University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are outdoorsey, ready for adventure, yet want a typical college feel, then the University of Colorado is a place for you. Weekends are used for sociallizing, heading to the mountains, skiing, kayaking, hiking a 14er, you name it. After a long week of studying hard, these weekends are precious, and fun!


People that are strictky attending school on loans or financial aid should noe attend this school. The school is very expensive and the cost of living in Boulder is very high. The school doesn't offere nearly enough aid to students that need it and often do not care enough to find out who those students are. There is a high population of kids suffering from "affluenza" that do not take their studies seriously, this makes it very hard to concentrate and feel welcome when you are a student with limited funds and opportunities.


The type of person who should not come to this school would be the people who find themselves stuck to tradition because this university is all about pushing limits and enjoying life as they want. They want to stay young and choose to bend rules to see what they can get away with. People who can't handle this type of life shouldn't come here.


A person who is extremely serious about school or does not like large universities.


People who are not acedemically motivated should not tend this school because it is a lot of work and is very time consuming.


I have no idea I just started.


A person who is not comfortable with a diverse enviorment, and interacting with many people from all over the world. A person who is not ready to work hard to get ahead in life. A person who cant prioritze with lots of things going on around them!


A person who is not partial to the outdoors; someone who likes to sit in their room while the sun is shining brightly. A person who is set in their ways and is unwilling to be changed-hardnecked and stiff. A person who wants to be left alone, liking the solitude of his own presence.


Somebody who was interested in being attached to a prestigious name - like Harvard or Princeton - wouldn't enjoy the anonymity of a large state school like CU Boulder, even though the school does present students with academic challenges as well as social opportunities.


Someone who can't handle noise, big classes or crazy college cities.


Someone who wants small classes


There is absolutely no one who shouldn't attend CU. There are so many majors, minors, and student groups that just about anyone can fit in. If you have a desire to learn and want to find somewhere where you can find your place, CU-Boulder is the place for you. Its easy to forget who you are on a campus of 30,000 students, but CU's diverse programs and activities make the campus seem inclusive and smaller than it really is.


Someone who either doesn't enjoy a large campus or has trouble being on time to classes - usually there is a walk to class.


A person who doesn't enjoy the outdoors and isn't sociable shouldn't attend CU. Boulder has a lot of fun and outgoing people to make for a positive college experience. If you are closed to new things and different people you wouldn't enjoy it here. The attitude and atmosphere is very welcoming and encouraging to be yourself and to enjoy college. People who like to live in a big city with a strong urban feel should not come out to Boulder, and any reclusive person shouldn't come here either due to its size and ambiance.


A student who doesnt like the out doors or the cold weather shouldn't attend CU. Students who are very materialistic also should not attend. Most of the community at the University of Colorado is liberal, and if you are an extreme conservative, this is definitly not a school for you. A student who is extremely into the fraternity or sorority scene might enjoy the greek system here, but it is not a very big part of campus., one can definitly have an awesome social life without it. If you are not accepting of people different from you dont come.


The University at Colorado at Boulder is a very left winged school, so I suggest that students who are conservative do not attend this University. This is also a public institution and therefore it is hard to find religious groups or activities, so if a student is looking for a certain religious class or group, I would suggest looking at a different University.


The out of state student who does not wish to get a good education. Boulder is a very liberal town and a beautiful place. It is not for the person who loves to spend time indoors or the person who wishes to avoid actually learning. For an out of state student the price is difficult to overcome, but the benefits of the school are fantastic.


If you are not hardworking , dedicated, and perseverant then you should not attend this college. There are things and situations that you might not be able to handle. Make sure you can get enough financial aid to cover your tuition and fees.


I would not reccomend this school to people that are very political/republican/closed minded/not open to different ideas. Also people who are not capable of opening up to different cultures/backgrounds. Otherwise this school has something to offer for every other type of person from the jock to the couch potato. Although we have a lot of fun here at the University of Colorado at Boulder, you must have a focus on the education you will receive here as it costs a substantial amouint of money for out of state tuition and the academics are challenging


Someone who is closed-minded, not open to new ideas and experiences, and entirely dependent on small classes should not come to CU-Boulder. This school has an incredibly diverse population; people who aren't accepting of a variety of lifestyles may be uncomfortable here. Although most of my classes have been small (less than 50 people), many people have a few large lecture classes throughout their time here.


A person considering attending this university should be academically focused, should like the outdoors, be outgoing and friendly, and accepting of people from all backgrounds.


None, anyone could attend. It is diverse, and there is a niche for everyone




A very unsocial person who wants one-on-one learning with the professor and small classrooms. Freshmans are likely to big lecture halls for all or most of their classes, and this is a very social, outgoing campus. People who want to know everyone on the campus of their college should not go here.


The person who should not attend this school is a person who is unwilling to let go and try and be free and try new things.


I think anyone would like it. Theres something for everyone in Boulder.


Someone very opposed to drinking and drug use. Someone who hates the cold.


People who are closed minded or not hardworking.


The people that attend this school are so diverse that it is hard to say who should not attend this school.


The kind of people that shouldn't join this school are people that don't know what area of study interest them, don't socialize, are not active, do not like the outdoors, can't be away from the ocean, don't care for sports, do not like snow, and do not care for the environment.


poor or anti social




Someone who does not like the outdoors may not fully enjoy all of the advantages of this school. However, any student would most likely become accustom to the school as there are so many things to get involved in no matter what you are interested in.


CU-Boulder is very welcoming of all people and offers a wide variety of classes, programs, and activities for all interests. Boulder is a great choice for any student.


Someone who hates the outdoors, making great friends, and has no personality.


assholes/Texans*. egocentric, closed minded individuals. I think there's an unofficial ban on ugly people too. *unless they're buying day passes at the ski resorts b/c the tourism keeps our economy going


CU Boulder is primarily a white upper middle class college. Although there is diversity, it is not much. Furthermore, even though not all people at CU have a lot of money, most come off as wealthy. Students who struggle to survive or feel uncomfortable being the minority should not attend CU at Boulder. This would make them feel very uncomfortable.


Outdoor loving


ocean people who lke it warm always


This school is very accepting to everyone. There are enough groups/activities to make those who fear a large school feel like a part of a smaller community.


This school isn't very accepting of people from races other then whites, and if you arent active or outdoorsy i wouldn't reccomeed this school either.


some one who needs a really small learning environment- though its possible to have smaller classes its much less likely


Do not attend this school if you consider yourself conservative, it is a very liberal campus. Also if you are used to a body of water around you, there is no water at all out here. If you don't like rich snobby kids you should probably not join a frat or a sorority because most of them, not all, are mostly snobby rich kids.


out going and social. intereted in the outdoors and adventure.


Someone who isn't afraid to stand up for what they believe. A person who can notonly give good criticism, but also take it. Someone who is creative and thinks outside the box. A green, tree-hugger, naturalist. Somebody who enjoys the outdoors. A person who has spirit, not only for when athletics are doing well, but when times are rough. A person who wants to have a real college experience.


Everyone is accepted at this school but if you have a tendancy to be pressured into drugs and alcohol then do not attend! or if you have problems with drugs and alcohol dont attend.