University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Though the gorgeous Colorado scenery has been highlighted to me on several occasions, the primary focus of the school itself seems to be in the engineering and medical research fields. I will likely not have much, if any involvment in the medical profession, but am still tempted to tour the Anschutz Hospital campus to experience just what has been so highly touted. Regardless, I am excited to continue my education at a school that seems to focus on these fields of study.


Every Year there's always a fall festival. Booth and vending trucks are set up for students to go around and enjoy themselves. Many small business would come and sell their products. During one time the campus set up a small zip line for student to ride.


University of Colorado Denver is known for it's Buisness school and giving students the oppurtunity to be sucessful and achieve there goals.


CU Denver is best known for being in the heart of denver and it's also known for being school that doesn't focus too much on the "college experience". When i say college experience i mean being in a dorm, having sororities, and partying. Cu Denver is more like a school where we have apartments not dorms so there are no curfews you pretty much an adult at this point. It's also the kind of school where you will always see everyone active wither in fitness or in their school work and clubs.


I am not really sure. I transferred to the Denver campus of University of Colorado and was only there for a year.


UCD is best known for being connected with CU Boulder. It is also known for being in the heart of Denver and on the biggest campus in Colorado.


We are a comuter campus. People tend to come to classes and leave. But if you get involved on campus you will meet lots of new friends who you will keep for a lifetime. We just recently got a new mascot so our school spirit has escalated. The school and the community is really caring. We have lots of support on campus from tutoring to advising and mentoring.


My school is best known for its being a commuter campus in the middle of the city. It's extremely urban and caters to students of older ages than the typical college. Whereas the average age on a "normal" college campus might be 20, ours is probably 25. It's known for being inexpensive for in-school students, and close to a very nice area of downtown. It's also known as being the "more mature" but taken less seriously (despite producing some very intelligent and capable people) than our counterpart in Boulder.


This school is linked with the University Health Science Centers therefore making it one of the better schools in the state for pre-med students. Its location is also with Metropolitan State College and Colorado College of Denver making it the only campus in the nation to house three schools.


The beautiful campus perfectly placed in the middle of the best city!


Flexible class schedules (online, evening, and day classes are available) and accomodating a currenworking job. Whether just starting out in an academic career, fulfilling a job-mandated education, or picking up on a dormant academic effort, CU Denver at Auraria is a great, vibrant, diverse, and fun place to attend school.


Being a non-traditional campus. The variety of age is amazing.


The medical school.


Highly ranked nursing program. Several nationally ranked graduate nursing programs.


My school is best known for it's accesibility and flexibility for all of its students.