that finding that something that will suit you, or that something you'd never heard of before but develop a deep passion for, or that one area that you excell in and can channel toward the rest of your life is so much easier than expected. The culture on this campus lends itself to that; even the clash of modern architecture with buildings from the 1800s reminds students of the many views and opportunites here.


UC campus if full of knowledgable employees. Everyone is very helpful and interested in your success academically. I find that everyone is friendly and always eager to assist me. I believe he best thing about my school is it is staffed well by faculty, staff and student workers.


The best thing about UC are the people. I have made so many friends at college and I hope to stay friends with them after graduating. The campus is so diverse that they have people from all around the world. Everyone is nice and friendly and respect each others and there values and beliefs. It is nice getting to know people different from me and building friendships with new people!


The best thing about the University of Cincinnati is that there are so many ways to meet people, and make new friends. You can meet people through classes, in the rec center, dining halls, and through greek life. You can really get the full experience of what college is all about. You go to class and get a great education, but you can also meet so many new people and learn what its like being on your own. Cincinnati is great because it gives you so many opportunities to do whatever it is that you want to do.


The co-op program and sense of community that the University of Cincinnati provide are unmatchable. With the co-op program, I can leave college and have a job lined up for me. Also, here at UC, they expect all students to get involved in helping out with the community. Some students tutor at local high schools, some clean up the streets, and some donate their time to help local charities and soup kitchens.


Well some of the teachers can be cool. But I really like the dining which they could upgrade more but I like to eat there. The Computer labs are good to


The best thing about UC is the positive atmosphere on campus. Quite a bit of changes have been made lately and the campus is booming. Students are proud to be from UC. We're proud of our academics and we're proud of our athletics. The recent success of our football team has rallied even more pride in our students. Although UC is a large campus, it is, overall, a friendly campus. New students are always able to obtain help because others are willing and happy to give it. UC's positive campus makes it a great place to be.


There are many things about the University of Cincinnati that I like. I would have to say what I like the best is the people here. Even though it is a huge school, I feel like I fit in and have found a great group of friends who share the same values as I do. There is something for everyone on this campus; there's many sports teams, organizations, club teams, and different activies. It is located on the edge of downtown Cincinnati, so I have had the opportunity to go downtown many times and explore the city.


I think that the best thing about my school is the school spirit. Our football team has been improving a lot over the years and has won two Big East Championships in a row. Last year I was a varsity cheerleader for the University of Cincinnati and absolutely loved it! Every game the students would come out and support the team. It is nice to see that the students of this school have great school spirit.


The best thing about my school was something I noticed the very first time I visited. Cincinnati's greatest quality is the way it flows; simply the copacetic quality of the student body. Walking around campus, you see so much diversity here- our university has top programs that attracts so many talented people from all over the world. All of these different interests combined in one space makes for such an interesting vibe. Everyone is encouraged to do their own thing, but everyone is so easily brought together again during special events It's a uniquely unified sort of diversity.


I would consider the best thing to be the programs they have set up to help students succeed academically. They have personal tutors available for free and supplemental instruction. These are programs that greatly help students understand the most difficult concepts that is proven to raise their grade by a whole letter grade.


Awesome professors.


There is a very strong emphasis on co-ops and internships at UC. They pride themselves in great job placement. Most majors include mandatory work at an organization that you would want to be employed at after you graduate.


There are a lot of opportunities to get involved. I was very involved in high school and wanted to remain having extra curriculars in college. I am involved in clubs that fulfill my interests and help me as a person.


The best thing about my school, I would say would be the opportunities is offers. I am a biology major and for the zoo to be a minute down the road and for me to be able to take classes there is amazing.


Since I am a transfer student at the University of Cincinnati, I do not yet know what the best thing about my school is, but I hear that the diversirty and education exceeds most students expectations. I am looking forward to discovering what my school has to offer me; especially because I am an aspiring Nursing student, and the University of Cincinnati has a prestigious Nursing program.


great school with a lot of extra curricular activities. one of th ebest known universities for both sports and academics.


Everything on campus is within a five minute walk of wherever you are. Other campuses I have been to, such as Northern Kentucky University and Purdue University are so spread out that you have to deal with the shuttle's schedule plus traffic in order to get where you need to be. That's just not worth the hassle.


Diversity, opportunities available, our football team, the renovations that have been made to our campus


The best thing about my school is the number of majors available. This is because if you do not know what you want to do as a career, there are still a number of options to choose from.


Being a student at the College Conservatory of Music, I feel the best thing about my school is that everyone truly loves their art. The students there are there because they truly have a love for their art. When you walk into CCM there is an aura that bursts from the walls. You here vocalists singing their hearts out, instrumental majors putting on concerts in the hallways, music theatre majors acting and singing while they make their way to their classes, and of course the dance majors stretching in the hallways. There is an intense love felt everyday.


The best thing about my school is academic programs and the faculty. I feel like I'm taking classes that are fully preparing me for my future career and not taking classes that seem to be a waste of time. The faculty members are always there to help and offer career advice and tips. Another advantage is our school spirit. You feel like you belong in one big group by supporting our team. It's hard to walk around without seeing a handful of people wearing our team colors.


The many student organizations , provide a sense of belonging, pride, and leadership.


The diversity and the relationship between students.


the teachers my first year were great i actually wished for the same teachers throughout my entire college life, but it was so hard because all of my teachers past the old ones have been awesome. i love the food. it iseasy to get around campus. and the students that are apart of the campus cant stay away from it.


I like how the teachers are engaged with the research. They seem to know a lot about what they're talking about and they are excited about it too.


I think school spirit is the best thing about UC. Everyone celebrates ahtletic events and things of that nature together, and no one gets left out for any reason at all.


it's close to where i live


The cooperative educations program, which allows you to work for a real world company in your field of interest for a quarter or two at a time. You gain knowledge and experience in your field while making real money that can help you pay for school. My school started the co-op program and has one of the best in the country. It is great!


The University of Cincinnati is incredibly diverse and gets people from all over the world especially in areas such as CCM, DAAP, and Engineering. It is great because it is a research based, career focused college that works to prepare students to be able to step right out into the real world and graduate with a job. It also has a lot of opportunities for graduate school and offers ways to get scholarships for that.


It is a place that you can really explore your career and find yourself as a person. The campus is very friendly and has ample opportunities to try new and different things as a person and student.


The best thing about my school is that they help you gain experience for your future. They provide many internships, and co-ops


the name recognition and sports programs


I think that our campus offers great study abroad programs with professors. The programs are very organized and they really encourage students to study abroad here, which gives them great experiences.


Fast food on campus?




The classes


The design school is recognized not only on a national level, but an international level. Really good design school.


We are very diverse and a lot of great thiongs are happening here. We have a lot of great programs that are nationally ranked.


DIVERSITY! And research is a plus as well.


There are a lot of different options offered with regards to majors and classes.


Co-op program. It allows real world work experience to compliment academics.


The best thing that our school has is very reliable transportation, campus security, and also a very diverse student population.