University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are enthusiastic and inspirational.


My classmates were very diverse and varied with age.


Always helpful and willing to get to know each other.


My classmates are ingenious, cooperative, inquisitive, knowledgeable, career-geared, environmentally focused, and sociable giants.


This is a commuter campus, therefore I have diverse classrooms in race and age.


I already know a great portion of them and I haven't even started my first official class! They are all very welcoming and very academic focused. I believe they will help me succeed in my time at UCD.


There is a wide variety of students and many students studying abroad from Asia, The Middle East, and South America.


The students at CU Denver are pretty active in the world around them. As I mentioned before, there are many opportunities to get involved in the community including outreach programs, political campaigning, and environmental conservation activities. Other events in the Denver area such as President Obama's visit to the Auraria Campus and the close proximity of movements like Occupy Denver provide good exposure to some of the topics concerning America's developing social issues...


No student here would feel out of place as the student body is highly diverse with a large percentage ethnic minority. With this, there is a high tolerance and acceptance of every ones personal beliefs. the majority of students are from Colorado as outside of Colorado, UCD is fairly unknown.


This school is ay accepting and diverse. Students interact on many levels. I am multi-ethnic (Mexican/Caucasian) and I experience outreach from all avenues. We not only have a diverse ethnic makeup but also a diverse socio-econmic makeup. Generally, this is a very mellow and open environment.


My classmates love what they are doing and are willing to help out whenever someone needs it.


My classmates are outgoing and friendly.


My classmates are positive energy.


My classmate are come from different place and all range of ages.


They are knowledge seekers that stem from many different walks of life.




My classmates are older, engaged married or have children.


It is hard to describe my classmates because we have a very diverse campus. Many of my classmates are from overseas or are of ethnic minorities. I think that our diversity is one of the greatest strengths of the Denver campus. Most of the students are very hard working and very focused on their career goals. Also, many of the students work either part time or full time while they are attending school. I think this fact causes the majority of the students to take their classes very seriously. We understand the value of the money we spend on tuition.


most of my classmates are callow and small minded while others are show a slight ability to cope with what the real world has to offer away from their parents money.


They are friendly and eager to gaduate.


They are amazing, very culturally diverse.


Many of the people at my school are going back to school after working a job for some time.