University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Anything outside is a popular student activity at UCCS. Since we get a lot of sunshine throughout the year, many clubs and even some classes are held outside.


The two biggest groups, in my opinion, are Student Activities and F.I.G.H.T. (Fans Initiating Growth, Honor, and Tradition) Club. I am personally involved with F.I.G.H.T. Club. My official title is Director of Recruitment, but I do much more than just recruiting what we call Brawlers. Brawlers are the main student body group that gets all crazy for games. The Brawlers, including the officers, get all painted up for games, get people involved for the game, and get the athletes pumped up for their game. Students in the dorms are quite involved too. In the beginning of the year, the R.A. of the floor suggest that each dorm room keeps their door open so that other people can come visit and hang out with one another. Athletic events are popular if UCCS promotes them. If they neglect to promote a sporting event then people tend to forget about it, but if they do, the sporting event is really alive and fun to go too. There are guest speakers (books, lectures, liberal arts) almost every week, along with Theater events once a month, possibly more. I actually met my closest friends in the dorms my freshman and sophomore year. I live with them in a town house off campus now and highly enjoy the college life. My close friends may be up at 2am on a Tuesday playing video games, but I am asleep at that time because I have to be up at 6am every weekday for morning practice. Each year we hold some really cool events: Black Out Night (basketball rivalry), White Out Night (volleyball rivalry), Gold Rush (softball rivalry), The March (soccer rivalry), Bond fire and Homecoming week. These are some of our biggest events and are held each year throughout the two main semesters. On to the party life of the college. Of course there are parties and bars to go too, it is a college town. It's not as crazy as Boulder or Ft. Collins but there is a college life in Colorado Springs. I think it is perfect because if I were out in one of those huge college towns, my grades wouldn't be as good as they are today, but I still get that college experience by partying. Plus I will go visit other friends in different college towns when I get the chance to experience their college lifestyle as well. Frats and Sororities are not top notch at UCCS. They are kind of on the back burner, but they are growing here at UCCS. If I do not want to drink on a Saturday night, I will look at UCCS's event list and check out what they are doing. Usually I'll play poker with friends or go to the movies. There is always something going for the people who don't drink, which is great. Off campus there are plenty of things to do. You can go bowling, rock climbing, visit Garden of the Gods, go to the movies, etc. There are plenty of things to do here in the Springs.