University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

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My school is unique in that it backs a large bluff popular to hikers and faces Pikes Peak, which each building has a perfect view of from somewhere inside. Additionally, each academic building has a unique piece of art either inside or outside of the building that classifies what the main educational focus of the building is. For example, the engineering building has a series of emormous blue poles outside it that are rumored to catch the light of the sunrise in such a way that a rainbow is created.


This school has a large number of students that live off-campus. They embrace this by having classes at all times of day and holding events speciffically for these commuter students.


Our school is very environmentaly aware. We recycle in every buidling, we have a building on campus that is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sustainable, and we compost in the cafeteria. Most of the students carry reusable water bottles and we have an Office of Sustainablility. There is an endowment being offered for a 3.7 million dollar environmental project proposal at the moment. Most of the people are conscious of the issue and collaborate together to work for this common cause.


It's much cheaper than a lot of other schools, but it has excellent engineering and pre-nursing programs. It's less expensive, but it still has excellent teachers and great classes. UCCS is also unique in that it's one of the most sustainable campuses in the nation. The two way flush toilets can be annoying, but they save a lot of money and water, which is totally worth it. The campus is also really beautiful, and they're always working to make it even better.


UCCS has numerous "colleges" within it. They include the Beth-El School of Nursing and Health Sciences, the College of Buisness and Administration, as well as the College of Engineering and Applied Science. UCCS has a lot to offer to the large diversity of students and also provides a wide range of courses that can appeal to any student's interest.


Its a Division 2 school so its not as big and crowded as most of the other 4 year colleges in this state.


It's small so the teachers can really focus on their students. They can give them personalized help because they know the strengths and weaknesses of each of their students.


UCCS is, to me the best kept secret in terms of collges. Many of the colleges and programs are nationally ranked, however the student/faculty ratio is minimal compared to many public universities. The average class size is 26, giving plenty of opportunity to know your professors. Also access to the "Best Place to Live" (Outside magazine in 2009), UCCS has a focus on the environment, and offers ample opportunities for students to experince what's in their backyard in every way from hiking & kayaking trips, to the art gallery on campus.


The excellent and unique program offered by University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has exceeded my expectations in preparing me for a career in computer engineering as compared to other schools in the area. Additionally, their freshman seminar program has proven a wonderful resource for a beginning student such as myself. The scenic setting of the campus itself not only appeals to one's aesthetic sense, but creates an ideal atmosphere for learning.


Compared to other schools, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in right in my area, offers online and evening classes allowing me to have some flexibility.


UCCS is just the right size and there are tons of outdoor activities to do. It is beautiful here and it is really close to the city life of Denver.


Pima Medical Institute and Everest have ecellent on hands training. I feel that is important to become a successful Medical Assistant.


The professors genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed. OSA, the Office of Student Activities provide actvities to get students involved with the campus. Lastly, UCCS has one of the best views. It sits on top of a bluff overlooking Colorado Springs and can see Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak from just about anywhere from campus.


My school allows you to have to the big university experience without the overwhelming feeling one might experience at a larger institution. The city my school is located in is large enough to provide one with the city life excluding the fast paced life but also gives you more options than a town would provide you with.


The uniquness about this school that is comparable to other schools is the campus itself. This campus is placed so perfectly in Colorado Springs it stands out but yet is hidden away. This school is fast growing and developing into a university that people and I am proud to say that I am attending this college.


What brought me to UCCS was honestly the dorms. All the other dorms I saw were one room with two beds and closets and a shared floor bathroom. The dorms at UCCS are all suites. When you walk in my room there is a common living room and private bathroom that is shared with four total roomates. We each have our own private bedrooms. They are really small but I like having privacy.


My school has smaller class sizes than other schools that I considered, which means the professors are more able to help students one on one. This, I have found, has helped me, as well as many students, succeed at UCCS.


Class sizes are smaller than a lot of other state schools, also there are a lot of resources to get help for your classes.


Nothing is unique about my school. They rape us on books and parking!


The only other school I considered was the community college. I was fortunate that UCCS accepted my application when it was the only 4 year college or university that I applied to.


its in the heart of colorado springs, with palmer park so close, the mountains, old colorado city, garden of the gods, and skiing or any other outdoor sport available in short distances, it makes it the place to be for a outdoor person.


They really seem to care about all of the students. They offer a lot of programs to help students study and professors are encouraged to get involved with the students. They also know the importance of small student to professor ratios and the environment is very friendly and welcoming. Also the fact that the school is located at the base of Pikes Peak and the student body has such an adventurous and environmentally concious mindset.


It has a great view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range from any place on campus.


The size, not too small and not too large as well as the scenery and suite-style dorms.


It is really pretty.