University of Colorado Colorado Springs Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


In all honesty, there is nothing substantially frustrating that makes such a frequent occurrence at my University. If I had to choose, the most frustrating aspect would be the lack of communication on campus that involves on-campus events and clubs.


The most frustrating thing about UCCS is the lack of student life since it consists of mostly commuter students. The parking situation is also very frustrating as there is little parking at the school and the shuttle system is inconsistent.


The walk between classes in the winter when it's cold and icy. As a commuter student, this walk is definitely caused by the lack of parking spaces in certain lots (even with the most premiere parking pass parking isn't guarenteed in any of the lots).


The most frustrating thing about going to school at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is the parking. The campus sells more parking passes then there are parking spots so the struggle to find parking is great. Also the price for parking is the highest out of any school I have ever attended. It is not just the students that have to pay and compete for parking it is also the staff. There is a shuttle that you can park and ride however parking near the shuttle drops is also difficult to find.


The expensive parking & the lack of parking is the most frustrating thing about UCCS.


I wish more people would take the student body more seriously. The professors and students here are trying very hard and are very smart.


There are so many interesting classes to take that its hard to take all of them if you want to graduate in 4 years


The only thing I find frustrating is not being able to pay for housing. I am hoping this problem will soon be solved.


The most frustrating thing, is also the most exciting thing. Our school is growing very fast so many things are crowded and classes fill very fast. This is just a thing that we have to deal with for a few years as accomadations are being made to help the large number of students fit better into our community atmosphere!!!


The dorms are really expensive. Also, if you're not staying in the dorms, parking passes are a drag. It's about $170 per semester for a full pass I think, and if you're on a budget like me, you'd rather not spring for that. I've been using the free lot, which requires a shuttle, and you have to get there earlier to make sure you're on time. Also, the financial aid office isn't ver streamlined. Get all your finances done early if you're going, and call to check that it's confirmed.


In my opinion, the most frustrating thing about my school would be the small parking lot spaces. That would be the only frustrating thing about my school because the teachers are awesome and the facilities are always clean and the school itself is a great place to be.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be access to certain parts of the school. Excluding maintenance wings, there are certain parts of the school such as the honors lounge, the newly built gym, and other parts of the school we cannot use. Although some of our tuition has gone into provideing these facilities, we are barred access unless we are granted a certain level of clearance. I believe that is unfair for a public place to be barred and your money has helped build and maintain such a place.


As stated before, the lack of cultural awareness and diversity is what I would enhance, but this issue is also what can be very frustrating at times. As an African American young woman myself, it is a constant battle against society to reach my dreams, and if the cultural awareness was something that was more aware, I would feel like I would have a way to advance in my goals.


The student population size is expanding too quickly. The campus is not big enough to accomadate the number of students that attend here yet. Also, there is no major sports team here, so there isn't anything that really brings the whole campus together.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is the fact that there are not a lot of on campus activities. When school firsts starts, there are two weeks that are full of activities and fun concerts or socials to be a part of. As the year goes on, the amount of school ran activites lessens and there are less activities on campus to be a part of.


The most frustrating thing about my school is some of the teachers seem to do their own thing regardless of what the students say. Some of the courses are treated like more credits than what they really are because the students are given such a heavy coursework load.


The most frustrating thing is trying to get from one building to another across campus between classes.


The parking. There is not enough parking for all the students, and being that this is primarily a commuter school that is a problem. Plus, the parking permits are very expensive and some of the parking lots have holes in them!


The Nursing Waitlist, and the amount of time it takes for financial aide to disburse your loans back to you. It is close to feburary, and I still haven't recieved my money. I am starting to get worried.


Not having enough parking spaces to accomodate all the students is the most frustrating thing at my campus.


UCCS has evolved significantly beyond its original status as exclusively a commuter school, but this historical category still dominates the social fabric of the campus. Completely immersing in the community here, although not impossible and far easier than it once was, still presents a major issue for a person who seeks to have a real sense of community. It lacks a huge social scene, but making friendships and getting involved in campus activities can truly make the experience here much more enjoyable.


The most frustrating thing about UCCS is it's small size. There is not a large amout of classes offered, and the student body is very small compared to other Universities. Also, because UCCS is more affordable and smaller, it attracts many non-traditional students (a.k.a. people returning to school to get their degrees). The amount of traditional students who are ages 18-22 and have just graduated high school before entering college is very small, which is very frustrating.


Many of the students do not live on campus so it's hard to feel a "school identity".


A strongly conservative campus and dining facilities in the academic zone (outside housing) closes early


The most frustrating thing about UCCS is the financial aid. Basically, if you are not an ethnic minority, you will not receive enough help to cover even most of the tuition.


That is not much housing that upper classmen would like to live in on campus and because of that most students live off capus and drive to school because of it location. The fact that most students drive makes parking almost imposible. Since I have started we have gained 6000 students and lost parking???? how is that going to work.


The most frustrating thing about UCCS is that it has grown beyond its roots as a commuter school and it is difficult to redefine our role in the communtiy and in academia as a university that has a lot to offer.