University of Colorado Boulder Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


To me the most frustrating thing about CU Boulder is the very expensive out of state tuition. I am from Texas but my mother has been a COlorado resedant for almost three years now, before coming here I was told I would be granted in state tuition but once I got here I was told I was not eligable for in state tution because my mother renewed her drivers license in Texas months earlier.


I am currently enrolled in the University of San Francisco, and plan on transferring to the University of Colorado Boulder for the Spring 2015 semester. The most frustrating thing about USF is the lack of sense of community. Although it is a D1 school for sports, games are not a big event and with everyone living in separate parts of the city there is no one place to be with fellow Dons. The frustrating thing about Boulder is that I'm not there yet!


Most of the introductory classes at CU are very large. This made the transition from high school to college much tougher and unless you are willing to adjust, it can be a difficult learning environment. This less intimate structure poses opportunitites for students to fade into the background and to not take full advantage of their college education. To do that, I had to see my professor or TAs during office hours to get one on one learning and to better understand the matieral being taught. Overall, it took more time and effort on the student to truely be successful.


The most frustrating part about my school is the size of classes at the lower division undergradte level. Some classrooms are stuffed with 250 students, which makes it difficult to ask questions and get help when needed.


The cost of school, it is frustrating to be racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt when students in-state pay about half of what I pay.


The college life in Boulder is very different than the high school life I had in Boulder and I prefer the high school side of Boulder


By far the most frustrating thing about CU Boulder in the fact that the school not only costs a lot of money but they try and take just a little more money whenever possible.


Financial aid


There is no air conditioning in the dorms, so its makes it very hard to sleep at night unless you have a fan.


Like I said above, the partying and the use of marajuana is the most frustrating for me. I just don't understand why so many people enjoy frying their brains and sacrificing their educationa and futures.


The complete lack of parking, or how expensive it can be to park.


It is such a large school that the bureaucracy for getting anything done is either super complicated or confusing. It is not easy to solve problems or make reservations in person. Their online resources are pretty good though.


The most frustrating thing about my school is having friends that feel like they need to live up to the Universities ranking as a party school when they are not normally the type of people to do that. While this may have simply been a case of immaturity of my fellow freshmen as we branched out from the control of our parents, it was frustrating none the less because I didn't share their desire to participate in this sort of rebellion.


The most frustrating thing about the Universtiy of Colorado at Boulder is meeting with professors. Since it is such a large school, many classes are large and TAs teach almost all of the recitations. It is hard to get a time to visit a professor's office hours due to the fact that there are so many other students wanting to meet with the professor at the same time.


My biggest frustration with Cu Boulder is that its not very car friendly. One needs to walk or travel by bike, espeacially to reach classes that may be on opposite ends of the campus.


The most frustrating part of my school is how many students are here for the wrong reasons. There is a large population of students that just come with wanton lifestyles. They spend, drink, and live as if it effects no one else. There is a real tendency to disregard themselves as well as others. Respect for their own person is minimal to the point of sadness.


The traffic in Boulder is annoying. There is a lot of people that go to the school and that live in the area so there is a large congestion of pedestrians, bikers, skate boarders, cars and buses. Plus everyone is trying to get to the same place or at least go through the same area at around the same time so it can sometimes be dangerous.


The school is rather large and the surrounding area is more expensive, so housing is an issue. Freshmen are required to live on campus and only a very small portion of the rest of the student body can chose to live on campus. CU does provide housing to be rented to upper-level students, but it is outrageously expensive. Living off-campus then is the only option, but rent can be so high, it makes it difficult to find a good place.


I get frustrated not having updated grades and very frustrated when they are posted no where.


The workload along with trying to meet with teachers. Also making friends sophomore year.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is ultra liberal and not very socially tolerant of those with difference views. I have experienced much grade bias as a political science student for the political views I affirm. I have been called a fascist and even an associate professor said, "I want nothing to do with your racist, sexist, and homophobic party." The University of Colorado at Boulder claims to be tolerant, but only if you agree with the professors and students.


It's hard for me to be as successful as I am used to being in my school work do to the overwhelming compeditiveness of other much more fortunite students. In order to attend this University, I must work much harder than others who might not need to hold a job and therefore they can focus much more intensly on class work.


Getting good advice from advisors for your best interest and guidance toward a desired goal or career.


People drink too much. But that is in most major universities.


To me, the most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the lack of diversity. Though there is a substantial amount of diversity on campus, you tend to find them in certain social groups and athletic teams.


I am often frustrated with the student body in general at my university. There is an extreme lack of diversity and even among the large populus, most people choose to look, act, dress and think unilaterally. I find many people are quite ignorant to the world and our country in general and choose to disrespect those who are different from themselves.


The binge drinking and drugs that go on


i found it hard to fit in as someone who doesn't like to party and drink.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the amount of students who attend is so great that the academic advising becomes a hassle, and is often times left up to the student to figure out without guidance. I personally figured out all of my credits and courses needed throughout my college career, and struggled in these last couple of months to try and meet with my advisors for both my major and minor to get my graduation paper work signed. Overall, academic advising at this school is neither helpful nor available.


how expensive it is for out-of-state students.


not having enough time to both do all my schoolwork to the best of my ability, and take advantage of the beautiful days for snowboarding and rock climbing


Sometimes get lost in the crowd


The Financial Aid Department is very unhelpful and does not listen to personal situations. They only read what the structred questions ask in the application. They are very frugal about the financial aid they give out, yet CU has one of the highest spending budgets of a university.


At times can be a little too research oriented and the quality of the instructors can suffer because of this.


Lack of financial aid for in-state students


The class sizes are hard to adjust to coming right out of high school. it is a very liberal school.


Class size!


A lot of students here stay out late and drink, so if you have early classes it's sometimes difficult to find things to do when not drinking.


Students here are very school spirited and care about where they are going with their carrers but they don't care about doing well in class and valuing their education, they just care about doing the minimum to pass their classed.


People can be a little distant sometimes, and the campus is VERY liberal. Coming from a conservative home life, that was a little bit of a culture shock. Other than those small things, CU is a great school.


The fact that my parents did not have a college fund for me so I had to take out a lot of loans and this school was my number 1 choice but they charge so much and I dont know where my 13000.00 a semester goes, cause it sure doesnt show in the gym facilities.


I feel there is a lot of depression floating around. I walk around and heads are down, no eye contact unless your looking to get screwed. I think there is a huge amount of pressure, even though school is unique, from fads and shit the media throws out in the world.


The classes are sometimes too large . No personal interaction with teachers.


The most frustrating thing I have experienced is the long walks from classes. It can get a bit cold walking from one side of campus to the other.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how expensive it is to live off campus. I go to school full time and work part time to make payments on rent. Although I live in a great location it is pretty expensive for some people's wallet.


It's expensive to live in the city the school is in. I live in a 4 bedroom apartment with 3 other people, and my part of the rent is 600/mo.


The bookstore is awful.


Freshman dorms and roomate placement


It is too big.


I am an out of state undergrad at CU and the most frustrating thing about this university is the "out of state" tuition. I have to pay 4X what an in state tudent would have to pay; that's $20k versus $5k. I went to a private high school in San Francisco in and my high school tuition was more than in state tuition at CU, it's completely unfair and there's no justification for price gauging someone coming from another state; this school gets more than enough money from various donations and such.