University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Nice, laid back, relaxed people, fun loving, but hardworking. There is a stereotype about Boulder being a party school.


potheads, partiers, hippies, enviromentalists, white middle-upper class, smart, politically active, open-minded


Some stereotypes of Boulder are that every student is incredibly wealthy and their parents give them everything they want. This is probably a stereotype for most college campuses. Another boulder myth is that the town is overrun with hippies.


that we are a party school, but its a very hard school to get into


There are lots of stereotypes that target all students in Boulder as very rich, with money to waste on whatever they want. Also, we have been known to be a very liberal campus, with a ton of weed-smoking hippies. Finally, a lot of people think of us as a "party school".


That the town is filled with hippies(it is!) and that Boulder students are mostly hippies too(its mixed)


The stereotypes of Boulder is very "Hippy/Granola" and always being active. That everyone is environmentally conscience and wants to change the world. The students are very liberal motivated and do a lot of advocacy and lobbing work. The students are seen as crazy drinkers and always partying or smoking weed.


Students never study,get Hi and party all the time!


#1 college in the nation for eating disorders (true fact); stereotype: everyone is skinny and athletic >hippie town >everyone smokes weed >rich white kids; lack of diversity


Probably that every student here is either a pot-smoking hippie or a spoiled rich kid. We also used to have quite the reputation as a party school but I feel like that's settled down in the last few years.


The more general stereotype about Boulder students ranges from hypies to "rich Cali Kids" Of course there are more sterotypes, but when I talk to friends who don't attend CU Boulder, those are the ones I tend to hear the most about.


We party a lot. Boulder is full of hippies. We smoke a lot of pot.


Many assume Boulder is a party school with crazy out of control students. This is far from the truth. There are a select few who give our school its bad reputation as a party school, but most of the time CU is very laid back and quiet. Also, Boulder the town is considered by many who live in Colorado a hippy town. Yes, there are a fair share of hippies, but no more than any other liberal college town.


Everyone is a liberal, pot-smoking hippie who hates George Bush and drives an Audia/Mercedes/BMW. OR, every college kid is rich, spoiled and an alcoholic.


That we are all pot heads


Umm, there are more out of state then in-state students and those out of state are either "trust fund" hippies or frat/sorority kids with lots of Dad's $.


boulder is known as a "party school," most people know that, but any school is a party school; there's always large frat or dorm parties on any medium to large campus.


Boulder is often seen as a leftist paradise of some sort. I was led to expect everyone in Boulder would have dreadlocks and be wearing tie-die shirts when I first arrived.


A major stereotype about the University of Colorado is that the students spend more time drinking than studying.


First thing that comes to mind is that Boulder students smoke a lot of weed, love to ski/snowboard, are rich, white, loud, and party all the time.


I think the stereotypes center around trustfund hippies, pot smoking, wealthy students and crazy parties.


the two biggest stereotypes of boulder students are the pot smoking ski bum that doesn't participate in academics and the second is the blond stuck up and/or ditsy Cali girl with Uggs, big sunglasses, and drives a Jetta.