University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a big and glorified community college, but the academics are challenging and intriguing.


UCCS is a wonderful school to attend with a small student community, personable professors, a great view of the rocky mountains, and only a few minutes away from activities in Colorado Springs.


My school is supportive to its students and is small, but growing.


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is clean, a little scattered, simple to use, and like most schools, the paperwork is sometimes a hassle.


UCCS is a school with a beautiful view and professors who truely care about you.


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to be with lots of opportunities.


The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is a smaller four year university with a great campus and a great learning environment.


Small class sizes, good dorm food, beautiful location, friendly professors, new rec. center!


University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is very welcoming and extrememly student oriented.


A commutor school, focused on academics not social life


The professors at UCCS are very helpful and want to help you succeed in class, there are also resources for getting assisstance in classes to help you succeed.


University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is a very beautiful campus with a great view of the mountains and the city. It also is very eco-friendly and is constantly doing new things to make the campus better for the environment.


The beautifully updated campus comes equip with amazing professors, mentors, and students that help you solve problems in a timely manner without making you feel as if you are keeping them from completing other tasks.


The beautiful setting of the campus, along with the friendly staff and small class size makes University of Colorado at Colorado Springs are a great place to learn.


It is on hsnds, with ecellent teching skills to become a competent Medical Assistant.


UCCS is a school placed on a newly renovated campus that has mostly higher middle class income students, and offers a variety of degrees.


UCCS has something for everyone from sports, clubs, or even greek life and provides an education where professors know who you are.


UCCS is a wonderful school. We have nice profesors, studentds and great facilities


My school is small aesthetically but provides big oppurtunities for all of it's students.


UCCS is located up in a mountain, so it can get very cold, but it is a gorgeous but small campus with an amazing view, and a lot of very friendly people and fun events.


UCCS is one of the best developing schools that a guided student can attend.


It is a very interesting place to go to college and I would recomend it to anyone!


My school is a major commutter school that is Division two, so it is smaller, and it is a pretty friendly school.


My college is one of the fastest growing colleges in our nation and is being recognized as having a strong curriculum. The psychology and health science departments of UCCS have partnered with a continuing-care facility in the Springs, and this collaboration has and will provide for learning and research of aging.


UCCS is a school that promotes quality education while supporting diversity, community, and ecological sustainability.


Online college with very helpful professors and 24/7 techincal support.


My school is very accepting of every student and accomodates everybody, if I could recommend this school to every high school senior, I would.


UCCS is a small commuter college, and is very clean, somewhat challenging, and has very educated and fun professors.


UCCS is a great school for engineering and education with really great teacher-to-student ratios.


This university has small classes with an intelligent and engaging faculty.


Focused but relaxed


UCCS is a school that strives to deliver top notch education in a low key atmosphere that is accessible to almost all who seek it.


UCCS is a very upbeat school that offers many opportunities to connect with other students.


UCCS is an open campus with many learning oppertunities to help advance you in your choice of major and help prepare of your life after college.


UCCS is a friendly, active campus where academic success is cultivated by an emphasis on student/faculty partnerships, community involvement and healthy activity.